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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2022-05-05 10:29:00 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
wesnoth: Remove hack for make bug in very old NetBSD (no way this compiles
on NetBSD 4...)
   2022-04-18 21:12:27 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1798) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump for textproc/icu update
   2022-03-28 12:44:25 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (163)
Log message:
g*/*: revbump(1) for libsndfile
   2022-01-21 21:37:08 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
wesnoth: updated to 1.16.2

Version 1.16.2
   * Delfador’s Memoirs
     * S07: Clarified objectives
   * Descent into Darkness
     * S08: Prevent possibility of Darken Volk advancing to Lich
   * Heir to the Throne
     * S05b: Temples given an aged appearance to match ‘ancient temples’ \ 
   * Sceptre of Fire
     * Added notes about Thursagan’s rune mechanics
     * S04: Mining objectives are much clearer now
   * Secret of the Ancients
     * S06: Ardonna should no longer mistake hostile bats as ‘my pet’
     * S20: Directions “left” and “right” in character speech now use \ 
the character’s orientation, not the player’s
     * Consistently capitalise the name of the Academy of Magic
   * The Rise of Wesnoth
     * S08: The appearance of Naga is now smoother
     * S08: Refactored ship-boarding events
     * S19: The troll’s gold is automatically collected upon victory if not \ 
already obtained
     * S19: Avoid units spawning over chasms
   * Under the Burning Suns
     * Correct Traveler’s Ring description
     * Remove the “formation” ability from the attack predictions dialog, as \ 
it was in a confusing location; its effect is still shown in the calculations \ 
and chance-to-hit percentage
     * S02: Pinnacle Rock is now shown during dialogue
     * S04: Improve dialogue about dark underground tunnels
     * S06b:
       * Account for non-elvish units encountering Dwarf Sergeant
       * Grog will not die as quick now
       * Hermit dialogue cannot be accidentally skipped now
       * Fixed bug where tentacles would not spawn
       * Fast units cannot get stuck on the wall now
       * Camera now moves to where the charges are blown up
       * Fixed weird scout AI behaviour
     * S09: Rebels joining Kaleh’s side are now loyal
     * The last unit killed to trigger certain events should no longer linger \ 
during those events
     * The Dark Assassin’s race is not revealed until uncloaked
     * The Dust Devil’s XP bar is now blue
   * World Conquest:
     * Fixed for Winged Scepter not giving the correct defence values
     * Corrected the attack icon of ice bow from a lightning bolt to an iceball
   * Lobby joins are no longer displayed in chat even when that preference has \ 
been disabled
   * Added a specific prompt for moderators before joining password-protected games
   * Fixed add-ons not getting enabled for clients, leading to errors such as \ 
Unknown Terrain
   * Fixed an information leak where planned multi-turn moves could be visible \ 
to enemy players
   * Made planned moves visible to allies; this refers to trying to move more \ 
hexes than the unit can move this turn, it isn’t the whiteboard
  Lua API
   * Fixed an error in `gui.get_user_choice()` and added support for the current \ 
DescriptionWML syntax
   * Added translations: Spanish (Latin American)
   * Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, \ 
Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Scottish Gaelic, Turkish.
   * Lots of corrections of typos in `en_US` (untranslated text), which will \ 
require marking translations as `non-fuzzy` again
   * Implemented delayed translation option for gettext plurals
   * Comments in .po files are now kept in order when the .pot is regenerated
   * Added attack image for the Bone Knight’s trample
   * Added attack image for the Nightblade’s kick
  User interface
   * Improved translatability of MP ban durations
   * Fixed missing sidebar tooltips in low resolutions such as 800x600
 Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Password storage was fixed to work with multiple accounts
   * wmllint now automatically removes `{MAGENTA_IS_THE_TEAM_COLOR}`
   * Added workaround for connecting to the multiplayer server taking too long \ 
when Chinese or Japanese language is selected
   * Added `KeyboardInterrupt` handling to many Python WML tools
   * Added `--simple-version` command line option
   * wmllint, wmlscope and wmlindent now support the command line `--version` \ 
flag, which reports the current version of Wesnoth
   * wmllint is now capable of handling unit levels and types when checking \ 
recruitment patterns.
   * Fixed units on a recall list sometimes being put on the map by \ 
`[modify_unit]` or `[store_unit]...[unstore_unit]`
   * Fixed abilities that are shown as weapon specials in the attack prediction \ 
window being shown on the placeholder for units with no ranged attack, or dark \ 
adepts' melee response
   * Fixed a glitch after a move is interrupted, paths to the hex where the move \ 
started were shown

