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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2020-06-08 22:17:56 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
py-pip: Add pip[23] as alternatives

pip2 and pip3 are widely used aliases which make sure the specific
major version is used.

Patch from Bartosz Kosiorek via <>.

Closes NetBSD/pkgsrc#64

   2020-06-01 18:27:17 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 20.1.1


Deprecations and Removals
- Revert building of local directories in place, restoring the pre-20.1
  behaviour of copying to a temporary directory.
- Drop parallelization from ``pip list --outdated``.

Bug Fixes
- Fix metadata permission issues when umask has the executable bit set.
- Avoid unnecessary message about the wheel package not being installed
  when a wheel would not have been built. Additionally, clarify the message.


- Document that pip 21.0 will drop support for Python 2.7.

- Add ``pip cache dir`` to show the cache directory.

Bug Fixes
- Abort pip cache commands early when cache is disabled.
- Correctly set permissions on metadata files during wheel installation,
  to permit non-privileged users to read from system site-packages.


Deprecations and Removals
- Remove emails from AUTHORS.txt to prevent usage for spamming, and only \ 
populate names in AUTHORS.txt at time of release
- Remove deprecated ``--skip-requirements-regex`` option.
- Building of local directories is now done in place, instead of a temporary
  location containing a copy of the directory tree.
- Remove unused ``tests/scripts/`` test script and the \ 
``tests/scripts`` folder.

- pip now implements PEP 610, so ``pip freeze`` has better fidelity
  in presence of distributions installed from Direct URL requirements.
- Add ``pip cache`` command for inspecting/managing pip's wheel cache.
- Raise error if ``--user`` and ``--target`` are used together in ``pip install``
- Significantly improve performance when ``--find-links`` points to a very large \ 
HTML page.
- Indicate when wheel building is skipped, due to lack of the ``wheel`` package.
- Change default behaviour to always cache responses from trusted-host source.
- An alpha version of a new resolver is available via \ 

Bug Fixes
- Correctly freeze a VCS editable package when it is nested inside another VCS \ 
- Correctly handle ``%2F`` in URL parameters to avoid accidentally unescape them
  into ``/``.
- Reject VCS URLs with an empty revision.
- Warn when an invalid URL is passed with ``--index-url``
- Use better mechanism for handling temporary files, when recording metadata
  about installed files (RECORD) and the installer (INSTALLER).
- Correctly detect global site-packages availability of virtual environments
  created by PyPA’s virtualenv>=20.0.
- Remove current directory from ``sys.path`` when invoked as ``python -m pip \ 
- Stop failing uninstallation, when trying to remove non-existent files.
- Prevent an infinite recursion with ``pip wheel`` when ``$TMPDIR`` is within \ 
the source directory.
- Significantly speedup ``pip list --outdated`` by parallelizing index interaction.
- Improve Windows compatibility when detecting writability in folder.

Vendored Libraries
- Update semi-supported debundling script to reflect that appdirs is vendored.
- Add ResolveLib as a vendored dependency.
- Upgrade certifi to 2020.04.05.1
- Upgrade contextlib2 to 0.6.0.post1
- Upgrade distro to 1.5.0.
- Upgrade idna to 2.9.
- Upgrade msgpack to 1.0.0.
- Upgrade packaging to 20.3.
- Upgrade pep517 to 0.8.2.
- Upgrade pyparsing to 2.4.7.
- Remove pytoml as a vendored dependency.
- Upgrade requests to 2.23.0.
- Add toml as a vendored dependency.
- Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.8.

Improved Documentation
- Emphasize that VCS URLs using git, git+git and git+http are insecure due to
  lack of authentication and encryption
- Clarify the usage of --no-binary command.
- Clarify the usage of freeze command in the example of Using pip in your program
- Add a "Copyright" page.
- Added example of defining multiple values for options which support them


Bug Fixes
- Fix a regression in generation of compatibility tags.

Vendored Libraries
- Upgrade packaging to 20.1


Bug Fixes
- Rename an internal module, to avoid ImportErrors due to improper uninstallation.


- Switch to a dedicated CLI tool for vendoring dependencies.

