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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
ack (V) Japanese code converter
canna (V) Kana-Kanji conversion system (meta-package)
canna-canuum (V) Kana-Kanji conversion system (canuum)
canna-dict (V) Kana-Kanji conversion system (dict)
canna-lib (V) Kana-Kanji conversion system (lib)
canna-server (V) Kana-Kanji conversion system (server)
chasen (V) Meta package of ChaSen, Japanese Morphological Analysis System
chasen-base (V) ChaSen, Japanese Morphological Analysis System
eblook (V) Interactive command-line interface for EPWING electric dictionaries
edict (V) Japanese-English dictionary file
freepwing (V) Free JIS X 4081 (subset of EPWING V1) formatter
hyperestraier (V) Full-text search system for communities
iiimecf (V) Emacs Lisp library for IIIM Protocol
ipadic (V) Japanese Morphological Dictionary including parameter for ChaSen
ja-a2ps (V) Text file to postscript converter (with Japanese support)
ja-dvi2tty (V) Program for previewing DVI files (ASCII Japanese TeX)
ja-gawk (V) GNU awk + multi-byte extension
ja-grep (V) GNU grep + multi-byte extension
ja-groff (V) Japanese enhancement of GNU groff
ja-less (V) Less + zcat + ISO-2022 + UTF-8 - a pager similar to more and pg
ja-man (V) Japanese on-line manual pages of NetBSD
ja-mh (V) Rand MH mail handling system + Japanese patches
ja-sed (V) GNU sed + multi-byte extension
ja-vflib (V) Japanese Vector font libraries and utilities
ja-vflib-lib (V) Japanese Vector font library
ja-vflib-utils (V) Utilities for manipulating VFlib vector font files
ja-vfxdvik (V) Xdvik with vflib
java-mecab (V) MeCab java module
jcode-perl (V) Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
jhd (V) Japanese Hexadecimal Dump
JMdict (V) Japanese-Multilingual electronic dictionary
kakasi (V) Kanji-Kana Simple Inverter, language filter for Japanese
kanjidic (V) Japanese Kanji information
kanjidic2 (V) Japanese Kanji information
kbanner (V) Display kanji files in large letters
kcc (V) Kanji code converter with auto encoding detection
kdrill (V) Kanji quiz and japanese dictionary
kinput2 (V) Input server of Japanese text
libkkc (V) Japanese Kana Kanji conversion library
mecab (V) Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer
mecab-base (V) Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer
mecab-ipadic (V) Japanese Morphological Dictionary for MeCab
mecab-jumandic (V) Japanese Morphological Dictionary for MeCab
mecab-naistdic (V) Japanese Morphological Dictionary for MeCab
mknmz-wwwoffle (V) Full text indexing and searching system for wwwoffle's cache directory
namazu (V) Full-text search system intended for easy use
nkf (V) Convert between various Japanese character encodings
p5-chkjis (V) Filter library substituting vendor's own characters
p5-Jcode (V) Perl5 module for handling various Japanese charsets
p5-mecab (V) MeCab perl module
p5-nkf (V) Perl library for Network Kanji code conversion Filter
p5-Text-ChaSen (V) Perl5 module to use ChaSen
p5-Text-Kakasi (V) Perl5 module to use Kakasi
php-mecab (V) PHP extension for MeCab Morphological Analyzer
py-mecab (V) MeCab python module
qkc (V) Quick Kanji code Converter
ruby-mecab (V) MeCab ruby module
ruby-romkan (V) Romaji <-> Kana conversion library for Ruby
ruby-uconv (V) Unicode conversion library with Japanese codesets support
sj3 (V) SJ3 Japanese input method
sj3-client (V) SJ3 Japanese input method client & library
sj3-server (V) SJ3 Japanese input method server
skf (V) Simple Kanji Filter - i18n kanji converter
skk (V) Japanese input methods for Emacs
skk-jisyo (V) Dictionary collection for SKK
skk-jisyo-cdb (V) Dictionary collection for SKK
skkfep (V) Terminal based SKK-like Kana-to-Kanji FrontEnd Processor
skkinput (V) X11 frontend for SKK
skktools (V) SKK dictionary manipulation tools
tc (V) T-Code driver for Emacs
xjdic (V) Japanese dictionary
xjman (V) Japanized X manual from The X Japanese Documentation Project