./filesystems/py-fuse-bindings, Python bindings for FUSE and refuse

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Branch: pkgsrc-2018Q2, Version: 0.2.1, Package name: py27-fuse-bindings-0.2.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Python bindings for the FUSE (and hence refuse) interfaces.

FUSE allows file sytsem operations to take place at user level, rather
than in the kernel. Refuse is a BSD-licensed re-implementation of
fuse, running on top of the puffs functionality. This package
provides a python language interface to the FUSE interface.

To achieve backwards compatibility (unlikely to be needed in 2011+)
with very old versions of the fuse bindings for python, set the
environment variable


This software is called "fuse-python" by upstream (and hence at least
some Linux distributions).

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SHA1: b2abccfa43447eb095e4998faae42fd5ae35f351
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