Deprecations and Removals
- Remove wheel tag calculation from pip and use ``packaging.tags``. This
  should provide more tags ordered better than in prior releases.
- Deprecate builds that do not generate an ``.egg-info`` directory.
- The pip>=20 wheel cache is not retro-compatible with previous versions. Until
  pip 21.0, pip will continue to take advantage of existing legacy cache
- Deprecate undocumented ``--skip-requirements-regex`` option.
- Deprecate passing install-location-related options via ``--install-option``.
- Use literal "abi3" for wheel tag on CPython 3.x, to align with PEP 384
  which only defines it for this platform.
- Remove interpreter-specific major version tag e.g. ``cp3-none-any``
  from consideration. This behavior was not documented strictly, and this
  tag in particular is `not useful \ 
  Anyone with a use case can create an issue with pypa/packaging.
- Wheel processing no longer permits wheels containing more than one top-level
  .dist-info directory.
- Support for the ``git+git@`` form of VCS requirement is being deprecated and
  will be removed in pip 21.0. Switch to ``git+https://`` or
  ``git+ssh://``. ``git+git://`` also works but its use is discouraged as it is

- Default to doing a user install (as if ``--user`` was passed) when the main
  site-packages directory is not writeable and user site-packages are enabled.
- Warn if a path in PATH starts with tilde during ``pip install``.
- Cache wheels built from Git requirements that are considered immutable,
  because they point to a commit hash.
- Add option ``--no-python-version-warning`` to silence warnings
  related to deprecation of Python versions.
- Cache wheels that ``pip wheel`` built locally, matching what
  ``pip install`` does. This particularly helps performance in workflows where
  ``pip wheel`` is used for `building before installing
  Users desiring the original behavior can use ``pip wheel --no-cache-dir``.
- Display CA information in ``pip debug``.
- Show only the filename (instead of full URL), when downloading from PyPI.
- Suggest a more robust command to upgrade pip itself to avoid confusion when the
  current pip command is not available as ``pip``.
- Define all old pip console script entrypoints to prevent import issues in
  stale wrapper scripts.
- The build step of ``pip wheel`` now builds all wheels to a cache first,
  then copies them to the wheel directory all at once.
  Before, it built them to a temporary directory and moved
  them to the wheel directory one by one.
- Expand ``~`` prefix to user directory in path options, configs, and
  environment variables. Values that may be either URL or path are not
  currently supported, to avoid ambiguity:

  * ``--find-links``
  * ``--constraint``, ``-c``
  * ``--requirement``, ``-r``
  * ``--editable``, ``-e``

Bug Fixes
- Correctly handle system site-packages, in virtual environments created with \ 
venv (PEP 405).
- Fix case sensitive comparison of pip freeze when used with -r option.
- Enforce PEP 508 requirement format in ``pyproject.toml``
- Make ``ensure_dir()`` also ignore ``ENOTEMPTY`` as seen on Windows.
- Fix building packages which specify ``backend-path`` in pyproject.toml.
- Do not attempt to run `` clean`` after a ``pep517`` build error,
  since a ```` may not exist in that case.
- Fix passwords being visible in the index-url in
  "Downloading <url>" message.
- Change method from shutil.remove to shutil.rmtree in
- Skip running tests which require subversion, when svn isn't installed
- Fix not sending client certificates when using ``--trusted-host``.
- Make sure ``pip wheel`` never outputs pure python wheels with a
  python implementation tag.
- Include ``subdirectory`` URL fragments in cache keys.
- Fix typo in warning message when any of ``--build-option``, ``--global-option``
  and ``--install-option`` is used in requirements.txt
- Fix the logging of cached HTTP response shown as downloading.
- Effectively disable the wheel cache when it is not writable, as is the
  case with the http cache.
- Correctly handle relative cache directory provided via --cache-dir.

Vendored Libraries
- Upgrade CacheControl to 0.12.5
- Upgrade certifi to 2019.9.11
- Upgrade colorama to 0.4.1
- Upgrade distlib to 0.2.9.post0
- Upgrade ipaddress to 1.0.22
- Update packaging to 20.0.
- Upgrade pkg_resources (via setuptools) to 44.0.0
- Upgrade pyparsing to 2.4.2
- Upgrade six to 1.12.0
- Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.6

Improved Documentation
- Document that "coding: utf-8" is supported in requirements.txt
- Explain how to get pip's source code in `Getting Started \ 
- Describe how basic authentication credentials in URLs work.
- Add more clear installation instructions
- Fix documentation links for index options
- Better document the requirements file format
   2019-10-19 08:38:56 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.3.1


- Document Python 3.8 support.

Bug Fixes
- Fix bug that prevented installation of PEP 517 packages without ````.
   2019-10-15 19:16:54 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.3

Deprecations and Removals
- Remove undocumented support for un-prefixed URL requirements pointing
  to SVN repositories. Users relying on this can get the original behavior
  by prefixing their URL with svn+ (which is backwards-compatible).
- Remove the deprecated --venv option from pip config.

