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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 8.8.0nb1, Package name: curl-8.8.0nb1, Maintainer: leot

Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting
HTTPS certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form based upload,
proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM, Negotiate,
kerberos...), file transfer resume, proxy tunneling and a busload of other
useful tricks.

Required to run:
[security/heimdal] [security/openssl] [www/nghttp2] [devel/libidn2]

Required to build:

Package options: gssapi, http2, idn, inet6

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   2024-03-27 14:53:35 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
curl: update to 8.7.1.

Security fix release.

Fixed in 8.7.1 - March 27 2024



    Fixed empty tool_hugehelp.c file

Fixed in 8.7.0 - March 27 2024


    configure: add --disable-docs flag
    CURLINFO_USED_PROXY: return bool whether the proxy was used
    digest: support SHA-512/256
    DoH: add trace configuration
    write-out: add '%{proxy_used}'


    ALTSVC.md: correct a typo
    asyn-ares: fix data race warning
    asyn-thread: use wakeup_close to close the read descriptor
    badwords: use hostname, not host name
    BINDINGS: add mcurl, the python binding
    bufq: writing into a softlimit queue cannot be partial
    c-hyper: add header collection writer in hyper builds
    cd2nroff: gen: make `\>` in input to render as plain '>' in output
    cd2nroff: remove backticks from titles
    checksrc.pl: fix handling .checksrc with CRLF
    cmake: add USE_OPENSSL_QUIC support
    cmake: add warning for using TLS libraries without 1.3 support
    cmake: enable `ENABLE_CURL_MANUAL` by default
    cmake: fix `CURL_WINDOWS_SSPI=ON` with Schannel disabled
    cmake: fix function description in comment
    cmake: fix install for older CMake versions
    cmake: fix libcurl.pc and curl-config library specifications
    cmdline-docs/Makefile: avoid using a fixed temp file name
    cmdline-docs: quote and angle bracket cleanup
    cmdline-opts/_EXITCODES: sync with libcurl-errors
    cmdline-opts/_VARIABLES.md: improve the description
    cmdline-opts/_VERSION: provide %VERSION correctly
    cmdline-opts: shorter help texts
    configure: add pkg-config support to rustls detection
    configure: add warning for using TLS libraries without 1.3 support
    configure: build & install shell completions when enabled
    configure: do not link with nghttp3 unless necessary
    configure: Don't build shell completions when disabled
    configure: Don't make shell completions without perl
    configure: find libpsl with pkg-config
    connect.c: fix typo
    CONTRIBUTE: update the section on documentation format
    cookie.md: provide an example sending a fixed cookie
    cookie: if psl fails, reject the cookie
    curl: exit on config file parser errors
    curl: make --libcurl output better CURLOPT_*SSLVERSION
    curl: when allocating variables, add the name into the struct
    curl_setup.h: add curl_uint64_t internal type
    curldown: fix email address in Copyright
    CURLMOPT_MAX*: mention what happens if changed mid-transfer
    CURLOPT_INTERFACE.md: remove spurious amp, add see-also
    CURLOPT_POSTQUOTE.md: fix typo
    CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION.md: no promises of lifetime after return
    digest: add check for hashing error
    dist: make sure the http tests are in the tarball
    DISTROS: add document with distro pointers
    docs/libcurl: add TLS backend info for all TLS options
    docs/libcurl: generate PROTOCOLS from meta-data
    docs: add missing slashes to SChannel client certificate documentation
    docs: add necessary setup for nghttp3
    docs: ascii version of manpage without nroff
    docs: dist curl*.1 and install without perl
    docs: make curldown do angle brackets like markdown
    docs: make each libcurl man specify protocol(s)
    docs: make sure curl.1 is included in dist tarballs
    docs: update minimal binary size in INSTALL.md
    docs: use present tense
    examples: use present tense in comments
    file: use xfer buf for file:// transfers
    fopen: fix narrowing conversion warning on 32-bit Android
    form-string.md: correct the example
    ftp: do lineend conversions in client writer
    ftp: fix socket wait activity in ftp_domore_getsock
    ftp: tracing improvements
    ftp: treat a 226 arriving before data as a signal to read data
    gen.pl: make the "manpageification" faster
    gen: make `\>` in input to render as plain '>' in output
    getparam: make --ftp-ssl work again
    GHA/linux: add sysctl trick to work-around GitHub runner issue
    GIT-INFO: convert to markdown
