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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2019-12-15 21:47:15 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
(fonts/Inter-UI) Fix fetch problem, (add GITHUB_PROJECT)
   2019-12-13 15:41:31 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
(fonts/Inter-UI) Updated from 2.5 to 3.11. ChangeLog collected from page

@rsms rsms released this Oct 23, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

  - Fixes issue (regression) with variable font where certain glyphs would
    slant in the wrong direction. #198
  - Fixes issue (regression) with variable font where version metadata would be
    wrong. #202
  - Fixes codepoint mapping for /copyleft glyph. #203
  - Improves metadata of variable fonts. “fullName” name table entry is now
    “Inter” instead of “Inter Regular”.
  - New alternate-named variable font “Inter V”. With a different family name,
    this is useful for when you want to install the variable version alongside
    traditional static font files.
  - Improvements to /backslash glyph

@rsms rsms released this Sep 7, 2019 · 35 commits to master since this release
Release 3.10 is a mix of new glyphs & glyph changes, and adjustments & fixes.

New glyphs:

  - blackSquare (U+25A0)
  - whiteSquare (U+25A1)
  - whiteRoundedCornersSquare (U+25A2)
  - lowerHalfWhiteSquare (U+2B12)
  - topHalfWhiteSquare (U+2B13)
  - downWhiteTriangle (U+25BD)
  - upWhiteTriangle (U+25B3)
  - leftWhiteTriangle (U+25C1, U+25C5)
  - rightWhiteTriangle (U+25B7, U+25BB)

Other notable changes:

  - Fixes alignment issue with otilde U+00F5. #191
  - Improvements to contextual alternates (calt), primarily reducing the cases
    where case substitution is unwanted. #193
  - Adjustments to the following whitespace glyphs: zerowidthspace, hairspace,
    thinspace, punctuationspace, enspace, emspace, sixthemspace,
    quarteremspace, thirdemspace and figurespace. #185
  - Improvements to ogonek-based diacritics.
  - Refinements and improvements to fractions (both dedicated glyphs and
    arbitrary frac parts)
  - Kerning improvements to all weights
  - Progress on mark and mkmk “dynamic diacritics”

@rsms rsms released this Aug 7, 2019 · 58 commits to master since this release

Fixes an issue with metadata where Medium, Semi Bold, and Extra Bold would
incorrectly be marked as “italic” which would confuse certain software.

@rsms rsms released this Aug 5, 2019 · 62 commits to master since this release

  - Possibly breaking change: Variable italic axis (really, slnt axis) has been
    inverted (negated) — a negative value causes the text to lean rightwards.
    This is only a breaking change if you are using the multi-axis variable
    font (Inter.var) and define slant angle using high-level CSS properties
    like font-style. This change was done to comply with the convention defined
    in the OpenType spec. #175 #172
  - Variable font files are now significantly smaller thanks to #171 and #169
      □ Inter.var.woff2 v3.7: 393kB, v3.8: 306kB
      □ Inter-upright.var.woff2 v3.7: 267kB, v3.8: 224kB
      □ All this while v3.8 introduces a whole new set of glyphs, kerning and
        feature code.
  - Adds several new glyphs, like double-stemmed arrows and enclosed
    alphanumerics & symbols
      □ Warning sign #168
      □ Copyleft symbol #165
      □ Really long arrows, useful in ligatures like --->
      □ Arrows with double-lined stems, useful for “assign to”, with ligatures
        defined for some combinations with equals, e.g. =>
      □ Enclosed glyphs in circles and squares
  - Fixes a bug where U+0430 Cyrillic lower-case a would not be substituted for
    a single-storey “a” with cv11 enabled. #179
  - Fixes a bug with slant of Ͽ (U+03FF) #170 #169
  - Some calt code has moved to liga (standard ligatures), specifically arrow
    ligatures. Automatic case alignment is still kept in calt. So, you can now
    disable calt to disable only case alignment, and disable liga to only
    disable arrow ligatures.
  - Improvements to kerning, spacing and letterform details
  - Improved Microsoft Windows installation instructions #173

@rsms rsms released this May 31, 2019 · 103 commits to master since this

  - Fixes an issue with spacing to the right of capital "M"
  - Improves positioning of various bullet glyphs
  - Improved kerning
  - new copyright glyph U+00A9
  - new published (aka sound recording copyright) glyph U+2117
  - new registered sign glyph U+00AE
  - release now contains installation instructions for Linux

@rsms rsms released this May 27, 2019 · 123 commits to master since this

  - Fixes an issue related to ttfautohint where lower case "r" would \ 
be grid
    fitted incorrectly by ClearType on Microsoft Windows #119
  - Fixes an issue with using case and calt features in combination where arrow
    combinations like -> would not be substituted by arrow glyphs #161
  - Fixes an issue with rightArrow of bolder weights in italic #154
  - Adjusts the glyph width of "bullet" to be exactly two \ 
"space" glyphs wide,
    allowing easy ad-hoc list creation with wrapping lines
  - Improved kerning for a.1 (alternate single-storey "a")

@rsms rsms released this Apr 2, 2019 · 139 commits to master since this release

This is a very small incremental change from v3.4 that mainly contains improved
metrics metadata for some macOS applications, improving vertical alignment.

