Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/libquvi-scripts
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2012-07-31 02:41:34
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 0.4.7:

v0.4.7  (2012-07-18) / Toni Gundogdu

Adam Sampson:
  - dailymotion.lua: Make urlback pattern more liberal [8eded85]
  - Add support for and (#99) [86baf5d]
Mikhail Gusarov:
  - tvrain.lua: Adjust for new URL scheme on the site [7bf1682]
Till Maas:
  - Support with SEO URLs [6afe8e9]
Toni Gundogdu:
  - FIX: gaskrank.lua: stream URL, ID patterns [78817b8]
  - FIX: gaskrank.lua: title pattern [52c6f6d]
  - FIX: tvrain.lua: Change how media ID is parsed [7dfbc1e]
  - FIX: vimeo.lua:115: no match: qualities (#106) [d7182ac]
  - youtube.lua: Rewrite YouTube.choose_default [aec0afa]

      Change how youtube.lua chooses the 'default' format for
      YouTube media URLs:
        - Either whichever is of 480p is found first
        - Or whatever YouTube returns as the first format

      The script previously defaulted to the lowest quality.

 15 files changed, 118 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)

v0.4.6 (2012-06-10) / Toni Gundogdu

Mikhail Gusarov:
  - 1tvru.lua: Add support for [82e3151]
  - tvrain.lua: Add support for [730720d]
Mort Gerald:
  - pornhub.lua: Media ID can be hexadecimal [82b78df]
Toni Gundogdu:
  - FIX: collegehumor.lua: title pattern [3825171]
  - FIX: ted.lua: Media stream URL pattern [2fc90bf]
  - FIX: xhamster.lua: server response code 404 [6f3e8bd]
Raphaël Droz:
  - publicsenat.lua: Update support [f329cde]
  - senat.lua: Add support for [5cf4540]

 15 files changed, 317 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)

v0.4.5 (2012-05-30) / Toni Gundogdu

Bastien Nocera:
  - Added 101greatgoals.lua [efc2cdf]
  - dailymotion: Fix overeager ID fetching [0223bd8]
  - FIX: sapo.lua: ID, media stream URL and title [84cb67d]
  - Added canalplus.lua [ed6877d]
  - Added support for (NSFW website) [cb2de3c]
Toni Gundogdu:
  - Add website/redtube.lua [694ff91]
  - FIX: pornhub.lua: media title, stream URL parsing [1867d4f]
  - FIX: theonion.lua [70dfaab]
  - FIX: videobash.lua: media URL parsing [471e73d]
  - FIX: vimeo.lua (#97) [4f811dd]
  - blip.lua: Mark as FIXME [888a3ed]
  - keezmovies.lua: Mark as FIXME [4337407]
  - pluzz.lua, francetelevisions.lua: Mark as FIXME [5b9cfc6]
  - Lower AC_PREREQ to 2.67 [d1ac468]
  - Remove funnyhub.lua: Videos no more [?] [3dae8bd]
  - Remove google.lua: is no more [8f38fe6]
  - website/sapo.lua: Parse thumbnail_url [d8cfb16]

 46 files changed, 740 insertions(+), 411 deletions(-)

v0.4.4 (2012-03-23) / Toni Gundogdu

Toni Gundogdu:
  - Rewrite scripts using "foo:match" instead of "foo:find"
  - FIX: clipfish.lua: Use new config URL [bb8bf4c]
  - FIX: dailymotion.lua: Issue with some videos (#92) [325b20e]
      - Thanks to David Pugnasse for the fix
  - FIX: Lua-5.2: Use gmatch instead of gfind (#89) [b5ae4e1]
  - FIX: Lua-5.2: Use the # operator instead (#89) [04f0284]
  - FIX: youtube.lua: Allow embed URLs w/ params (#90) [386aae2]
  - FIXME: bikeradar.lua [6d64461]

v0.4.3 (2012-03-01) / Toni Gundogdu

  - Add tcmag.lua [5f8d188]
  - FIX: xhamster.lua (HTTP/403) [2bd53fd]

Bastien Nocera:
  - Add special-case suffix for audio/mpeg [ca784e3]
  - FIX: soundcloud.lua: Multi-byte char handling [82d1818]

  - Add IMDb support (#88) [7198600]

  - Add support for (NSFW) [968143b]
  - Add support for (NSFW) [d34caf1]
  - FIX: youjizz [b60401e]

Toni Gundogdu:
  - Add support (#84, Bastien) [ab56c38]
  - FIX: liveleak.lua: attempt to index field 'path' (nil) [4919605]
  - FIX: mgnetwork.lua: return duration in msec [b34fef6]
  - FIX: videobash.lua: media URL pattern [8072eac]
  - guardian.lua: Parse from JSON instead (#83) [019f38e]
  - liveleak.lua: Support embedded URLs [fdd223a]
  - Mark globo.lua as FIXME [26f48f5]
  - Mark tube8.lua as FIXME [de13a39]
  - Remove buzzhumor.lua [a568afc]
  - Remove megavideo.lua [dc08e00]
  - soundcloud.lua: Rework title parsing [53204fd]
  - tcmag.lua: Make query_formats work with external content [f5cbd0d]
  - ted.lua: Support the "default" format only [2caf52b]

0.4.2  Tue Nov 29 2011  Toni Gundogdu
    - Add mgnetwork.lua, mutantmonkey <> (#78)
    - Remove foundrymusic.lua
    - tube8.lua: media URL parsing, Tomas Janousek <> (#80)
    - Multiple: potential "attempt to index ... (a nil value)"
    - dailymotion.lua: no match: video plugin params
    - videobash.lua: media URL parsing (#81)