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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 54.2.0, Package name: py38-setuptools-54.2.0, Maintainer: joerg

setuptools is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils
that allow you to more easily build and distribute Python packages,
especially ones that have dependencies on other packages.


Required to run:
[textproc/py-expat] [lang/python37]

Required to build:

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   2021-04-03 09:32:27 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: updated to 54.2.0


* Reduced scope of dash deprecation warning to Setuptools/distutils only -- by \ 


Documentation changes
* Added sphinx-inline-tabs extension to allow for comparison of setup.py and its \ 
equivalent setup.cfg -- by :user:`amy-lei`

* Made option keys in the [metadata] section of setup.cfg case-sensitive. Users \ 
having uppercase option spellings will get a warning suggesting to make them to \ 
lowercase -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`


* Removed the conversion of dashes to underscores in the extras_require and \ 
data_files of setup.cfg to support the usage of dashes. Method will warn users \ 
when they use a dash-separated key which in the future will only allow an \ 
underscore. Note: the method performs the dash to underscore conversion to \ 
preserve compatibility, but future versions will no longer support it -- by \ 


Breaking Changes
* Simplified build-from-source story by providing bootstrapping metadata in a \ 
separate egg-info directory. Build requirements no longer include setuptools \ 
itself. Sdist once again includes the pyproject.toml. Project can no longer be \ 
installed from source on pip 19.x, but install from source is still supported on \ 
pip < 19 and pip >= 20 and install from wheel is still supported with pip \ 
>= 9.

* Handled AttributeError by raising DistutilsSetupError in \ 
dist.check_specifier() when specifier is not a string -- by \ 
* Correctly parse cmdclass in setup.cfg.

Documentation changes
* Added userguide example for markers in extras_require -- by :user:`pwoolvett`


* Preserved case-sensitivity of keys in setup.cfg so that entry point names are \ 
case-sensitive. Changed sensitivity of configparser. NOTE: Any projects relying \ 
on case-insensitivity will need to adapt to accept the original case as \ 
published. -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`
* Fixed error in uploading a Sphinx doc with the upload_docs command. An html \ 
builder will be used. Note: upload_docs is deprecated for PyPi, but is supported \ 
for other sites -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`


Breaking Changes
* Removed bootstrap script. Now Setuptools requires pip or another \ 
pep517-compliant builder such as 'build' to build. Now Setuptools can be \ 
installed from Github main branch.


Breaking Changes
* Remove fallback support for fetch_build_eggs using easy_install. Now pip is \ 
required for setup_requires to succeed.
* Removed 'easy_install' top-level model (runpy entry point) and 'easy_install' \ 
console script.
* Removed support for eggsecutables.

* Tests now run in parallel via pytest-xdist, completing in about half the time. \ 
Special thanks to :user:`webknjaz` for hard work implementing test isolation. To \ 
run without parallelization, disable the plugin with tox -- -p no:xdist.
   2021-01-18 17:02:31 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: updated to 51.3.3


* Fix AttributeError in Description validation.


* Validation of Description field now is more lenient, emitting a warning and \ 
mangling the value to be valid (replacing newlines with spaces).


* Reverted tag deduplication handling.


* Newlines in metadata description/Summary now trigger a ValueError.
* Define create_module() and exec_module() methods in VendorImporter to get rid \ 
of ImportWarning -- by :user:`hroncok`
* pkg_resources behavior for zipimport now matches the regular behavior, and \ 
finds .egg-info (previoulsy would only find .dist-info) -- by :user:`thatch`
* Fixed an issue where version tags may be added multiple times


* Use importlib.import_module() rather than the deprectated loader.load_module() \ 
in pkg_resources namespace delaration -- by :user:`encukou`

Documentation changes
* Fix typo in the document page about entry point. -- by :user:`jtr109`

* Avoid hitting network during test_easy_install.


* Disable inclusion of package data as it causes 'tests' to be included as data.


* Avoid hitting network during test_virtualenv.test_test_command.


* Project adopts jaraco/skeleton for shared package maintenance.

