Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/mathomatic
From: Aleksej Saushev
Date: 2012-05-29 15:23:49
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Log Message:
Update to Mathomatic 15.8.5


General cleanup.

05/11/12 - Renamed fact(x) function to factorial(x), because Maxima uses
           the function "factorial(x)" and no one uses \ 
"fact(x)".  Added
           factorial(x) as a standard function in rmath.  Removed binary
           operator name "mod" from rmath, due to having a different \ 
           in conventional mathematics.  It previously meant the % operator,
           which is a programming language construct and not math.

05/14/12 - Improved user interface of divide command.

05/16/12 - Improved introduction to Mathomatic in "doc/manual.html".

05/17/12 - Made more use of C function !isfinite(double) for better
           reliability.  Checks for infinity and NaN on user input.

05/18/12 - Solve verify now quick simplifies the solve result, so you
           don't have to.  This will result in better verification and
           less chance of oversized expressions.

05/20/12 - Fixed solving bug where it was throwing away absolute values.

           Improved the way Mathomatic looks.

05/21/12 - examples/limits.c is now a highly polished program, LGPL licensed.
           Compile with "./compile.limits".  Tells the integer and float
           C data types, with sizes, characteristics, and verification
           for the current C compiler (cc).

           Display total number of unique solutions stored with
           "simplify sign".

           Fixed several errors in the simplify command documentation in the
           Mathomatic Command Reference.

05/22/12 - Fixed simplify command to simplify (x^2 - 1)^4/(x + 1)^2 properly,
           by factoring repeated factor polynomials at the very end.

           Fixed bug in divide command, wasn't calculating the polynomial GCD
           sometimes, etc, because input was not being expanded.  Broken on
           12/14/11, fixed today.

05/23/12 - Fixed limit command to return the original expression when the
           limit variable is not found or the expression contains no
           variables.  A warning is given, telling that this is the case.
           Thanks to Parag Magunia for indicating that this was a bug.
           Previously these cases only returned with an error message.

           "tests/" limit command regression tests checked and
           re-added to the main tests.  All still works the same as when
           these limit command regression tests were removed long ago.

05/24/12 - Cleanup, and remove "examples/c", replaced with
           "examples/compile.limits" and \ 

Mathomatic version 15.8.5 released Friday 05/25/12.


The version command now displays the last main prompt return value, and
the number of allocated equation spaces.

04/29/12 - Added simplifying trig identities to the tests.  Discovered
           "solve 0" doesn't work anymore, use "solve for 0" \ 
           "solve 0" will be fixed and enhanced shortly.

04/30/12 - "solve 0" and "solve verify 0" work now.  \ 
"solve verify 0"
           will solve for zero and tell you if the equation is an identity
           or not, while "solve 0" simply solves the current equation for
           zero.  "solve all verify 0" will verify that all entered \ 
           are identities.

           With the roots command, the "Inverse check" value is not
           displayed unless debugging is enabled now.

           The iterative calculate command mode now always tells the
           number of completed feedback iterations.
           It was not apparent before.

           Documented and ignore pause command with demo mode now,
           instead of html mode.
           Demo mode is specified with -d, html mode with -x.

05/02/12 - Mathomatic now proudly displays when verifying a solve operation.
           Too many UI improvements to mention, all relatively minor.

05/03/12 - Added "copy select" option to the copy command, which selects
           the first created copy, making it the current equation, rather
           than not updating the current equation.

05/04/12 - Ran valgrind on the symbolic math library executable testmain,
           after running all the tests, no memory
           leaks were found at all!  I was surprised!  Now I get to pat
           myself on the back!  I will make another release soon.

05/05/12 - "display simple" is now allowed, in addition to \ 
"display mixed",
           to display simple or mixed fractions as desired, regardless of
           the default.

           "set finance" option removed, replace with "set \ 
fixed" option.
           Works similarly, except now you can do "set fixed_point=0" \ 
to have
           integer-only output.
           "set no fixed" or "set fixed -1" turns off fixed-point
           mode, returning you to true floating-point mode.

05/06/12 - Added more integer factoring debugging code.  It's a shame that
           Mathomatic only does double precision floating point arithmetic.

