Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/tex-pslatex
From: Min Sik Kim
Date: 2010-05-11 00:54:39
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Log Message:
Import tex-pslatex-2009 as print/tex-pslatex.

A small package that makes LaTeX default to 'standard' PostScript
fonts.  It is basically a merger of the times and the (obsolete)
mathptm packages from the psnfss suite.  You must have installed
standard LaTeX and the psnfss PostScript fonts to use this package.
The main novel feature is that the pslatex package tries to compensate
for the visual differences between the Adobe fonts by scaling
Helvetica by 90%, and 'condensing' Courier (i.e. scaling horizontally)
by 85%.  The package is supplied with a (unix) shell file for a
'pslatex' command that allows standard LaTeX documents to be
processed, without needing to edit the file.  Note that current psnfss
uses a different technique for scaling Helvetica, and treats Courier
as a lost cause (there are better free fixed-width available now, than
there were when pslatex was designed).  As a result, pslatex is widely
considered obsolete.