Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Set-Scalar
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2015-02-15 09:23:14
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Log Message:
Update 1.25 to 1.29
1.29 2014-03-24  Dave Oswald <>
  * Fixed set operations examples in POD (Xaerxess via GitHub).

1.28 2014-02-24  Dave Oswald <>
  * Fix POD example showing power_set() method returning an iterator. Now it
    correctly demonstrates power_set_iterator() returning an iterator.
    (Response to report from vagabonding_electron on PerlMonks.)

1.27 2013-12-31  Dave Oswald <>

  * Merge pull request for typo fix in POD.
  * Merge pull request for adding meta-data via Makefile.PL.
  * ChangeLog is more standards compliant.
  * Module POD now mentions current maintainer, and GitHub repo.

1.26 2013-06-15  Jarkko Hietaniemi  <>

  * Fixed "Set::Scalar::Valued" [ #69037], bug reported
    and fix supplied by Kiran Mukhyala, the problem was in null()
    not being defined for valued set universes.
  * Fixed qq[More whitespace in examples could show "picture" of
    operations] [ #54172 and #54173], bug reported
    and fix supplied by MichaelRWolf.  (ASCII art, so relies
    on fixed-width font.)