    GOVERNANCE: document the core team
    header.md: remove backslash, make nicer markdown
    HTTP/2: write response directly
    http2, http3: return CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE when bytes were received
    http2: fix push discard
    http2: memory errors in the push callbacks are fatal
    http2: minor tweaks to optimize two struct sizes
    http2: push headers better cleanup
    http2: remove the third (unused) argument from http2_data_done()
    HTTP3.md: adjust the OpenSSL QUIC install instructions
    http: better error message for HTTP/1.x response without status line
    http: improve response header handling, save cpu cycles
    http: move headers collecting to writer
    http: remove stale comment about rewindbeforesend
    http: separate response parsing from response action
    http_chunks: fix the accounting of consumed bytes
    http_chunks: remove unused 'endptr' variable
    https-proxy: use IP address and cert with ip in alt names
    hyper: implement unpausing via client reader
    ipv6.md: mention IPv4 mapped addresses
    KNOWN_BUGS: POP3 issue when reading small chunks
    lib1598: fix `CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE` usage
    lib582: remove code causing warning that is never run
    lib: add `void *ctx` to reader/writer instances
    lib: convert Curl_get_line to use dynbuf
    lib: Curl_read/Curl_write clarifications
    lib: enhance client reader resume + rewind
    lib: initialize output pointers to NULL before calling strto[ff,l,ul]
    lib: keep conn IP information together
    lib: move 'done' parameter to SingleRequests
    lib: remove curl_mimepart object when CURL_DISABLE_MIME
    libcurl-docs: cleanups
    libcurl-security.md: Active FTP passes on the local IP address
    libssh/libssh2: return error on too big range
    MANUAL.md: fix typo
    mbedtls: fix building when MBEDTLS_X509_REMOVE_INFO flag is defined
    mbedtls: fix pytest for newer versions
    mbedtls: properly cleanup the thread-shared entropy
    mbedtls: use mbedtls_ssl_conf_{min|max}_tls_version
    md4: include strdup.h for the memdup proto
    mime: add client reader
    misc: fix typos in docs and lib
    mkhelp: simplify the generated hugehelp program
    mprintf: fix format prefix I32/I64 for windows compilers
    multi: add xfer_buf to multi handle
    multi: fix multi_sock handling of select_bits
    multi: make add_handle free any multi_easy
    ngtcp2: no recvbuf for stream
    ntml_wb: fix buffer type typo
    OpenSSL QUIC: adapt to v3.3.x
    openssl-quic: check on Windows that socket conv to int is possible
    openssl-quic: fix BIO leak and Windows warning
    openssl-quic: fix unity build, casing, indentation
    OS400: avoid using awk in the build scripts
    paramhlp: fix CRLF-stripping files with "-d @file"
    proxy1.0.md: fix example
    pytest: adapt to API change
    request: clarify message when request has been sent off
    rustls: make curl compile with 0.12.0
    schannel: fix hang on unexpected server close
    scripts: fix cijobs.pl for Azure and GHA
    sendf: ignore response body to HEAD
    setopt: fix check for CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_TYPE value
    setopt: fix disabling all protocols
    sha512_256: add support for GnuTLS and OpenSSL
    smtp: fix STARTTLS
    SPONSORS: describe the basics
    strtoofft: fix the overflow check
    test 1541: verify getinfo values on first header callback
    test1165: improve pattern matching
    tests: support setting/using blank content env variables
    TIMER_STARTTRANSFER: set the same for everyone
    TLS: start shutdown only when peer did not already close
    TODO: update 13.11 with more information
    tool_cb_hdr: only parse etag + content-disposition for 2xx
    tool_getparam: accept a blank -w ""
    tool_getparam: handle non-existing (out of range) short-options
    tool_operate: change precedence of server Retry-After time
    tool_operate: do not set CURLOPT_QUICK_EXIT in debug builds
    trace-config.md: remove the mutexed options list
    transfer.c: break receive loop in speed limited transfers
    transfer: improve Windows SO_SNDBUF update limit
    urldata: move authneg bit from conn to Curl_easy
    version: allow building with ancient libpsl
    vquic-tls: fix the error code returned for bad CA file
    vtls: fix tls proxy peer verification
    vtls: revert "receive max buffer" + add test case
    VULN-DISCLOSURE-POLICY.md: update detail about CVE requests
    websocket: fix curl_ws_recv()
    wolfSSL: do not call the stub function wolfSSL_BIO_set_init()
    write-out.md: clarify error handling details
   2024-01-31 08:21:08 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
*curl*: update to 8.6.0

