Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/opengoo
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2009-09-05 11:48:38
Message id:

Log Message:
Update www/opengoo pacakge to 1.5.3.


Since 1.5.2
- bugfix: Cannot create companies with normal user without the
  "Can manage contacts" permission
- bugfix: Auto-upgrade feedback fixed.
- bugfix: Fixed a problem when classifying email (attachments were added
  as new versions of existing files).
- bugfix: Allow email addresses with single quote
- bugfix: Changed several "substr" for "utf8_substr" to \ 
avoid errors like
  "null" on dashboard.
- bugfix: Added a default address when sending email reminders.
  Fixes problems when sending reminders.
- bugfix: Fixed some display issues with the "Close" button in \ 
objects' view.
- bugfix: Fixed a problem that would cause the Overview to be loaded
  on every tab when clicking the "All" workspace.
- bugfix: Custom properties were not being kept when editing an object.
- bugfix: If a user is subscribed to an object and loses permissions to it
  it will not receive notifications any more.
- bugfix: Error 500 when deleting a user.
- bugfix: Email body was not shown for html emails when ROOT_URL was relative.
- bugfix: Create user from contact was not allowed if user was linked
  to a trashed contact, fix: contact is restored.
- bugfix: Task drag & drop does not allow drag from a workspace to another.
- bugfix: Saving workspace while rendering permissions was allowed, and
  no permissions were saved.
- bugfix: When creating new workspace, user checkboxes did not
  check/uncheck all permissions.
- bugfix: Internal server error when deleting user with its personal workspace.
- bugfix: Instantianting template without parameters was going back
  instead of reloading.
- bugfix: Calendar views was not showing milestones assigned to everybody
  when filtering by "my calendar".
- bugfix: In IE when expanding subtask list, the tasks below them did non
  move aside.
- bugfix: Some mail contents were not included in reply or forward body.
- bugfix: Instantiating repeating tasks with subtasks did not put
  correct status to some subtasks.
- bugfix: isToday function was not returning the correct value sometimes.
- bugfix: Csv export: when a field contains "," export is wrong, field
  must be enclosed with quotes.
- bugfix: Importing more than one contact with no email address overwrites
  the previous one.
- bugfix: Contacts are not linked to companies when importing from csv.
- bugfix: Subscribers and invitation lists were not showing users who have
  group permissions but no individual permissions.
- bugfix: If an error occurs when sending a queued email the email is now
  not deleted.
- bugfix: Mindmap viewer overlaps object linker.
- bugfix: The "include subworkspaces" checkbox for the iCal feed was
  being ignored.
- usability: The user is warned when searching for short strings.