Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/py-dns
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2014-01-17 23:48:53
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 1.11.1:

	* (Version 1.11.1 released)

	* dns/ (to_text): we want keyname.to_text(), not  Thangs to wangwang for the fix.

	* dns/ (sign): multi-message TSIGs were broken for
	  algorithms other than HMAC-MD5 because we weren't passing the
	  right digest module to the HMAC code.  Thanks to salzmdan for
	  reporting the bug.

	* dns/ (_find_candidate_keys): we tried to extract the
	  key from the wrong variable name.  Thanks to Andrei Fokau for the

	* dns/ we want 'self.retry_servfail' not just
	  retry_servfail.  Reported by many, thanks!  Thanks to
	  Jeffrey C. Ollie for the fix.

	* tests/ fix tests to use older-style print formatting
	  for backwards compatibility with python 2.4.  Thanks to
	  Jeffrey C. Ollie for the fix.

	* (Version 1.11.0 released)

	* dns/ (Name.to_wire): Do not add items with offsets >= 2^14
	  to the compression table.  Thanks to Casey Deccio for discovering
	  this bug.

	* dns/ (inet_ntoa): We now comply with RFC 5952 section
	  5.2.2, by *not* using the :: syntax to shorten just one 16-bit
	  field.  Thanks to David Waitzman for reporting the bug and
	  suggesting the fix.

	* lock caches in case they are shared

	* raise YXDOMAIN if we see one

	* do not print empty rdatasets

	* Add contributed $GENERATE support (thanks uberj)

	* Remove DNSKEY keytag uniqueness assumption (RFC 4034, section 8)
	  (thanks James Dempsey)

	* added set_flags() method to dns.resolver.Resolver

	* added support for TLSA RR

	* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (NSEC3.from_text): The NSEC3 from_text()
	  method could erroneously emit empty bitmap windows (i.e. windows
	  with a count of 0 bytes); such bitmaps are illegal.

	* (Version 1.10.0 released)

	* dns/ (make_query): All EDNS values may now be
	  specified when calling make_query()

	* dns/ Specifying source_port had no effect if source was
	  not specified.  We now use the appropriate wildcard source in
	  that case.

	* dns/ (Resolver.query): source_port may now be

	* dns/ (Resolver.query): Switch to TCP when a UDP
	  response is truncated.  Handle nameservers that serve on UDP
	  but not TCP.

	* dns/ (from_xfr): now takes a
	  'check_origin' parameter which defaults to True.  If set to
	  False, then dnspython will not make origin checks on the zone.
	  Thanks to Carlos Perez for the report.

	* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (SSHFP.from_text): Allow whitespace in
	  the text string.  Thanks to Jan Andres for the report and the

	* dns/ (from_wire): dns.message.from_wire() now takes
	  an 'ignore_trailing' parameter which defaults to False.  If set
	  to True, then trailing junk will be ignored instead of causing
	  TrailingJunk to be raised.  Thanks to Shane Huntley for
	  contributing the patch.

	* dns/ Added LRUCache.  In this cache implementation,
	  the cache size is limited to a user-specified number of nodes, and
	  when adding a new node to a full cache the least-recently used
	  node is removed.

	* dns/ dns.resolver.override_system_resolver()
  	  overrides the socket module's versions of getaddrinfo(),
	  getnameinfo(), getfqdn(), gethostbyname(), gethostbyname_ex() and
	  gethostbyaddr() with an implementation which uses a dnspython stub
	  resolver instead of the system's stub resolver.  This can be
	  useful in testing situations where you want to control the
	  resolution behavior of python code without having to change the
	  system's resolver settings (e.g. /etc/resolv.conf).
	  dns.resolver.restore_system_resolver() undoes the change.

	* dns/ dnspython now provides its own, stricter, versions
	  of IPv4 inet_ntoa() and inet_aton() instead of using the OS's

	* dns/ inet_aton() now bounds checks embedded IPv4 addresses
	  more strictly.  Also, now only dns.exception.SyntaxError can be
	  raised on bad input.

	* Old DNSSEC types (KEY, NXT, and SIG) have been removed.

	* Bounds checking of slices in rdata wire processing is now more
	  strict, and bounds errors (e.g. we got less data than was
	  expected) now raise dns.exception.FormError rather than