- Print a better error message when --no-binary or --only-binary is given
  an argument starting with -.
- Make pip show warn about packages not found.
- Support including a port number in --trusted-host for both HTTP and HTTPS.
- Redact single-part login credentials from URLs in log messages.
- Implement manylinux2014 platform tag support.  manylinux2014 is the successor
  to manylinux2010.  It allows carefully compiled binary wheels to be installed
  on compatible Linux platforms.  The manylinux2014 platform tag definition can
  be found in PEP599 <>_.

Bug Fixes
- Abort installation if any archive contains a file which would be placed
  outside the extraction location.
- pip's CLI completion code no longer prints a Traceback if it is interrupted.
- Correct inconsistency related to the hg+file scheme.
- Fix rmtree_errorhandler to skip non-existing directories.
- Ignore errors copying socket files for local source installs (in Python 3).
- Fix requirement line parser to correctly handle PEP 440 requirements with a URL
  pointing to an archive file.
- The pip-wheel-metadata directory does not need to persist between invocations \ 
of pip, use a temporary directory instead of the current directory.
- Fix --trusted-host processing under HTTPS to trust any port number used
  with the host.
- Switch to new distlib wheel script template. This should be functionally
  equivalent for end users.
- Skip copying .tox and .nox directories to temporary build directories
- Fix handling of tokens (single part credentials) in URLs.
- Fix a regression that caused ~ expansion not to occur in --find-links
- Fix bypassed pip upgrade warning on Windows.
- Fix 'm' flag erroneously being appended to ABI tag in Python 3.8 on platforms \ 
that do not provide SOABI
- Hide security-sensitive strings like passwords in log messages related to
  version control system (aka VCS) command invocations.
- Correctly uninstall symlinks that were installed in a virtualenv,
  by tools such as flit install --symlink.
- Don't fail installation using pip.exe on Windows when pip wouldn't be upgraded.
- Use canonical distribution names when computing Required-By in pip show.
- Don't use hardlinks for locking selfcheck state file.
- Ignore "require_virtualenv" in pip config
- Fix pip freeze not showing correct entry for mercurial packages that use \ 
- Fix a crash when sys.stdin is set to None, such as on AWS Lambda.

Vendored Libraries
- Upgrade certifi to 2019.9.11
- Add contextlib2 0.6.0 as a vendored dependency.
- Remove Lockfile as a vendored dependency.
- Upgrade msgpack to 0.6.2
- Upgrade packaging to 19.2
- Upgrade pep517 to 0.7.0
- Upgrade pyparsing to 2.4.2
- Upgrade pytoml to 0.1.21
- Upgrade setuptools to 41.4.0
- Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.6

Improved Documentation
- Document caveats for UNC paths in uninstall and add .pth unit tests.
- Add architectural overview documentation.
- Document that --ignore-installed is dangerous.
   2019-08-26 09:35:07 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.2.3

Bug Fixes
- Fix 'm' flag erroneously being appended to ABI tag in Python 3.8 on platforms \ 
that do not provide SOABI
   2019-08-12 09:06:36 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.2.2


Bug Fixes
- Fix handling of tokens (single part credentials) in URLs.
- Fix a regression that caused ~ expansion not to occur in --find-links
   2019-08-03 13:23:09 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.2.1


Bug Fixes
- Fix a NoneType AttributeError when evaluating hashes and no hashes
  are provided.


Deprecations and Removals
- Drop support for EOL Python 3.4.
- Improve deprecation messages to include the version in which the functionality \ 
will be removed.

- Credentials will now be loaded using keyring when installed.
- Fully support using --trusted-host inside requirements files.
- Update timestamps in pip's --log file to include milliseconds.
- Respect whether a file has been marked as "yanked" from a simple \ 
  (see PEP 592 <>__ for details).
- When choosing candidates to install, prefer candidates with a hash matching
  one of the user-provided hashes.
- Improve the error message when METADATA or PKG-INFO is None when
  accessing metadata.
- Add a new command pip debug that can display e.g. the list of compatible
  tags for the current Python.
- Display hint on installing with --pre when search results include pre-release \ 
- Report to Warehouse that pip is running under CI if the PIP_IS_CI environment \ 
variable is set.
- Allow --python-version to be passed as a dotted version string (e.g.
  3.7 or 3.7.3).
- Log the final filename and SHA256 of a .whl file when done building a
- Include the wheel's tags in the log message explanation when a candidate
  wheel link is found incompatible.
- Add a --path argument to pip freeze to support --target
- Add a --path argument to pip list to support --target