This release includes the following changes:

 o add CURLE_TOO_LARGE [48]
 o asyn-thread: use GetAddrInfoExW on >= Windows 8 [55]
 o configure: make libpsl detection failure cause error [109]
 o docs/cmdline: change to .md for cmdline docs [77]
 o docs: introduce "curldown" for libcurl man page format [102]
 o runtests: support -gl. Like -g but for lldb. [47]

This release includes the following bugfixes:

 o altsvc: free 'as' when returning error [23]
 o appveyor: replace PowerShell with bash + parallel autotools [54]
 o appveyor: switch to out-of-tree builds [29]
 o asyn-ares: with modern c-ares, use its default timeout [127]
 o build: delete unused `HAVE_{GSSHEIMDAL,GSSMIT,HEIMDAL}` [4]
 o build: delete/replace clang warning pragmas [111]
 o build: enable missing OpenSSF-recommended warnings, with fixes [11]
 o build: fix `-Wconversion`/`-Wsign-conversion` warnings [26]
 o build: fix Windows ADDRESS_FAMILY detection [35]
 o build: more `-Wformat` fixes [40]
 o build: remove redundant `CURL_PULL_*` settings [8]
 o cf-h1-proxy: no CURLOPT_USERAGENT in CONNECT with hyper [133]
 o cf-socket: show errno in tcpkeepalive error messages [120]
 o CI/distcheck: run full tests [31]
 o cmake: add option to disable building docs
 o cmake: fix generation for system name iOS [53]
 o cmake: fix typo [5]
 o cmake: freshen up docs/INSTALL.cmake [101]
 o cmake: prefill/cache `HAVE_STRUCT_SOCKADDR_STORAGE` [45]
 o cmake: rework options to enable curl and libcurl docs [161]
 o cmake: when USE_MANUAL=YES, build the curl.1 man page [113]
 o cmdline-opts/write-out.d: remove spurious double quotes
 o cmdline-opts: update availability for the *-ca-native options [66]
 o cmdline/gen: fix the sorting of the man page options [33]
 o configure: add libngtcp2_crypto_boringssl detection [155]
 o configure: fix no default int compile error in ipv6 detection [69]
 o configure: when enabling QUIC, check that TLS supports QUIC [87]
 o connect: remove margin from eyeballer alloc [79]
 o content_encoding: change return code to typedef'ed enum [94]
 o cookie.d: document use of empty string to enable cookie engine [106]
 o cookie: avoid fopen with empty file name [24]
 o curl.h: CURLOPT_DNS_SERVERS is only available with c-ares [131]
 o curl: show ipfs and ipns as supported "protocols" [15]
 o curl_easy_getinfo.3: remove the wrong time value count [116]
 o curl_multi_fdset.3: remove mention of null pointer support [134]
 o CURLINFO_REFERER.3: clarify that it is the *request* header [70]
 o CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS.3: fix incorrect C string escape in example [27]
 o CURLOPT_SSH_*_KEYFILE: clarify [57]
 o dist: add tests/errorcodes.pl to the tarball [6]
 o docs: clean up Protocols: for cmdline options [32]
 o docs: describe and highlight super cookies [80]
 o docs: do not start lines/sentences with So, But nor And [140]
 o docs: install curl.1 with cmake [166]
 o docs: mention env vars not used by schannel [124]
 o doh: remove unused local variable [34]
 o examples: add four new examples [99]
 o file+ftp: use stack buffers instead of data->state.buffer [138]
 o ftp: handle the PORT parsing without allocation [44]
 o ftp: use dynbuf to store entrypath [83]
 o ftp: use memdup0 to store the OS from a SYST 215 response [82]
 o ftpserver.pl: send 213 SIZE response without spurious newline
 o gen.pl: support ## for doing .IP in table-like lists [105]
 o gen: do italics/bold for a range of letters, not just single word [78]
 o GHA: add a job scanning for "bad words" in markdown [164]
 o GHA: bump ngtcp2, gnutls, mod_h2, quiche [158]
 o gnutls: fix build with --disable-verbose [3]
 o haproxy-clientip.d: document the arg [68]
 o headers: make sure the trailing newline is not stored [97]
 o headers: remove assert from Curl_headers_push [115]
 o hostip: return error immediately when Curl_ip2addr() fails [19]
 o hsts: remove assert for zero length domain [96]
 o http2: improved on_stream_close/data_done handling [49]
 o http3/quiche: fix result code on a stream reset [91]
 o http3: initial support for OpenSSL 3.2 QUIC stack [110]
 o http: adjust_pollset fix [85]
 o http: check for "Host:" case insensitively [154]
 o http: fix off-by-one error in request method length check [14]
 o http: only act on 101 responses when they are HTTP/1.1 [98]
 o http: remove comment reference to a removed solution [156]
 o http: use stack scratch buffer [150]
 o http_proxy: a blank CURLOPT_USERAGENT should not be used in CONNECT [90]
 o krb5: add prototype to silence clang warnings on mvsnprintf() [119]
 o lib: add debug log outputs for CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT [62]