Version 1.16.1
  Add-ons server
   * Fixed `core=` attribute in `_server.pbl` being completely ignored
   * Tutorial
     * Use a portrait on the Campaigns menu.
   * Sceptre of Fire
     * S02p5: Added defeat condition if Alanin dies.
   * Increased the limits of timer values (up to 10 minutes turn bonus, 50 \ 
minutes reservoir).
   * Re-added HTML character escaping.
  Lua API
   * Fixed an error in `gui.get_user_choice()`.
   * Fixed an error in handling `x,y` locations
   * Fixed missing dependency on boost-math in the vcpkg config.
   * Made `` install libraries for `wesnothd` too.
   * Updated translations: Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil).
   * Added po hints for time format strings.
  User interface
   * Made the Add-ons Manager search box less unwieldy on very small resolutions.
   * Made listbox header toggle buttons taller.
  WML Engine
   * Fixed `[item]x,y=` at scenario scope
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Fixed missing tooltips on the side-bar (hover over the unit type to see a \ 
description, etc).
   * Fixed several issues in the multiplayer server about TLS connections, \ 
error-handling and disconnections.
   * Added `.DS_Store` and `Thumbs.db` to wmltool's list of files to ignore.
   2022-01-10 02:46:47 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (273)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from boost 1.78.0
   2021-12-08 17:07:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3063)
Log message:
revbump for icu and libffi
   2021-11-02 19:35:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
wesnoth: updated to 1.16.0

Version 1.16.0
   * Sceptre of Fire
     * S06: Fix some WML variable handling causing autodefeat in S06 or \ 
rune-equip bugs in a later scenario
   * Under the Burning Suns
     * S05: Avoid village just taken by the player being re-assigned to the enemy
  Lua API
   * Fixed ` = N` always setting volume to 0.
   * Updated translations: British English, Czech, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, \ 
Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish.
  User interface
   * Don't display the locale API identifier on the Language button.
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Fix the engine exiting immediately due to a corrupt .mo file
   * When showing [message] with [options] but no default, highlight the first one
   * Ensure that [modify_unit] has some expected side-effects of unstoring a unit

Version 1.15.18
   * Northern Rebirth
     * Give Eryssa’s side a consistent team color
   * The Rise of Wesnoth
     * Remove time-runs-out lose condition for final scenario
   * Under the Burning Suns
     * Avoid a few possibilities where the Dust Devil could speak
     * Avoid dehydration status icon persisting into the next scenario
   * Avoid rare crash situation after editing scenarios
   * Updated translations: British English, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Italian, \ 
Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish.
   * gettext plural forms now have caret prefixes stripped as well.
  User interface
   * Steam cloud file is no longer listed in the Load Game dialog.
   * Redefine green text in dialogs and tool-tips so they are no longer ‘too \ 
dark’ with recent Pango versions
   * Gave the main menu's Language button a label again, now displaying the \ 
current language.
   * Tweaked margins around the main menu's bottom row.
   * Difficulty no longer displayed in the Load Game dialog when it is not \ 
relevant to a save file
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Correct unit display adjustments on certain tiles when at zoom level other \ 
than 100%

