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Branch: pkgsrc-2015Q3, Version: 0.9.3nb7, Package name: libofa-0.9.3nb7, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The world is drowning in individual music files astray with corrupt
metadata, insignificant file names, and no way to identify the

MusicDNS and the Open Fingerprint Architecture provide a system
for identifying a piece of music with nothing more than the sound
of the piece itself.

MusicDNS is the largest single dataset of acoustic fingerprints in
the world with more than 16 million individual tracks identified
and growing DAILY! With the Open Fingerprint client-code, tracks
can be identified consistently against the MusicDNS dataset, and
new tracks are easily added.

The Open Fingerprint is deployed world-wide--and now the client
source code is available under Open Source license.

Use the fingerprint code freely, or hook it up to the largest
repository of fingerprinted tracks on the planet--MusicDNS. Free
client keys for developers and non-profits are available on the
website. For commercial deployment, use the low-cost MusicDNS.com
service from MusicIP.

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