./databases/p5-Rose-DB, DBI wrapper and abstraction layer

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Branch: pkgsrc-2020Q1, Version: 0.778nb3, Package name: p5-Rose-DB-0.778nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Rose::DB is a wrapper and abstraction layer for DBI-related
functionality. A Rose::DB object "has a" DBI object; it is not a
subclass of DBI.

Tip: Are you looking for an object-relational mapper (ORM)? If so,
please see the Rose::DB::Object module. Rose::DB::Object is an ORM
that uses this module to manage its database connections. Rose::DB
alone is simply a data source abstraction layer; it is not an ORM.

Required to run:
[devel/p5-Bit-Vector] [devel/p5-Clone-PP] [devel/p5-Rose-Object] [time/p5-DateTime-Format-MySQL] [time/p5-Rose-DateTime] [time/p5-DateTime-Format-Oracle] [time/p5-DateTime] [time/p5-DateTime-Format-Pg] [time/p5-Time-Clock] [lang/perl5] [databases/p5-SQL-ReservedWords]

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