Version 1.15.17
   * World Conquest is re-enabled.
   * Updated translations: British English, Polish
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Messenger MAI: fixed bug of own units sometimes blocking the path to a \ 
waypoint for the messenger
   * A bug that would corrupt WML sent to the multiplayer and add-ons server was \ 

Version 1.15.16
   * Liberty
     * S06: Enforce failure condition for allied team
   * The South Guard
     * S8b: Reduced difficulty
   * Tutorial
     * S01: Don't let the first Quintain chase the player to a village
     * S01: Synchronise the choice of character dialog, so that replays don't get OOS
     * S01: Fix some glitches on HDPI displays
   * Secrets of the Ancients
     * Synchronise the walking corpse recruitment dialog, so that replays don't \ 
get OOS
   * Under the Burning Suns
     * S09: Reveal the boss of the scenario at the end of part 1
   * World Conquest
     * Add campaign icons, campaign image and credits
     * Update to new mushroom terrain from the deprecated mushroom terrain
   * If an add-on needs to be installed on all players' devices but doesn't \ 
specify a min version, assume it needs the latest
   * Fix transition between snowy mountains and castles
   * Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, \ 
Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, \ 
   * Added and improved Naga animations
   * Added Troll defense animations
  User interface
   * The names of the abilities used as specials appear in the attack prediction \ 
window with specials weapons
   * In the Load Game dialog, list directories from previous versions in \ 
decending order
   * Refined design of the Faction Select screen
   * Made the campaign selection on bigger on HDPI screens
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Added a timeout when connecting to the wesnothd server
   * Improved logging of deprecation messages, fixing duplication and missing \ 
   * Added `[era]` attributes to the schema
   * Added to wmllint an automatic update of four terrain-graphics macros
   * Removed wmllint's check for spaces in e-mail addresses
   * Standardised the date line of copyright statements, and updated them to 2021

Version 1.15.15
   * Updated translations: British English, Bulgarian, Chinese (Traditional), \ 
Czech, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  User interface
   * Added a prompt to allow migrating settings and redownloading add-ons used \ 
in a previous version of Wesnoth when starting a new versions for the first \ 
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Fixed: keyboard input during the loading screen intermittently caused a crash
   * AI: fixed custom synced commands not changing the game state

