Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/ruby-http-cookie
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2013-09-15 19:03:01
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Log Message:
Add ruby-http-cookie package version 1.0.2.

HTTP::Cookie is a ruby library to handle HTTP cookies in a way both
compliant with RFCs and compatible with today's major browsers.

It was originally a part of the
[Mechanize]( library,
separated as an independent library in the hope of serving as a common
component that is reusable from any HTTP related piece of software.

The following is an incomplete list of its features:

* Its behavior is highly compatible with that of today's major web

* It is based on and conforms to RFC 6265 (the latest standard for the
  HTTP cookie mechanism) to a high extent, with real world conventions
  deeply in mind.

* It takes eTLD (effective TLD, also known as "Public Suffix") into
  account just as major browsers do, to reject cookies with an eTLD
  domain like "org", "", or "".  \ 
This feature is
  brought to you by the domain_name gem.

* The number of cookies and the size are properly capped so that a
  cookie store does not get flooded.

* It supports the legacy Netscape cookies.txt format for
  serialization, maximizing the interoperability with other

* It supports the cookies.sqlite format adopted by Mozilla Firefox for
  backend store database which can be shared among multiple program

* It is relatively easy to add a new serialization format or a backend
  store because of its modular API.