Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/OmegaT
Date: 2013-12-26 15:14:56
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Log Message:
Update to 3.0.8

 OmegaT 3.0.8
  10 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   1 Localisation update
3.0.8 vs. 3.0.7

  Implemented requests:

  - Show XLIFF trans-unit note as a comment

  - Feedback on console for number of glossary entries fetched

  Other enhancements:

  - New debugging information about team projects available in the logs
(if org.omegat.level=FINEST is set in

  - A graphical version of the script check_same_segments.groovy was
added: show_same_segments.groovy

  - The ${diff} display is now "optimized" by concatenating consecutive
inserts or deletes separated only by whitespace. This makes the diff more

  - In addition to ${diff}, there is also now ${diffReversed} in the
Fuzzy Matches pane display options

  For the two points above, see
  - Missing part from matches not highlighted
  - Show where text has been added in match window

  - New option in the XLIFF filter: force shortcut to "f" for
<it pos="end"> tags

  - A new QA rule was added to check_rules.groovy. It will be triggered
if the target segment ends with a different punctuation sign (.!?;:) from
the one used in the source segment

  - In the XLIFF filter, segments containing only protected text
(e.g., <m0>Protected text only</m0>) now appear in the Editor

  - The background colour used (red) when a match is inserted from an "mt"
folder was hard to read. It was changed to "salmon red".

  Bug fixes:

  - Missing orion jar in lib folder

  - Not going to right note in projects containing several files

  - Hyperlinks in PowerPoint cannot be translated

  - Error: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException on tag validation with custom tags

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.0.7 (UI, documentation)

 OmegaT 3.0.7
   7 Enhancements
   2 Bug fixes
   1 Localisation update
3.0.7 vs. 3.0.6

  Implemented requests:

  - Keep relative addressing in *.project when possible

  - Validate tags: constrain to file

  - List number of files in project

  Other enhancements:

  - The auto-text file type is displayed in the file selector.

  - In the Editor, the tooltip is now the same as the title

  - There's a new report in Tools: Match Statistics per Files
It gives the same information as the match statistics for every file,
plus the total at the end, with the repetitions being split in two
"Repetitions within this file" lists repetitions for which the first
occurence is in this file.
"Repetitions from other files" list repetitions for which the first
occurence is in a previous file in the list.

  - When Ctrl+F (Cmd+F) is used in the search window, the focus goes
back to the search field

  Bug fixes:

  - After creating a new project, the message "Loading TMX files..."
remained displayed at the bottom of the window

  - In external TMXs, beginning <it> tags had a trailing '/' if
if the option "Use XML for standalone tags" was set. This was wrong
as beginning <it> tags are not standalone tags, but opening tags.

  Localisation updates:

  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.0.7 (UI, documentation)

 OmegaT 3.0.6
   9 Enhancements
   3 Bug fixes
   2 Localisation updates
3.0.6 vs. 3.0.5

  Implemented requests:

  - Add Hunspell-based tokenizer

  - Reduce automatically size of Project Properties and File Filter dialogs when \ 
they don't fit on screen

  - Add "Totals" row to match statistics

  - Creating Current Translated Document

  - Standardize on type of numbering in list for fuzzy matches

  Other enhancements:

  - More information is logged when plugins are loaded

  - Protected text (from the XLIFF filter currently) remains protected even
when Remove Tags is used

  - The speed of parsing source documents was improved

  - Better detection of untranslated entries for Android filter

  Bug fixes:

  - Ignore content of header in OmegaT's XLIFF filter

  - OmT saves XML with LF even if source file is CRLF

  - Filelist not sorted during creating translated files

  Localisation updates:

  - Italian localisation updated to 3.0.5 (UI, Documentation)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.0.6 (UI, Documentation)