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7plus Uuencode-like file coder for AMPR BBS S&F of binary files
cwtext Morse Code Generator
dpbox Multi-Protocol Amateur Packet Radio BBS
fl_logbook FLTK-based amateur radio log book
fldigi Digital radio modem
gmfsk Multimode HF terminal program
gnuradio-audio-jack GNU Radio module for jack low latency audio server
gnuradio-audio-oss Open Sound System support for GNU Radio
gnuradio-audio-portaudio GNU Radio module adding support for portaudio
gnuradio-core Runtime system and DSP blocks for GNU Radio
gnuradio-core-docs GNU Radio core module documentation
gnuradio-examples Examples for GNU Radio
gnuradio-gsm GNU Radio GSM 06.10 13kbit/sec voice encoder/decoder
gnuradio-howto Documentation on creating GNU Radio signal processing blocks
gnuradio-radio-astronomy GNU Radio module for radio astronomy
gnuradio-trellis Trellis-based encoding and decoding algorithms for GNU Radio
gnuradio-usrp USRP bindings for GNU Radio
gnuradio-video-sdl SDL bindings for GNU Radio
gnuradio-wxgui GUI framework for GNU Radio based on wxPython
gpredict Gnome satellite tracking program
grig Graphical user interface to the Hamlib libraries
hamlib API for digital communications equipment
linpsk PSK31 terminal program using QT3
locator Longitudes, latitudes to HAM locator converter
nec2c Numerical Electromagnetics Code in C
tfkiss Software implementation of TheFirmware for use with TNT
tlf Advanced hamradio logging and contest program
tnt Amateur packet radio terminal program for TNC2, AEA PK232 and PK88
trustedQSL TrustedQSL, uploading QSL Data to LoTW of ARRL
usrp Non GNU Radio specific part of the USRP code base
usrp-docs Documentation for the usrp module
wwl Calculates distance (qrb)
xdx Amateur Radio tcp/ip DX-cluster client
xlog Amateur Radio logging program
xnec2c GTK+ graphical interactive version of nec2c
yaesu Control interface for Yaesu FT-890 HF transceiver