 o lib: error out on multissl + http3 [13]
 o lib: fix variable undeclared error caused by `infof` changes [2]
 o lib: reduce use of strncpy [30]
 o lib: rename Curl_strndup to Curl_memdup0 to avoid misunderstanding [36]
 o lib: replace readwrite with write_resp [137]
 o lib: strndup/memdup instead of malloc, memcpy and null-terminate [42]
 o libssh2: use `libssh2_session_callback_set2()` with v1.11.1 [103]
 o libssh: improve the deprecation warning dismissal [20]
 o libssh: supress warnings without version check [18]
 o Makefile.am: fix the MSVC project generation [22]
 o Makefile.mk: drop Windows support [12]
 o mbedtls: fix `-Wnull-dereference` and `-Wredundant-decls` [117]
 o mbedtls: free the entropy when threaded [46]
 o mime: use memdup0 instead of malloc + memcpy [63]
 o mksymbolsmanpage.pl: provide references to where the symbol is used
 o mprintf: overhaul and bugfixes [52]
 o mqtt: use stack scratch buffer for recv+publish [148]
 o multi: remove total timer reset in file_do() while fetching file:// [89]
 o ngtcp2: put h3 at the front of alpn [58]
 o ntlm_wb: do not use data->state.buffer any longer [151]
 o openldap: fix an LDAP crash [75]
 o openldap: fix STARTTLS [67]
 o openssl: re-match LibreSSL deinit with init [17]
 o openssl: when verifystatus fails, remove session id from cache [100]
 o OS400: sync ILE/RPG binding [114]
 o pingpong: stop using the download buffer [159]
 o pop3: replace calloc + memcpy with memdup0 [60]
 o pytest: scorecard tracking CPU and RSS [157]
 o quiche: return CURLE_HTTP3 on send to invalid stream [65]
 o readwrite_data: loop less [21]
 o Revert "urldata: move async resolver state from easy handle to \ 
connectdata" [16]
 o rtsp: deal with borked server responses [129]
 o runtests: for mode="text" on <stdout>, fix newlines on both \ 
parts [64]
 o sasl: make login option string override http auth [142]
 o schannel: fix `-Warith-conversion` gcc 13 warning [28]
 o sectransp: do verify_cert without memdup for blobs [93]
 o sectransp_ make TLSCipherNameForNumber() available in non-verbose config [1]
 o sendf: fix compiler warning with CURL_DISABLE_HEADERS_API [38]
 o setopt: clear mimepost when formp is freed [92]
 o setopt: use memdup0 when cloning COPYPOSTFIELDS [107]
 o socks: fix generic output string to say SOCKS instead of SOCKS4 [144]
 o socks: use own buffer instead of data->state.buffer [143]
 o ssh: fix namespace of two local macros [51]
 o ssh: use stack scratch buffer for seeks [146]
 o strerror: repair get_winsock_error() [56]
 o system.h: sync mingw `CURL_TYPEOF_CURL_SOCKLEN_T` with other compilers [9]
 o system_win32: fix a function pointer assignment warning [71]
 o telnet: use dynbuf instad of malloc for escape buffer [108]
 o telnet: use stack scratch buffer for do [149]
 o tests/server: delete workaround for old-mingw [25]
 o tests: avoid int/size_t conversion size/sign warnings [163]
 o tests: respect $TMPDIR when creating unix domain sockets [50]
 o tool: make parser reject blank arguments if not supported [86]
 o tool: prepend output_dir in header callback [95]
 o tool_getparam: bsearch cmdline options [74]
 o tool_getparam: do not try to expand without an argument [59]
 o tool_getparam: stop supporting `@filename` style for --cookie [121]
 o tool_listhelp: regenerate after recent .d updates [61]
 o tool_operate: make --remove-on-error only remove "real" files [125]
 o tool_operate: stop setting the file comment on Amiga [128]
 o transfer: adjust_pollset improvements [81]
 o transfer: fix upload rate limiting, add test cases [37]
 o transfer: make the select_bits_paused condition check both directions [104]
 o transfer: remove warning: Value stored to 'blen' is never read [136]
 o url: don't set default CA paths for Secure Transport backend [126]
 o url: for disabled protocols, mention if found in redirect [7]
 o urlapi: remove assert [162]
 o verify-examples.pl: fail verification on unescaped backslash [72]
 o version: show only the libpsl version, not its dependencies [130]
 o vquic: extract TLS setup into own source [88]
 o vtls: fix missing multissl version info [73]
 o vtls: receive max buffer [139]
 o vtls: remove the Curl_cft_ssl_proxy object if CURL_DISABLE_PROXY [41]
 o websockets: check for negative payload lengths [123]
 o websockets: refactor decode chain [122]
 o windows: delete redundant headers [43]
 o windows: simplify detecting and using system headers [10]
 o wolfssl: load certificate *chain* for PEM client certs [84]
 o x509asn1: remove code for WANT_VERIFYHOST [132]
 o x509asn1: switch from malloc to dynbuf [112]
   2023-12-07 08:50:55 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
curl: update to 8.5.0

