Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/tex-mathpazo
From: Min Sik Kim
Date: 2011-03-07 00:28:00
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Import tex-mathpazo-1.003 as fonts/tex-mathpazo.

The Pazo Math fonts are a family of PostScript fonts suitable for
typesetting mathematics in combination with the Palatino family of text
fonts. The Pazo Math family is made up of five fonts provided in Adobe
Type 1 format (PazoMath, PazoMath- Italic, PazoMath-Bold,
PazoMath-BoldItalic, and PazoMathBlackboardBold). These contain, in
designs that match Palatino, glyphs that are usually not available in
Palatino and for which Computer Modern looks odd when combined with
Palatino. These glyphs include the uppercase Greek alphabet in upright
and slanted shapes in regular and bold weights, the lowercase Greek
alphabet in slanted shape in regular and bold weights, several
mathematical glyphs (partialdiff, summation, product, coproduct,
emptyset, infinity, and proportional) in regular and bold weights, other
glyphs (Euro and dotlessj) in upright and slanted shapes in regular and
bold weights, and the uppercase letters commonly used to represent
various number sets (C, I, N, Q, R, and Z) in blackboard bold. The set
also includes a set of 'true' small-caps fonts, also suitable for use
with Palatino (or one of its clones). LaTeX macro support (using package
mathpazo.sty) is provided in psnfss (a required part of any LaTeX