./games/dipmap, Generate postscript maps from results of play-by-email Diplomacy games

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Branch: pkgsrc-2015Q1, Version: 1.16nb2, Package name: dipmap-1.16nb2, Maintainer: njohnston

Diplomacy starts in 1901: pre-World War One Europe with seven players
negotiating with each other so that they can dominate the
gameboard. Orders for fleets and armies are secretly sent to the Judge
(a computer), which then calculates the results and forwards what has
happened to the players. Then the players go back to organising things
for the next turn. Simple, right? The system is, but the game is not.
Will the Austrian help my French army to conquer Munich? Will the
German army in Kiel assist the Munich army? Can I get Russia to
attack Berlin from the east? Can I convince the German that I am
planning peaceful moves (preparing to attack Italy) and thus have the
element of surprise?

Mapit takes the results of a Judge adjudicated move and outputs a
color or monochrome postscript map of the status of the board. For
more information, please see the homepage of the Diplomacy hobby at:


Additional variant maps can be found at:


Master sites:

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