./security/gnupg2, GNUpg with OpenPGP and S/MIME capabilities

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Branch: pkgsrc-2011Q3, Version: 2.0.18nb1, Package name: gnupg2-2.0.18nb1, Maintainer: shannonjr

GnuPG-2 provides several utilities that are used by mail clients,
such as Kmail and Balsa, including OpenPGP and S/MIME support.
GnuPG-2 has a different architecture than GnuPG-1 (e.g. 1.4.5) in that
it splits up functionality into several modules. However, both
versions may be installed alongside without any conflict. In fact,
the gpg version from GnuPG-1 is able to make use of the gpg-agent as
included in GnuPG-2 and allows for seamless passphrase caching. The
advantage of GnuPG-1 is its smaller size and the lack of dependency on
other modules at run and build time.

Required to run:
[www/curl] [devel/pth] [security/libgpg-error] [security/libassuan2] [security/libksba] [security/pinentry] [security/dirmngr]

Required to build:
[devel/gmake] [devel/libtool-base]

Package options: gpgsm

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SHA1: 5ec2f718760cc3121970a140aeea004b64545c46
RMD160: 15e3de278285a3989563d9a8e2ad133113f1cd91
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