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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
bystand NNTP client software with command-line interface
canlock-hp Parsers for RFC 5536 message headers and RFC 8315 header fields
claws-mail (V) Email client and news reader based on GTK+
claws-mail-archive (V) Adds archiving to Claws-Mail
claws-mail-attachwarner (V) Warns if a message mentions an attachment without attaching files
claws-mail-attremover (V) Permanently deletes attachments from mail
claws-mail-bogofilter (V) Enables the scanning of incoming mail using Bogofilter
claws-mail-dillo (V) Enables viewing HTML messages using the Dillo web browser
claws-mail-fetchinfo (V) Inserts headers containing some download information
claws-mail-libravatar (V) Displays libravatar/gravatar profile images
claws-mail-mailmbox (V) Handles mailboxes in mbox format
claws-mail-managesieve (V) Manage Sieve filters on servers that support the ManageSieve protocol
claws-mail-newmail (V) Write log file info on arriving email
claws-mail-notification (V) Provides various ways to notify the user of new and unread email
claws-mail-pgpcore (V) Handles core PGP functions
claws-mail-pgpinline (V) Handles PGP/Inline signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-pgpmime (V) Handles PGP/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-rssyl (V) Read RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds in Claws-Mail
claws-mail-smime (V) This plugin handles S/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-spamassassin (V) Enables the scanning of incoming mail using SpamAssassin
claws-mail-spamreport (V) Report spam to various places
claws-mail-tnef (V) Handles TNEF attachments from Outlook
claws-mail-vcalendar (V) Enable vCalendar message handling
cleanscore Clean SLRN's score file
flnews Fast and lightweight USENET newsreader with GUI
heirloom-news Collection of standard Unix utilities (news)
inn The public release of InterNet News (INN)
knews X11 newsreader with support for threading and MIME
leafnode NNTP server for small (dialup) sites
libcanlock Standalone RFC 8315 Netnews Cancel-Lock implementation
multimail Offline mail reader for Blue Wave, QWK, OMEN, SOUP and OPX
neix RSS/Atom feed reader for your terminal
newsbeuter Open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
newsfetch Downloads newsgroup messages in mail file format
newsx NNTP news exchange program
nn NN newsreader
nntpcache NNTP multi-server caching daemon
nntpclnt NNTP client library and inews client posting program
pan Newsreader for GTK3
sfeed RSS and Atom parser
slrn Highly customizable threaded newsreader
suck Feed a local news server without a dedicated newsfeed
sylpheed (V) Gtk based e-mail and netnews client
tin USENET newsreader (termcap based)
trn Threaded version of rn, the classic news reader
tuifeed Terminal feed reader with a fancy ui
xrn USENET Newsreader for the X window system