Security fix release.
   2023-11-08 14:21:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2377)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for icu 74.1
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3
   2023-10-22 15:34:31 by Jonathan Schleifer | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
curl: Make brotli an option

This fixes the linker errors on Fedora 39 for me. Apparently curl picks up the
headers and assumes the libraries must exist then. Explicitly disabling brotli
when not using it or depending on the buildlink when enabling it fixes this.
   2023-10-11 09:16:03 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
curl libcurl-gnutls: updated to 8.4.0

Fixed in 8.4.0 - October 11 2023


curl: add support for the IPFS protocols via HTTP gateway
curl_multi_get_handles: get easy handles from a multi handle
mingw: delete support for legacy mingw.org toolchain


acinclude.m4: Document proper system truststore on FreeBSD
appveyor: fix yamlint issues, indent
appveyor: rewrite batch in PowerShell + CI improvements
autotools: adjust `CURL_CA_PATH` value to CMake
autotools: restore `HAVE_IOCTL_*` detections
base64: also build for curl
bufq: remove Curl_bufq_skip_and_shift (unused)
build: delete checks for C89 standard headers
build: do not publish `HAVE_BORINGSSL`, `HAVE_AWSLC` macros
cf-socket: simulate slow/blocked receives in debug
cmake, configure: also link with CoreServices
cmake: add check for suseconds_t
cmake: add feature checks for `memrchr` and `getifaddrs`
cmake: add missing checks
cmake: delete old `HAVE_LDAP_URL_PARSE` logic
cmake: detect `sys/wait.h` and `netinet/udp.h`
cmake: detect TLS-SRP in OpenSSL/wolfSSL/GnuTLS
cmake: disable unity mode with Windows Unicode + TrackMemory
cmake: fix `HAVE_LDAP_SSL`, `HAVE_LDAP_URL_PARSE` on non-Windows
cmake: fix `HAVE_WRITABLE_ARGV` detection
cmake: fix duplicate symbols when linking tests
cmake: fix missing `zlib.h` when compiling `libcurltool`
cmake: fix stderr initialization in unity builds
cmake: fix the help text to the static build option in CMakeLists.txt
cmake: fix unity builds for more build combinations
cmake: fix unity symbol collisions in h2 builds
cmake: fix unity with Windows Unicode + TrackMemory
cmake: improve OpenLDAP builds
cmake: lib `CURL_STATICLIB` fixes (Windows)
cmake: move global headers to specific checks
cmake: pre-cache `HAVE_BASENAME` for mingw-w64 and MSVC
cmake: pre-cache `HAVE_POLL_FINE` on Windows
cmake: tidy-up `NOT_NEED_LBER_H` detection
cmake: validate `CURL_DEFAULT_SSL_BACKEND` config value
configure: check for the capath by default
configure: remove unused checks
configure: replace adhoc domain with `localhost` in tests
configure: sort AC_CHECK_FUNCS
connect: expire the timeout when trying next
connect: only start the happy eyeballs timer when needed
cookie: do not store the expire or max-age strings
cookie: remove unnecessary struct fields
cookie: set ->running in cookie_init even if data is NULL
create-dirs.d: clarify it also uses --output-dirs
curl.h: mark CURLSSLBACKEND_NSS as deprecated since 8.3.0
curl_easy_pause.3: mention h2/h3 buffering
curl_easy_pause.3: mention it works within callbacks
curl_easy_pause: set "in callback" true on exit if true
CURLOPT_DEBUGFUNCTION.3: warn about internal handles
docs/libcurl/opts/Makefile.inc: add missing manpage files
docs: adapt SEE ALSO sections to new requirements
docs: explain how PINNEDPUBLICKEY is independent of VERIFYPEER
docs: replace made up domains with example.com
docs: update curl man page references
escape: replace Curl_isunreserved with ISUNRESERVED
FAQ: How do I upgrade curl.exe in Windows?
GHA/linux: run singleuse to detect single-use global functions
GHA: add workflow to compare configure vs cmake outputs
h2-proxy: remove left-over mistake in drain_tunnel()
