Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/ruby-DBI
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2007-03-17 16:52:33
Message id:

Log Message:
Update ruby-DBI package to 0.1.1:

This updates ruby-DBD-mysql and ruby-DBD-sqlite pacakge, too.

=== General

* Paul DuBois: README: Added URLs for the RubyForge DBI project.
* Patrick May: removed misleading space in setup.rb config example.
* Francis Hwang: fixed bug 597: behaviour of StatementHandle#fetch doesn't
  match DBI specification
* incorporated Matthew Bloch's patch for handling bad timestamps like
  '0000-00-00 00:00:00'

=== MySQL

* Paul DuBois: Mysql.rb. Expose additional attributes through Database::func():
  :client_info (String), :client_version (Fixnum), :host_info (String),
  :info (String), :proto_info (Fixnum), :server_info (String),
  :stat (String), :thread_id (Fixnum).
* Paul DuBois:
  Mysql.rb. Modified column_info method to support standard sql_type and
  type_name column attributes and MySQL-specific mysql_type_name
  MYSQL_to_XOPEN hash: Added LONGTEXT and BIT members, corrected length
  for BLOB and MEDIUMBLOB members.
* Paul DuBois: Mysql.rb. Renamed column info attributes/methods:
  _type, _length, _max_length, _flags are now
  mysql_type, mysql_length, mysql_max_length, mysql_flags
* Paul DuBois:
  Mysql.rb. Modified column_info method to support standard column
  attributes: nullable, primary, unique, indexed
  Modify column_info method to support MySQL-specific column
  attributes: _type, _length, _max_length, _flags
* Paul DuBois:
  Mysql.rb. Test for sqlstate method using respond_to? rather than by
  raising an exception.
  Implemented mysql_compression={0|1} option in DSN to disable/enable
  compression of client/server protocol. (Default off.)
  Implemented mysql_client_found_rows={0|1} option in DSN to cause
  server to return rows-changed counts (0) or rows-matched counts (1)
  for statements that modify rows (mostly relevant for UPDATE).  (Default
  is rows-changed counts)
  Bugfix: column_info calculated precision as col.length - col.decimals.
  Should be col.length (precision is not just the digits to left of
  decimal point).
* Paul DuBois: Mysql.rb: Added state member value to DBI::DatabaseError
  exceptions for MySQL.  If mysql-ruby doesn't define a sqlstate method that
  provides the SQLSTATE value, state is set to nil (which is the default value
* Paul DuBois: Mysql.rb: Enabled use of mysql_read_default_file and
  mysql_read_default_group options in DSN for MySQL. These options
  enable option files to be read.  This change addresses bug #1951.
* Paul DuBois: MySQL supports transactions.

=== SQLite

* Daniel Berger: Removed hardcoded search paths to search path; Modified
  dir_config name to lower case