./audio/mad123, Command-line MPEG audio player

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Branch: pkgsrc-2015Q3, Version: 0.8.5nb15, Package name: mad123-0.8.5nb15, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

mad123 is a simple command line MP3 player using Robert Leslie's
libmad fixed-point MP3 decoder library.

This is not meant to be a serious replacement for the ubiquitous
mpg123 program. Instead, this is a merely an experiment in using
libmad. At the time mad123 was written, a couple of things set it
apart from the command line MP3 player supplied with libmad (madplay):

1) Supports URL style MP3 pathnames.

2) The audio output is double-buffered. Multiple audio backends
such as Sun (OSS), aRts, and pcm are supported.

3) Streams can be pre-buffered using read-ahead.

4) Simple keyboard controls.

5) Playlist support.

6) CTRL-C behaves like it does for mpg123.

7) It can be installed setuid-root so it can adjust scheduling
priority to reduce its susceptibility to jitter.

Required to run:

Package options: oss, sun

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SHA1: 97c5d6185a54e2262d52a687ff3a3714ff260af8
RMD160: bd2bf0b79a3c9d3513583daccdfc182a2d17cc41
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