h2: testcase and fix for pausing h2 streams
h3: add support for ngtcp2 with AWS-LC builds
http2: refused stream handling for retry
http: fix CURL_DISABLE_BEARER_AUTH breakage
http: h1/h2 proxy unification
http: remove wrong comment for http_should_fail
http: use per-request counter to check too large headers
http_aws_sigv4: fix sorting with empty parts
idn: fix WinIDN null ptr deref on bad host
idn: if idn2_check_version returns NULL, return error
inet_ntop: add typecast to silence Coverity
lib: disambiguate Curl_client_write flag semantics
lib: enable hmac for digest as well
lib: failf/infof compiler warnings
lib: let the max filesize option stop too big transfers too
lib: move handling of `data->req.writer_stack` into Curl_client_write()
lib: provide and use Curl_hexencode
lib: remove TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME
lib: use wrapper for curl_mime_data fseek callback
libssh2: fix error message on failed pubkey-from-file
libssh: cap SFTP packet size sent
Makefile.mk: always set `CURL_STATICLIB` for lib (Windows)
MANUAL.md: change domain to example.com
misc: better random strings
MQTT: improve receive of ACKs
multi: do CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM at two more places
multi: fix small timeouts
multi: remove Curl_multi_dump
multi: round the timeout up to prevent early wakeups
multi: set CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM after switch to DOING_MORE
openssl: improve ssl shutdown handling
openssl: use X509_ALGOR_get0 instead of reaching into X509_ALGOR
pytest: exclude test_03_goaway in CI runs due to timing dependency
quic: set ciphers/curves the same way regular TLS does
quiche: fix build error with --with-ca-fallback
RELEASE-PROCEDURE.md: updated coming release dates
runtests: display the test status if tests appear hung
runtests: eliminate a warning on old perl versions
socks: return error if hostname too long for remote resolve
src/mkhelp: make generated code pass `checksrc`
test1056: disable on Windows
test1474: disable test on NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris 10
test1592: greatly increase the maximum test timeout
test1903: actually verify the cookies after the test
test1906: set a lower timeout since it's hit on Windows
test2600: remove special case handling for USE_ALARM_TIMEOUT
test650: fix an end tag typo
test661: return from test early in case of curl error
test: add missing <feature>s
tests: close the shell used to start sshd
tests: fix a race condition in ftp server disconnect
tests: fix compiler warnings
tests: Fix zombie processes left behind by FTP tests.
tests: improve SLOWDOWN test reliability by reducing sent data
tests: increase lib571 timeout from 3s to 30s
tests: log the test result code after each libtest
tests: propagate errors in libtests
tests: set --expect100-timeout to improve test reliability
tests: show which curl tool `runtests.pl` is using
tests: stop overriding the lock timeout
tftpd: always use curl's own tftp.h
tool: use our own stderr variable
tool_cb_wrt: fix debug assertion
tool_getparam: accept variable expansion on file names too
tool_setopt: remove unused function tool_setopt_flags
upload-file.d: describe the file name slash/backslash handling
url: fall back to http/https proxy env-variable if ws/wss not set
url: fix netrc info message
warnless: remove unused functions
wolfssh: do cleanup in Curl_ssh_cleanup
wolfssl: allow capath with CURLOPT_CAINFO_BLOB
wolfssl: if CURLOPT_CAINFO_BLOB is set, ignore the CA files
wolfssl: ignore errors in CA path
   2023-09-29 12:45:04 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
curl: fix libcurl breakage on macOS 14, via upstream

Autoreconfed with upstream m4 changes and relevant hunks extracted manually.
patch-configure can be reverted when curl is updated past 8.4.0.