Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/t-prot
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2010-02-16 15:37:11
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 2.15:

	* t-prot: Release as v2.15.
	* t-prot.1: Describe --sani more precisely.
	* t-prot: Fine-tune some regex.
	* t-prot: Fix merging of multiple blank lines within pgp output
	using -Mmutt.
	* t-prot: Simplify expression.
	* t-prot, t-prot.1: Add --reply and --sani for fixing annoying
	headers. Add documentation for both.  Many thanks to Matthias
	Kilian and Martin Neitzel for suggesting and providing some script
	invoked by procmail rules.
	* t-prot.1: Suggest reading about -p when using -P.
	* t-prot.1: Sort options in a consistent, alphabetical way.
	* t-prot.1: Fix hyphenation. Thanks to Gerfried Fuchs for noticing!
	* t-prot.1: Jeff Covey's article should not be missing under SEE
	* t-prot: Release as v2.14.
	* t-prot: Code cleanup for --pgp-short. Should get better
	performance now.
	* t-prot: Tighten --help output.
	* t-prot.1: Add fields of usage and mention the INN2 filter file.
	* t-prot.1: Improve word flow.
	* t-prot.1: Another occurence of RFC 2822, update to RFC 5322.
	* t-prot.1: RFC 5322 is offficial standard for the Internet Message
	Format since October 2008, obsoleting RFC 2822.
	* t-prot: Adjust comment to modern t-prot times.
	* t-prot.1: Update contributers list.
	* t-prot.1: Update date string.
	* t-prot.1: Remove redundancies, improve some descriptions.
	* contrib/muttrc.t-prot: By now, --bigq is pretty much standard and
	extremely well-tested, so we include it into default configuration.
	* t-prot: Revert thinko from r1.272.
	* t-prot: Fix syntax to match coding style.
	* t-prot: Release as v2.13.
	* t-prot: Fix long standig false positive for mutt<1.5.18 with
	Microsoft TOFU inside a PGP signed message and no lines above the
	full quote (indicating a forwarded message rather than a lazy full
	quote).  Thanks to Gerfried Fuchs.
	* t-prot: Fix newline stripping for locales.
	* t-prot: Release as v2.12.
	* t-prot, t-prot.1: Exit with exit status EX_OK when --max-lines
	hits and -Mmutt is set (mutt is picky when a display_filter fails).
	Provide a notification line in that case. Update man page. Many
	thanks to Gerfried Fuchs, Martin F. Krafft and Tino Keitel for
	reporting, providing a patch and testing.
	* t-prot: Release as v2.11.
	* contrib/ Command line default has changed, check
	flags must be set now.
	* t-prot.1: Better explain ratio check value.
	* t-prot.1: Update copyright time stamp.
	* t-prot, t-prot.1: Fix initialization and command line parsing for
	--check (this should work as advertised now). Make the ratio check
	code a little easier to read. Add the default value for the ratio
	check to the man page.
	* t-prot.1: Remove URLs to example scripts and configs. The files
	are provided with the package.
	* t-prot, t-prot.1: Fix last commit, release as t-prot v2.10.
	Update man page.
	* t-prot: Release as t-prot v2.9.
	* t-prot: Do not check for message length in attachments (we
	checked already for the entire message). Do exit with proper exit
	code if message is longer than set in --max-lines (so scripts can
	see if we gave up processing).
	* t-prot.1: Fix speling.
	* t-prot.1: Fix time stamp.
	* t-prot.1: Fix rendering for anyone out there using UTF-8. Many
	thanks (and a very merry Christmas) to Alfie.
	* t-prot: Release as v2.8.
	* t-prot, t-prot.1: Update documentation to reflect last change.
	Avoid being tripped by endless (or non-existant) headers.
	* t-prot: Change check order and remove duplicated code for