@rsms rsms released this Apr 1, 2019 · 144 commits to master since this release

Lots of changes in this release.

Highlights include:

  - Workaround for bug with some Apple software (including Sketch) where the
    computed line height of the Regular weight would be too tall
  - Several new symbol glyphs, especially in the technical area (e.g. computer
    keyboard symbols)
  - Single-storey a
  - Lots of improvements to diacritics

Some interesting commits since v3.3:

  - 9084323 slight increase of slant of /numbersign
  - e903526 remove slant from /degree
  - c130c69 misc documentation on variable font usage
  - 794662c fixes issues with calt substitution ignore rule
  - 1abaae4 fixes issue with shapes of a.1
  - aa2a3fe adds single-storey a
  - e605458 fix issue with x paths and adds blackstar U+2605, whitestar U+2606
  - ccc994e swap one <-> one.ss01
  - 3b9675e improvements to calt and arithmetic glyphs (e.g. plus, multiply,
  - 56e2c75 Swaps r.1 <-> r + rips out calt r.1 code + adds ss03 for \ 
"r curves
    into corund neighbors"
  - dddf6d2 Fixes kerning of pair /v/idotless -- closes #143
  - 1dbc8fd Change vertical metrics to make Apple ATS work properly. New
    ascender value: 2728, new descender value: -680
  - e1d8712 reworked commaaccent
  - fb79b9e Use vert metrics script to fix line heights issue #124 (#141)
  - 3488601 Adds 'Version ' prefix to nameID 5 version string, per MS OT spec (
  - 70f3df7 Fixup STAT tables of single-axis variable fonts to aid desktop apps
    (style linking). Related to #142
  - 35a2362 Adds --name option to "fontbuild compile-var" for customizing
    family name, useful for producing variable font files with a different name
    than the constant files so they can be installed alongside each other.
    Closes #144
  - 20aaab6 Change version encoding in font files to match common zero-padded
    version to allow FontBakery to be happy. Closes #138
  - 1208ea9 adds returnsymbol U+23CE
  - 610b997 Adds several "technical" glyphs
  - a503c5a Adds glyphs leftHookArrow, upWhiteArrow, upBlackArrow, control,
    option, deleteleft, deleteright
  - 9f176ab improved placeofinterestsign U+2318
  - 0b8f63c Fix and improve paths (mostly order) of several glyphs
  - 6cf0980 redraws and adds paragraphreversed, blackleftbullet,
    blackrightbullet and .case versions
  - a1a1288 redrawn seagullsubnosp U+033C (also fixes bad paths)
  - 181ba19 fixes paths of uni0346 (COMBINING BRIDGE ABOVE)
  - 528f843 improvements to grave, acute, dblgrave and tonos diacritics
  - 6ef7b3e disable exporting of debug glyph uniE001
  - 162519e update panose metadata
  - 034a240 fixes missing "-BETA" filename suffix in the demo CSS file \ 
    with dists
  - a99328b Upgrade toolchain. glyphsLib 3.2.0b2 -> 3.2.0; fontmake 1.8.0 ->
  - a0af904 workaround for bug in Safari where contextual sub in liga causes
    kerning to fail. Moves "r" ligature to calt to work around this bug.

@rsms rsms released this Feb 4, 2019 · 203 commits to master since this release

Inter UI is now called simply Inter, without the "UI" part.

  - New name
  - Lots of diacritic improvements
  - Beta-grade light styles are now suffixed " BETA" to make it extra clear
    that these are in development
  - Many many changes; several new glyphs, lots of redrawn glyphs, lots of
    kerning improvements, etc.

@rsms rsms released this Jan 4, 2019 · 276 commits to master since this release

  - Now includes lighter weights ([100–400); which are of beta quality and
    needs testing)
  - Lots of improvements to other weights (diacritics, glyph shapes, kerning,

This release is a big one in terms of source changes, adding up to 14,117
changed files with 714,886 additions and 259,287 deletions, since v3.1.

PDF glyph charts:

  - Inter-UI-Thin-BETA-glyphs.pdf
  - Inter-UI-ThinItalic-BETA-glyphs.pdf
  - Inter-UI-Regular-glyphs.pdf
  - Inter-UI-Italic-glyphs.pdf
  - Inter-UI-Black-glyphs.pdf
  - Inter-UI-BlackItalic-glyphs.pdf

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