Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/gnome-common
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2013-11-26 15:19:51
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Log Message:
Update to 3.10.0:

    version 3.10.0

    compiler-flags: Add a #serial line

    As suggested in bug #707475, this will ensure the latest version of
    gnome-compiler-flags.m4 is used if conflicting versions are found in
    different directories in the autoconf search path.


    compiler-flags: Add an optional second argument for custom warnings

    This allows module authors to choose to enforce stricter warnings on
    a per-module basis, to avoid the situation where an outside
    contributor submits a patch which introduces warnings the maintainer
    has enabled locally.


    Run intltool before autoreconf so intltool.m4 is picked up by aclocal. run glib-gettexize if using GLib gettext

    This code was removed by error in
    commit 323bbfe0989405725379cada1aa5cb361fd2999f Check only for autoreconf

    autoconf, automake, libtool, gettext are already checked by autoreconf

    Rename to

    gnome-autogen: Do not use sed to get the AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR directory

    macros2/ Create m4 directory if it doesnt exits

    This is a automake bug fixed in automake 1.13.2 Use autoreconf

    instead autopoint/libtoolize/autoconf/automake manually

    Add support for automake 1.14

    code-coverage: fix conditionalization

    The "make clean" rule added by gnome-code-coverage.m4 was not
    conditionalized (making it spew errors on "make clean" when built
    without coverage support, since $(LCOV) expanded to ""), and the other
    rules were conditionalized incorrectly (testing "ifdef
    CODE_COVERAGE_ENABLED", when that variable was always set, just
    sometimes to "no"). Fix both problems.

    Add support for lcov 1.10

    version 3.7.4

    COPYING: add GPL-2 license file

    Finally declare gnome-common to be GPL 2+, by doing some source code

    These files we can effectively ignore:


    The build files you could argue are boilerplate/uncopyrightable:

    So that leaves:


    Appeared in e16ea58db92e05b9720acdc6992175ec346dfc91. Appears to have
    been copy-pasted from scrollkeeper-example2, LGPLv2.1.


    Can be traced back to gnome-libs 88f7376472d3ee54329213c118b46225703d8223, which
    is GPLv2/LGPLv2.




    Synced with gnome-core as of 425e5cc9aad003c9f64d43f2d3f15e04a97db854, so

    The long-standing assumption is that gnome-common was GPLv2+, so use that
    license. Finally the tyranny of unclear licensing is over!

    build: remove useless (empty or ancient) files that we don't need

    Add support for automake 1.13.

    Better support of using AUTOCONF environment variable

    When I launch by telling it to use a version of
    autoconf that is at a particular path -- by using the AUTOCONF
    environment variable -- I can see that there is a spot in the script
    that fails to honour that variable.  I thus get the error message
    (that I trim to just keep the relevant part):

        AUTOCONF=/my/autoconf AUTOM4TE=/my/autom4te /bin/sh -x \ 


        +++ find_configure_files /home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master
        +++ configure_ac=
        +++ test -f /home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/
        +++ test -f /home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/
        +++ configure_ac=/home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/
        +++ test x/home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/ '!=' x
        +++ echo /home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/
        +++ autoconf -t 'AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS:$1' \ 
        +++ read dir
        /home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/ error: Autoconf version \ 
2.65 or higher is required
        /home/dodji/devel/git/gdl/master/ the top level
        autom4te: /bin/m4 failed with exit status: 63

    I think the problem is that the find_configure_files function uses
    'autoconf' directly instead of using $AUTOCONF.  So it's taking the
    autoconf binary that is in my path, and that one doesn't satisfy the
    version requirement of the script template that is in.

    The patch below fixes that essentially by s/autoconf/$AUTOCONF there,
    and also by moving the definition point of the AUTOCONF variable --
    that is done by a call to version_check -- before the first spot that
    actually uses it.

    It's worth noting that this bug appears to have been introduced by the
    patch attached to bug #510713.

    Tested on my Fedora Rawhide system.

    	* macros2/ (find_configure_files): Use the
    	AUTOCONF variable, rather than calling the autoconf program
    	directly.  Remove the now useless comment.
    	(<at global scope>): Move the definition of the AUTOCONF variable
    	before its first use.

    compiler-warnings: Fix tabs->spaces


    compiler-warnings: Drop -Wdeclaration-after-statement

    Some GNOME modules want the ability to use C99, let's not hamper them.

    compiler-warnings: Drop -Wno-sign-comare

    It's not part of -Wall, and we're not explicitly turning it on here,
    so there's no point in turning it off, since it's not on.

    Additionally, if a given module did want it on, it's clearer if
    the compiler flags don't have -Wno-sign-compare -Wsign-compare.

    compiler-warnings: Move -Wnested-externs to the always-on warning set

    Since there's no reason to have it different for yes/maximum.

    compiler-warnings: code cleanup: Extract common warnings into variables

    Will make future refactoring clearer, and also we have comments now.

    compiler-warnings: Drop -Waggregate-return

    This trips up gnome-desktop using things like XSyncValue, and while
    it's possible to avoid, we shouldn't punish people who are pushed to
    use structures as return values by external APIs.

    Returning a two-element structure is not a big deal.

    compiler-warnings: cosmetic cleanup: Put each warning on own line

    So that further patches are more readable.

    Add lots of warnings to GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS

    Following Colin Walters' thread on desktop-devel-list: … 00100.html

    Add a selection of more strict warnings to the default level of
    GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS. Check all the warnings by passing them to GCC,
    and ignore those which fail. Set the severity of some of the warnings to
    errors, so that particularly bad code is rejected (set the warning level
    to ‘minimum’ is you wish to avoid this behaviour). Fixes bug 568546 and
    bug 608953.

    code-coverage: Relicence to LGPLv2.1+

    As gnome-common is widely used, it’s useful for it to have a fairly liberal
    licence. This relicences the gnome-code-coverage.m4 file from GPLv3+ to

    Permission has been obtained (by private e-mail) from the other contributors:
     • Christian Persch <>
     • Xan Lopez <>

    See also:

    code coverage: Quiet lcov and add extra ignore patterns

    Make lcov be quiet if V=0, and add a new CODE_COVERAGE_IGNORE_PATTERN
    variable to be able to add extra files to ignore in code coverage reporting.

    Post release version bump