Version 1.15.14
  Add-ons client
   * Fixed: using the versions drop-down in small-screen mode returned to the \ 
title screen
   * Fixed: keyboard input in small-screen mode returned to the title screen
   * A Tale of Two Brothers
     * S02: Dialog revisions.
   * Sceptre of Fire
     * Revisions to the last two scenarios.
   * Tutorial
     * S02: Mention the acceleration factor preference.
  Lua API
   * Pathfinding functions are now in a new wesnoth.paths module.
     * Pathfinding in map generation now takes an options table as the third \ 
   * New sync module that contains functions for multiplayer synchronization
     * In particular, wesnoth.synchronize_choice is now wesnoth.sync.evaluate_single
   * allow_end_turn and end_turn moved to the wesnoth.interface module
   * wesnoth.message is now wesnoth.interface.add_chat_message
   * Shroud and fog control are now in the wesnoth.sides module
     * Shroud data strings and the special string "all" are no longer \ 
supported by place_shroud -
       only a list of locations is supported
     * transforms a shroud data string into a list of \ 
     * builds a shroud data string from a list of locations
     * There are now two different ways of altering shroud: place_shroud merges \ 
with existing shroud,
       while override_shroud replaces the entire shroud with the new value.
   * New schedule module for working with schedules and time areas
     * now returns the area's schedule object
     * The global scenario schedule is available as wesnoth.current.schedule
     * wesnoth.get_time_of_day is split into wesnoth.schedule.get_time_of_day \ 
(ignoring illumination)
       and wesnoth.get_illumination (which considers illumination). Both \ 
functions now take the location
       as the first argument.
     * wesnoth.get_max_liminal_bonus() is now wesnoth.current.schedule.liminal_bonus
     * wesnoth.replace_schedule is now wesnoth.schedule.replace
   * wesnoth.end_level() and wesnoth.get_end_level_data() are now removed - \ 
instead, there's
     an end_level_data field in wesnoth.scenario.that serves both purposes.
   * wesnoth.get_traits() is now wesnoth.game_config.global_traits
   * wesnoth.teleport moved to the units module
   * Added Isle of Mists, a new single player or coop survival scenario.
   * Added support for encrypting connection using TLS to multiplayer/addon \ 
   * Moved password hashing code from client to server, relying on TLS to avoid \ 
sending cleartext passwords
   * Added some great tree variations
   * Added 'icy cobbles' (terrain code `Rra`) - mostly useful for the transitions
   * Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, \ 
Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish
   * Added missing Seahorse graphics
   * Revised Jinn (unit config and graphics)
   * Fire Wraith added
   * added LordBob's Jinn, Fire Guardian, and Fire Wraith portraits
   * Moved Naga guardian line from UtBS to core, and made some revisions
   * Dune Apothecary experience needed to level up changed from 100 to 65
   * Dune Captain experience needed to level up changed from 86 to 75
   * Dune Herbalist cost changed form 15 to 14
   * Dune Horse Archer experience needed to level up changed form 70 to 65
   * Naga Sicarius hp changed form 55 to 53 and melee damage changed form 9 to \ 
6, new special "deflect" added to melee attack
   * Fire Guardian can now level into Fire Wraith, experience needed to level up \ 
for Fire Guardian changed from 50 to 29
   * Revised statistics of all animal horses, Bay Horse can now level into Great \ 
  Wesnoth Formula Language
   * The use of "side" on units and "owner" on terrain \ 
objects is now deprecated.
     Instead, you should use "side_number" or "owner_side", \ 
     The old key returns 0 for side 1 and so on, so the new key is preferred.
   * A unit object now has a "terrain" key that returns the terrain \ 
object the unit is standing on.
   * Add new functions tod_bonus() and base_tod_bonus() to get the bonus on a \ 
specific location
  WML Engine
   * add 'unslowable' and 'unpetrifiable' status to immune to slow or petrifies
   * Schema validation now checks whether string values are translatable or not, \ 
according to what the
     schema specifies.
   * Fix schema validation rejecting Lua AI goals
   * Unit special notes are now read directly from weapon specials, abilities, \ 
and a few other places, meaning
     the `[special_note]` tag is usually not required in `[unit]` or `[unit_type]`.
   * A warning is now displayed when the next scenario is unknown.
   * Changed the default duration for `[print]` to 5000 milliseconds, and added \ 
support for `duration=unlimited`.
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * The unit description tooltip in the sidebar now includes the text from \ 
   * Added a collection of item images
   * AI: fixed crash when using attacks aspect with invalidate_on_gamestate_change=no
   * AI: fixed crash when using custom_synced_commands
   * Micro AIs: fixed unit variables getting lost when continuing from replay
   * Fixed AI state initialization problem after reloading