Bug Fixes
- Set sys.argv[0] to the underlying when invoking
  via the setuptools shim so setuptools doesn't think the path is -c.
- Update pip download to respect the given --python-version when checking
- Respect --global-option and --install-option when installing from
  a version control url (e.g. git).
- Make the "ascii" progress bar really be "ascii" and not \ 
- Fail elegantly when trying to set an incorrectly formatted key in config.
- Prevent DistutilsOptionError when prefix is indicated in the global \ 
environment and --target is used.
- Fix pip install to respect --ignore-requires-python when evaluating
- Fix a debug log message when freezing an editable, non-version controlled
- Extend to Subversion 1.8+ the behavior of calling Subversion in
  interactive mode when pip is run interactively.
- Prevent pip install <url> from permitting directory traversal if e.g.
  a malicious server sends a Content-Disposition header with a filename
  containing ../ or ..\\.
- Hide passwords in output when using --find-links.
- Include more details in the log message if pip freeze can't generate a
  requirement string for a particular distribution.
- Add the line number and file location to the error message when reading an
  invalid requirements file in certain situations.
- Prefer os.confstr to ctypes when extracting glibc version info.
- Improve error message printed when an invalid editable requirement is provided.
- Improve error message formatting when a command errors out in a subprocess.

Vendored Libraries
- Upgrade certifi to 2019.6.16
- Upgrade distlib to 0.2.9.post0
- Upgrade msgpack to 0.6.1
- Upgrade requests to 2.22.0
- Upgrade urllib3 to 1.25.3
- Patch vendored html5lib, to prefer using where possible.

Improved Documentation
- Document how Python 2.7 support will be maintained.
- Upgrade Sphinx version used to build documentation.
- Fix generation of subcommand manpages.
- Mention that pip can install from git refs.
- Replace a failing example of pip installs with extras with a working one.
   2019-05-07 07:17:20 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.1.1


- Restore pyproject.toml handling to how it was with pip 19.0.3 to prevent
  the need to add --no-use-pep517 when installing in editable mode.

Bug Fixes
- Fix a regression that caused @ to be quoted in pypiserver links.
  This interfered with parsing the revision string from VCS urls.
   2019-04-24 10:28:33 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.1


- Configuration files may now also be stored under sys.prefix
- Avoid creating an unnecessary local clone of a Bazaar branch when exporting.
- Include in pip's User-Agent string whether it looks like pip is running
  under CI.
- A custom (JSON-encoded) string can now be added to pip's User-Agent
  using the PIP_USER_AGENT_USER_DATA environment variable.
- For consistency, passing --no-cache-dir no longer affects whether wheels
  will be built.  In this case, a temporary directory is used.
- Command arguments in subprocess log messages are now quoted using
- Prefix warning and error messages in log output with WARNING and ERROR.
- Using --build-options in a PEP 517 build now fails with an error,
  rather than silently ignoring the option.
- Error out with an informative message if one tries to install a
  pyproject.toml-style (PEP 517) source tree using --editable mode.
- When downloading a package, the ETA and average speed now only update once per \ 
second for better legibility.

Bug Fixes
- The stdout and stderr from VCS commands run by pip as subprocesses (e.g.
  git, hg, etc.) no longer pollute pip's stdout.
- Fix handling of requests exceptions when dependencies are debundled.
- Make pip's self version check avoid recommending upgrades to prereleases if \ 
the currently-installed version is stable.
- Fixed crash when installing a requirement from a URL that comes from a \ 
dependency without a URL.
- Improve handling of file URIs: correctly handle file://localhost/... and don't \ 
try to use UNC paths on Unix.
- Fix utils.encoding.auto_decode() LookupError with invalid encodings.
  utils.encoding.auto_decode() was broken when decoding Big Endian BOM
  byte-strings on Little Endian or vice versa.
- Fix incorrect URL quoting of IPv6 addresses.
- Redact the password from the extra index URL when using pip -v.
- The spinner no longer displays a completion message after subprocess calls
  not needing a spinner. It also no longer incorrectly reports an error after
  certain subprocess calls to Git that succeeded.
- Fix the handling of editable mode during installs when pyproject.toml is
  present but PEP 517 doesn't require the source tree to be treated as
- Fix NameError when handling an invalid requirement.

Vendored Libraries
- Updated certifi to 2019.3.9
- Updated distro to 1.4.0
- Update progress to 1.5
- Updated pyparsing to 2.4.0
- Updated pkg_resources to 41.0.1 (via setuptools)

Improved Documentation
- Make dashes render correctly when displaying long options like
  --find-links in the text.
   2019-02-21 09:32:21 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-pip: updated to 19.0.3

Bug Fixes
- Fix an IndexError crash when a legacy build of a wheel fails.
- Fix a regression introduced in 19.0.2 where the filename in a RECORD file
  of an installed file would not be updated when installing a wheel.

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