Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/agedu
From: Amitai Schlair
Date: 2014-01-16 19:11:37
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Log Message:
Update to r9723 (no changelog). Some highlights from the svn log:

* Add the --files option, to list individual files in the various
  reporting modes.
* Flexibly report sizes in Kb, Mb, Gb etc as appropriate. The
  previous fixed Mb was inconvenient at both ends. Original patch
  from James Beal, though I've polished it pretty much into
* Make the existing -d (depth) option apply to the -H (static HTML
  report) mode, transforming its output from a single HTML file
  giving a report for one directory with no crosslinks to a collection
  of HTML files with crosslinks between them.
* Introduce a --cgi mode, to make it easy to plumb agedu's web
  reporting into an existing web server as an alternative to running
  a dedicated one of its own.
* Switch all the HTML-based reporting modes (the internal httpd, the CGI
  mode and the dump of static HTML files) to using URIs and filenames
  based on the text of the pathname being reported on, rather than
  its numeric index in the data file. The aim is that sub-URIs
  should remain valid when the data is updated - if, for instance,
  you're running the agedu CGI script permanently and changing the
  data file under it every so often.
* Suggestion from James Beal: support a '--title' option to override the
  'agedu:' prefix at the start of the title of output web pages.