* Restore inclusion of rst files in sdist.
* Setuptools has replaced the master branch with the main branch.
* Fixed failing test when pip 20.3+ is present. -- by :user:`yan12125`
* Fix tests with pytest 6.2 -- by :user:`yan12125`


Breaking Changes
* Require Python 3.6 or later.

Documentation changes
* Fixed inconsistent RST title nesting levels caused
* Fixed a typo in Sphinx docs that made docs dev section disappear

* Removed the tests that guarantee that the vendored dependencies can be built \ 
by distutils.
   2020-10-27 19:10:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: updated to 50.3.2


Documentation changes
* Extended towncrier news template to include change note categories. This \ 
allows to see what types of changes a given version introduces
* Started enforcing strict syntax and reference validation in the Sphinx docs
* Removed redundant Sphinx Makefile support

* Enabled test results reporting in AppVeyor CI
* Replace Python 3.9.0 beta with 3.9.0 final on GitHub Actions.
* Python 3.9 Trove classifier got added to the dist metadata


Documentation changes
* Finalized doc revamp.
* doc: simplify index and group deprecated files
* doc overhaul step 2: break main doc into multiple sections
* doc overhaul step 3: update userguide
* Added a :user: role to Sphinx config
* Added an illustrative explanation about the change notes to fragments dir

* Travis CI test suite now tests against PPC64.
* Suppress EOF errors (and other exceptions) when importing lib2to3.
   2020-09-09 09:25:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: updated to 50.3.0

In distutils, restore support for monkeypatched CCompiler.spawn per \ 
   2020-09-05 12:14:31 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: Update to 50.2.0

* It seems that this fixes PLIST divergence of some packages,
  including py-libxml2 and py-cElementTree.


    #2355: When pip is imported as part of a build, leave distutils patched.
    #2380: There are some setuptools specific changes in the \ 
setuptools.command.bdist_rpm module that are no longer needed, because they are \ 
part of the bdist_rpm module in distutils in Python 3.5.0. Therefore, code was \ 
removed from setuptools.command.bdist_rpm.


    #2350: Setuptools reverts using the included distutils by default. Platform \ 
maintainers and system integrators and others are strongly encouraged to set \ 
SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=local to help identify and work through the reported \ 
issues with distutils adoption, mainly to file issues and pull requests with \ 
pypa/distutils such that distutils performs as needed across every supported \ 


    #2363: Restore link_libpython support on Python 3.7 and earlier (see \ 


    #2352: In distutils hack, use absolute import rather than relative to avoid \ 
   2020-09-02 23:42:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: update to 50.0.1.

Please note the change in 50.0.0:

"Setuptools overrides the stdlib distutils on import"

and the workaround:

"If the environment variable ``SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS`` is set to
``stdlib``, Setuptools will fall back to the legacy behavior."


* #2357: Restored Python 3.5 support in distutils.util for missing \ 
* #2358: Restored AIX support on Python 3.8 and earlier.
* #2361: Add Python 3.10 support to _distutils_hack. Get the 'Loader' abstract class
  from importlib.abc rather than importlib.util.abc (alias removed in Python


* #2232: Once again, Setuptools overrides the stdlib distutils on import. For \ 
environments or invocations where this behavior is undesirable, users are \ 
provided with a temporary escape hatch. If the environment variable \ 
``SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS`` is set to ``stdlib``, Setuptools will fall back to \ 
the legacy behavior. Use of this escape hatch is discouraged, but it is provided \ 
to ease the transition while proper fixes for edge cases can be addressed.
* #2334: In MSVC module, refine text in error message.


* #2129: In pkg_resources, no longer detect any pathname ending in .egg as a \ 
Python egg. Now the path must be an unpacked egg or a zip file.


* #2306: When running as a PEP 517 backend, setuptools does not try to install
  ``setup_requires`` itself. They are reported as build requirements for the
  frontend to install.


* #2310: Updated vendored packaging version to 20.4.


* #2300: Improve the ``safe_version`` function documentation
* #2297: Once again, in stubs prefer exec_module to the deprecated load_module.


