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Branch: pkgsrc-2020Q3, Version: 2.24.2nb3, Package name: ja-vflib-lib-2.24.2nb3, Maintainer: tech-pkg-ja

VFlib is the Japanese vector font library, supporting TrueType, Zeit, JG, and
BDF fonts. The Watanabe-vector font(pkgsrc/fonts/watanabe_vfont) is used by
default for mincho(min) and gothic(goth). You can use your own fonts by
installing them (/usr/share/font is recommended) and adding them to
${PREFIX}/lib/VFlib/vfontcap. See ${PREFIX}/lib/VFlib/doc/man.ps or the
website for more details (in Japanese).

This port supports the FreeType library. Freetype makes use of hinting
information in TrueType font files so that clearer output is possible.
To use Freetype with TrueType fonts, simply modify
${PREFIX}/lib/VFlib/vfontcap as follows:
1. Change `truetype' to `freetype', then
2. Add .ttf or .ttc to the font file path.
For example:

# Before...
r-ricoh-ttw-hg-mincho-l-pro|Ricoh TrueTypeWorld HG Mincho L PRO:\

# After...
r-ricoh-ttw-hg-mincho-l-pro|Ricoh TrueTypeWorld HG Mincho L PRO:\

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