Version 1.15.13
  Add-ons client
   * The details panel now shows the list of tags in each add-on.
   * Added a filter based on tags.
  Lua API
   * Added `pango_color` to the `wesnoth.colors` table, for easy use in \ 
formatted text.
   * Add new function `filesystem.resolve_asset` to convert `[binary_path]` \ 
relative paths to data-relative paths.
   * Add new function `filesystem.have_asset` which can determine if an image or \ 
sound exists.
   * `wesnoth.have_file`, `wesnoth.read_file`, `wesnoth.image_size` moved to new \ 
`filesystem` library
   * Add a more advanced way of manipulating version strings via \ 
`wesnoth.version` constructor function.
   * Add a `wesnoth.scenario` data module that consolidates everything there is \ 
to know about the current scenario. Much of this information was previously \ 
available through `wesnoth.game_config`, but there are some new details too.
   * Fixed a regression introduced in 1.15.5 causing GUI2 widgets set to a \ 
hidden state to remain visible but not able to be interacted with.
   * Fixed a regression introduced in 1.15.5 causing GUI2 listboxes to break \ 
when cleared and re-filled under certain circumstances.
   * Increased minimum required version of SDL to 2.0.8.
   * Updated translations: British English, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Russian.
   * Horses added
   * Seahorse added
   * Zombie horse variation added
   * Update piglet/boar graphics
  User interface
   * The multiplayer "turns over" dialog now uses each team's colors \ 
when showing teams' names.
  WML Engine
   * Modify implementation of overwrite_specials attribute for replace yes/no \ 
parameter by none/one_side/both_sides and select abilities used like weapons and \ 
specials who must be overwrited(owned by fighter where special applied or both)
   * Add a `ability_id_active` attribute to `[filter]`
   * `[terrain_mask]` now accepts `mask_file` as an alternative to an inline \ 
mask. The file is loaded from the same place as `map_file` in the `[scenario]` \ 
tag (ie, a maps/ subdirectory of your binary path). Anyone who prefers to keep \ 
masks separate from regular maps is free to make a subdirectory for their masks \ 
(or just keep all their masks inline).
   * `[effect]apply_to=movement` now always affects vision too, except when \ 
given the `apply_to_vision=no` attribute
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * More optimization in the UI drawing code, fixes the crash displaying the \ 
full credits.
   * Made GUI.pyw compatible with Python 3.9.
   * Removed workarounds for bugs affecting older SDL 2.0 versions, including an \ 
extra copy of the game screen made during gamemap scrolling.
   * FPS values calculated when the :fps or :benchmark are now written to a file \ 
which can then be used to track FPS values over time.
   * Removed old image optimisation scripts, as there's a rewrite in Python.