* #2316: Removed warning when ``distutils`` is imported before ``setuptools`` \ 
when ``distutils`` replacement is not enabled.


* #2259: Setuptools now provides a .pth file (except for editable installs of \ 
setuptools) to the target environment to ensure that when enabled, the \ 
setuptools-provided distutils is preferred before setuptools has been imported \ 
(and even if setuptools is never imported). Honors the SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS \ 
environment variable.


* #2257: Fixed two flaws in distutils._msvccompiler.MSVCCompiler.spawn.


* #2230: Now warn the user when setuptools is imported after distutils modules \ 
have been loaded (exempting PyPy for 3.6), directing the users of packages to \ 
import setuptools first.


* #2212: (Distutils) Allow spawn to accept environment. Avoid monkey-patching \ 
global state.
* #2249: Fix extension loading technique in stubs.


* #2232: In preparation for re-enabling a local copy of distutils, Setuptools \ 
now honors an environment variable, SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS. If set to 'stdlib' \ 
(current default), distutils will be used from the standard library. If set to \ 
'local' (default in a imminent backward-incompatible release), the local copy of \ 
distutils will be used.


* #2094: Removed pkg_resources.py2_warn module, which is no longer reachable.


* #2228: Applied fix for pypa/distutils#3, restoring expectation that spawn will \ 
raise a DistutilsExecError when attempting to execute a missing file.


* #2228: Disabled distutils adoption for now while emergent issues are addressed.


* #2165: Setuptools no longer installs a site.py file during easy_install or \ 
develop installs. As a result, .eggs on PYTHONPATH will no longer take \ 
precedence over other packages on sys.path. If this issue affects your \ 
production environment, please reach out to the maintainers at #2165.
* #2137: Removed (private) pkg_resources.RequirementParseError, now replaced by \ 
packaging.requirements.InvalidRequirement. Kept the name for compatibility, but \ 
users should catch InvalidRequirement instead.
* #2180: Update vendored packaging in pkg_resources to 19.2.
* #2199: Fix exception causes all over the codebase by using ``raise \ 
new_exception from old_exception``
   2020-09-01 01:06:02 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: update to 47.3.2.


* #2071: Replaced references to the deprecated imp package with references to \ 


* #1973: Removed ``pkg_resources.py31compat.makedirs`` in favor of the stdlib. \ 
Use ``os.makedirs()`` instead.
* #2198: Restore ``__requires__`` directive in easy-install wrapper scripts.


* #2197: Console script wrapper for editable installs now has a unified template \ 
and honors importlib_metadata if present for faster script execution on older \ 
* #2195: Fix broken entry points generated by easy-install (pip editable installs).


* #2194: Editable-installed entry points now load significantly faster on Python \ 
versions 3.8+.


* #2156: Update mailing list pointer in developer docs

Incorporate changes from v44.1.1:

* #2158: Avoid loading working set during ``Distribution.finalize_options`` \ 
prior to invoking ``_install_setup_requires``, broken since v42.0.0.


* #2158: Avoid loading working set during ``Distribution.finalize_options`` \ 
prior to invoking ``_install_setup_requires``, broken since v42.0.0.


* #2070: In wheel-to-egg conversion, use simple pkg_resources-style namespace \ 
declaration for packages that declare namespace_packages.


* #2094: Setuptools now actively crashes under Python 2. Python 3.5 or later is \ 
required. Users of Python 2 should use ``setuptools<45``.
* #1700: Document all supported keywords by migrating the ones from distutils.


* #1753: ``attr:`` now extracts variables through rudimentary examination of the AST,
  thereby supporting modules with third-party imports. If examining the AST
  fails to find the variable, ``attr:`` falls back to the old behavior of
  importing the module. Works on Python 3 only.


No significant changes.