           Made "set no autodelete" the default.  Numeric expressions will
           not be deleted.  "set auto" leaves "autodelete" \ 
alone now.

05/07/12 - real and imaginary commands now append "_real" or \ 
"_imag" to the
           solved for variable name now, if a solved equation.  This is for
           clarification and ease of use.

05/08/12 - Improved "misc/limits.c" and added GNU LGPL license preamble.
           Later moved to directory examples.

           -d demo mode now allows using the calculate command without
           prompting for the values of any of the variables.  This is so the
           calculate command can be used with the online versions of

05/09/12 - Moved all worthy example source code from directory misc to
           directory examples, so they can be included in the binary
           distributions.  Moved and now available are limits.c, roots.c,
           and testprimes.

           Improved/shortened the eliminate command messages and made the
           "using" syntax consistent.

           Need "set debug -2" to suppress everything now, including \ 
           "set debug -1" only suppresses helpful messages now, \ 
warnings will
           get through.  Warnings are usually rather important.

Mathomatic version 15.8.4 released Thursday 05/10/12.


Code cleanup.

03/27/12 - Added simplification of "tests/" and \ 
           to the regression tests.

04/02/12 - Added ability to create all non-re-entrant code, so that the Apple
           app store won't complain.  The line containing "_REENTRANT" in
           "includes.h" has been commented out, so nothing special \ 
needs to be
           done, when compiling for iOS.

04/07/12 - Added ability to make help command text paragraphs all one long
           line, instead of always expecting an 80 column or higher display.
           Useful for 40 column displays for example, as long as the display
           wraps at 40 columns, the output should look OK.  Better than it
           did, anyways.  Tables and such are preserved.  See the beginning
           of "help.c".

04/10/12 - Fixed bug failing to run gnuplot with Mathomatic compiled with
           MINGW. This only affects the MS-Windows version.  So if you have
           downloaded gnuplot under MS-Windows, the plot command should work
           the same as in all other operating systems, now.  Be sure and name
           it gnuplot.exe and have it in an executable directory in your PATH.
           This fixed bug is thanks to Tom Sturgeon for bringing this
           error to my attention.  This gnuplot fix will be included in the
           next release, version 15.8.3, and is now in the development
           version.  The problem was caused by differences between the Unix
           echo command and the Windows echo command.

04/12/12 - Comparing expressions with the compare command will now tell if
           one expression is the negation (times -1) of the other.

04/22/12 - Added the HTML tidy command after rman, so that the HTML errors
           created by rman are all fixed.

           Added and documented matho_clear(3) to Symbolic Math Library,
           replaces clear_all().  Simply rename all occurrences of
           clear_all() in your code that uses the library with

04/23/12 - Improved debugging code and error messages.

04/25/12 - The previous autocalc result is erased every time autocalc is
           used, unless "set no autodelete" was done.  This is done in case
           you would like to keep every calculation you made stored in an
           equation space.  The default is the previous behavior:
           "set autodelete", which only keeps one numerical calculation
           in memory.  "autodelete" only means something when \ 
"autocalc" is
           on, and since the library has no calculate command, this is not
           available in the symbolic math library.

04/27/12 - Cleanup of equation space selecting, shelling out with !, etc.
           In the Mathomatic application, everything is now flushed before
           user input (with fflush(NULL)).  fflush(NULL) is not used at all
           anymore in the symbolic math library.

Mathomatic version 15.8.3 released Saturday 04/28/12.


Change of 12/18/11 partially undone.  Preventing power collecting
of absolute values doesn't seem necessary anymore, some other
change done recently must have fixed it.
Now power collecting is always done when requested,
fixing a substantial simplification regression that began on 12/18/11.

03/13/12 - Small fix to main makefile.  "mandir" and \ 
"docdir" no longer depend
           on "datadir".

03/14/12 - Small fix to simplification.  Any absolute value (such as
           |x*y| = ((x*y)^2)^.5) is now not ever power expanded
           (to (x^2)^.5*(y^2)^.5 or (x*x*y*y)^.5), so some results are
           simpler, like simplifying |x^2-x|.

03/23/12 - A change to the matho script makes GNU m4 no longer quiet
           about any warnings or errors, when running m4 Mathomatic.

Mathomatic version 15.8.2 released Saturday 03/24/12.