./pkgtools/pkg_summary-utils, Utilities for manipulating pkg_summary(5) files

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Branch: pkgsrc-2020Q3, Version: 0.66.0, Package name: pkg_summary-utils-0.66.0, Maintainer: cheusov

A collection of utilities for manipulating pkg_summary(5) files.
pkg_list_all_pkgs - list (in PKGPATH form) all packages in pkgsrc tree
pkg_src_summary - create a full pkg_src_summary
for given (in PKGPATH form) packages
pkg_bin_summary - creates a summary for binary or installed packages
pkg_micro_src_summary - create a micro pkg_src_summary
for given (in PKGPATH form) packages
pkg_cmp_summary - compare two summary files, i.e. packages
are compared by their versions
pkg_grep_summary - grep the summary using AWK expression
pkg_digger - very powerful package searcher
pkg_digger_backend - pkg_summary.txt backend for pkg_digger
pkg_update_summary - updates pkg_summary(5) by analysing the modification
time of binary packages and pkg_summary(5) file
pkg_update_src_summary - efficiently updates pkg_src_summary for all
packages in pkgsrc tree
pkg_summary4view - convert a summary file to human readable format
pkg_refresh_summary -- information about latest/newest version of packages
pkg_cleanup_distdir - remove old unused distfiles
pkg_uniq_summary - filter out repeated package summaries
pkg_summary2deps - summary to dependency graph converter
pkg_subgraph_deps - analyses dependency graph given on input
pkg_lint_summary - sanity checks for summaries
pkg_summary2leaves - output leaf packages

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