* #2089: Package index functionality no longer attempts to remove an md5 \ 
fragment from the index URL. This functionality, added for distribute #163 is no \ 
longer relevant.
* #2041: Preserve file modes during pkg files copying, but clear read only flag \ 
for target afterwards.
* #2105: Filter ``2to3`` deprecation warnings from \ 


* #2040: Deprecated the ``bdist_wininst`` command. Binary packages should be \ 
built as wheels instead.
* #2062: Change 'Mac OS X' to 'macOS' in code.
* #2075: Stop recognizing files ending with ``.dist-info`` as distribution metadata.
* #2086: Deprecate 'use_2to3' functionality. Packagers are encouraged to use \ 
single-source solutions or build tool chains to manage conversions outside of \ 
* #1698: Added documentation for ``build_meta`` (a bare minimum, not completed).
* #2082: Filter ``lib2to3`` ``PendingDeprecationWarning`` and \ 
``DeprecationWarning`` in tests,
  because ``lib2to3`` is `deprecated in Python 3.9 \ 


No significant changes.


* #1458: Added template for reporting Python 2 incompatibilities.


No significant changes.


* #308: Allow version number normalization to be bypassed by wrapping in a \ 
'setuptools.sic()' call.
* #1424: Prevent keeping files mode for package_data build. It may break a build \ 
if user's package data has read only flag.
* #1431: In ``easy_install.check_site_dir``, ensure the installation directory \ 
* #1563: In ``pkg_resources`` prefer ``find_spec`` (PEP 451) to ``find_module``.

Incorporate changes from v44.1.0:

* #1704: Set sys.argv[0] in setup script run by build_meta.__legacy__
* #1959: Fix for Python 4: replace unsafe six.PY3 with six.PY2
* #1994: Fixed a bug in the "setuptools.finalize_distribution_options" \ 
hook that lead to ignoring the order attribute of entry points managed by this \ 


* #1704: Set sys.argv[0] in setup script run by build_meta.__legacy__
* #1959: Fix for Python 4: replace unsafe six.PY3 with six.PY2
* #1994: Fixed a bug in the "setuptools.finalize_distribution_options" \ 
hook that lead to ignoring the order attribute of entry points managed by this \ 


* #65: Once again as in 3.0, removed the Features feature.
* #1890: Fix vendored dependencies so importing \ 
``setuptools.extern.some_module`` gives the same object as \ 
``setuptools._vendor.some_module``. This makes Metadata picklable again.
* #1899: Test suite now fails on warnings.
* #2011: Fix broken link to distutils docs on package_data
* #1991: Include pkg_resources test data in sdist, so tests can be executed from it.


* #1557: Deprecated eggsecutable scripts and updated docs.
* #1904: Update msvc.py to use CPython 3.8.0 mechanism to find msvc 14+


* #1905: Fixed defect in _imp, introduced in 41.6.0 when the 'tests' directory \ 
is not present.
* #1941: Improve editable installs with PEP 518 build isolation:

  * The ``--user`` option is now always available. A warning is issued if the \ 
user site directory is not available.
  * The error shown when the install directory is not in ``PYTHONPATH`` has been \ 
turned into a warning.
* #1981: Setuptools now declares its ``tests`` and ``docs`` dependencies in \ 
metadata (extras).
* #1985: Add support for installing scripts in environments where bdist_wininst \ 
is missing (i.e. Python 3.9).
* #1968: Add flake8-2020 to check for misuse of sys.version or sys.version_info.


* #1458: Add minimum sunset date and preamble to Python 2 warning.
* #1704: Set sys.argv[0] in setup script run by build_meta.__legacy__
* #1974: Add Python 3 Only Trove Classifier and remove universal wheel \ 
declaration for more complete transition from Python 2.


* #1458: Drop support for Python 2. Setuptools now requires Python 3.5 or later. \ 
Install setuptools using pip >=9 or pin to Setuptools <45 to maintain 2.7 \ 
* #1959: Fix for Python 4: replace unsafe six.PY3 with six.PY2
   2020-06-01 22:31:03 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-setuptools: updated to 44.1.1

Avoid loading working set during Distribution.finalize_options prior to invoking \ 
_install_setup_requires, broken since v42.0.0.