Version 1.15.12
  Add-ons client
   * When uploading or deleting an add-on, the game will now prompt for the \ 
required password if it is not present in the `_server.pbl` file.
   * Improved AI decisions about whether an attack with poison is better than \ 
one with higher direct damage.
   * Added options to the Patrol Micro AI on whether to notice invisible units, \ 
and on attack range.
   * Added a `[filter]` option to the Swarm Micro AI.
   * Replaced several uses of Formula AIs with Micro AIs, and removed Formula \ 
AIs from demo scenarios.
   * Removed experimental MP dev Formula AIs.
   * Fixed a crash in the Lurker Formula AI.
   * Descent into Darkness
     * Buffed Malin.
   * Eastern Invasion
     * Dialogue changes in S07b.
   * Legend of Wesmere
     * S16: Replaced the Patrol Formula AI with the Patrol Micro AI.
   * Secrets of the Ancients
     * Reimplemented the zombie recruitment UI.
   * The Rise of Wesnoth
     * Balance changes.
   * The South Guard
     * Fix the new ally's upkeep when choosing the bandit branch.
   * Tutorial
     * Reimplemented the character-choice UI.
   * Under the Burning Suns
     * In S01, fixed one of the mystics spawning in the lake.
  Lua API
   * Fix issues with the module.
   * Dark Forecast
     * Difficulty rebalanced so that two-player-mode is hard rather than impossible.
     * The weather now changes on side 1's turn instead of side 3's turn.
   * World Conquest
     * Many bugs have been fixed, however WC is still hidden while more bugs are \ 
     * Converted GUI2 dialogs to WML.
     * Fixed an error in the destruction mechanic.
   * Removed the obsolete FindSDL2_ttf cmake module.
   * Improved transition between human castle ruins and sunken ruins.
   * Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Italian.
   * New rock scorpion monster and scorpion zombie variation.
   * Rename tusker/gorer references to boars and piglets, to avoid stepping on \ 
existing UMC.
   * Dune Blademaster gold cost changed from 52 to 57.
   * Dune Captain alignment changed from liminal to lawful.
   * Dune Cataphract gold cost changed from 61 to 62.
   * Dune Firetrooper gold cost changed from 50 to 41.
   * Dune Harrier gold cost changed from 46 to 47.
   * Dune Luminary gold cost changed from 53 to 38.
   * Dune Maruder gold cost changed from 52 to 60.
   * Dune Sky Hunter gold cost changed from 47 to 51.
   * Dune Spearmaster gold cost changed from 51 to 57.
   * Dune Wayfarer gold cost changed from 52 to 55.
   * Dune Windbolt gold cost changed from 50 to 49.
   * Dune Warmaster gold cost changed from 56 to 57, hp changed from 57 to 59, \ 
alignment changed from liminal to lawful.
   * Naga Ophidian gold cost changed from 24 to 22, melee damage changed from 7 \ 
to 6, ranged damage changed from 10 to 12.
   * Naga Ringcaster gold cost changed from 24 to 22.
   * Naga Sicarus gold cost changed from 48 to 46, melee damage changed from 10 \ 
to 9, ranged damage changed from 12 to 13.
   * Naga Zephyr gold cost changed from 50 to 46.
   * Wose Sapling gold cost changed from 10 to 11.
   * Wose Shaman gold cost changed from 40 to 27, movement points changed from 3 \ 
to 4, melee damage changed from 9 to 12, ranged damage changed from 10 to 11, hp \ 
changed from 50 to 56.
   * Horned Scarab gold cost changed from 12 to 11.
   * Fixed the Walking Corpses of some river creatures having poor movement in \ 
deep water.
   * New descriptions for the Fire Ant, Roc and Sand Scuttler.
   * Fixed the Giant Scorpion having an empty variation name.
  User interface
   * Improved the attack dialog's recommendation about whether an attack with \ 
poison is better than one with higher direct damage.
   * Added logs folder path to the Game Version dialog on Windows.
   * Added built-in Lua engine version to the Game Version dialog and `--report`.
   * Made Accelerated Speed toggle announcement not stackable over itself or \ 
other announcements.
   * Minor adjustments to the sidebar's minimap area in the default game theme \ 
to reclaim empty and uneven space back. Note that this WILL break custom WML \ 
themes that use the same sidebar graphics as the default theme.
   * Minor adjustment to the placement of numerals on the debug clock.
   * Players now receive an error message when attempting to save games using \ 
illegal file names.
   * Fixed text labels containing only a single link becoming empty.
   * Separated floating labels' duration from the speed of their eventual fade-out.
   * Fixed font family leakage from GUI2 canvases to GUI1 elements such as the \ 
in-game chat overlay.
  WML Engine
   * In development builds, deprecation warnings are now shown in-game by default.
   * Conditional WML's `[variable]` tag now expects exactly one comparison, and \ 
will warn if given none or multiple tests.
   * `[store_reachable_locations]range=vision` now calculates vision, instead of \ 
using movement costs and max movement points.
  Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes
   * Fixed units with max movement set to zero being given one max movement \ 
point by `[unstore_unit]` or when loading a saved game.
   * Fixed an intermittent crash on the loading screen.
   * wmlunits ( no longer incorrectly assumes that units with \ 
movement costs equal to their maximum movement can't move into the affected \ 
   * Fixed a bug where log domains' severity could accidentally be reduced.
   * Changed the verbosity and error-handling of the `run_wml_tests` script.
   * Made `run_wml_tests` automatically skip tests which need strict mode when \ 
running without strict mode.
   * Made optimizations in the UI drawing code, these shouldn't have visible effects.
   * Optimized the command-line `wesnoth_addon_manager` tool.
   2021-10-26 12:44:37 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (466)
Log message:
games: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 16:08:04 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (466)
Log message:
games: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-09-29 21:01:31 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (872)
Log message:
revbump for boost-libs

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