Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/OmegaT
Date: 2015-05-19 14:48:36
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Log Message:
Update to 3.4

 OmegaT 3.4 (2015-04-20)
  11 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation updates
3.4 vs 3.1.9 update 1

  Implemented requests:

  - Improve OmegaT look and feel

  - Better statistics layout for l10n UI

  - Increase the size or better layout of the statistics window

  - Add Close button to Statistics window

  - Automatically detect input file encoding when possible

  - Improve fuzzy match difference granularity in Chinese

  Other changes:

  - New XML Spreadsheet 2003 filter. This allows translating Excel document
exported in XML 2003 format. As the extension is .xml, other filters may
"steal" the file. In that case, they have to be disabled. The XML
Spreadhsheet 2003 filter limit itself to documents where the first tag
is "Workbook".

  - In Options > File Filters, the filters used by the current project
are displayed in bold

  - New "Trafficlight" theme in the Switch Colour Theme script

  - Options > Tag Validation was renamed to Tag Processing. In that dialog,
there's now an option to decide whether protected text (from the XLIFF filter)
and custom tags should be counted in statistics. The option is on by default.
In previous versions, protected text was not counted in the statistics, so
the option has to be disabled to get the same value as before.

  - The font selected in Options > Fonts can be applied now also to statistics

  Bug fixes:

  - Editor title overflows with long filename

  - Valid XML characters outside the BMP are stripped from input

  - Scripting window: now ScriptsDir is displayed like "foo\scripts" \ 
of "foo\.\scripts"

  - OmegaT does not look nice on Mac retina display

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.4 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.4 (UI, documentation, scripts)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.4 (UI, readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.9 update 1 (2015-04-15)
   1 Enhancement
   3 Bug fixes
   0 Localisation update
3.1.9 update 1 vs. 3.1.9

  Implemented requests:

  - Change auto-completion mode access keys

  Bug fixes:

  - The OK and Cancel buttons of Options > Editing Behaviour were not
displayed correctly

  - Newly assigned scripts execute several times

  - The project-specific file filter configuration was deleted when
quitting OmegaT

 OmegaT 3.1.9 (2015-03-09)
  21 Enhancements
  13 Bug fixes
   6 Localisation updates
3.1.9 vs. 3.1.8

  Implemented requests:

  - Machine translation with Yandex

  - Use selection for text Search from "Fuzzy Match" or \ 
"Glossary" panes

  - Allow to insert selection into translation from the Fuzzy Matches pane

  - Warn user if the Enter key is hit while "Use TAB to Advance" is checked

  - Support XLIFF equiv-text in tooltips, simplify tooltip prefs

  - Show the number of non-unique segment instances in the segment markers

  - Contextual menu to jump to another instance of non-unique segments

  - Make it easy to "brand" OmegaT for custom deployments

  - Make it easy to find specific files by name or path

  - Improve resizing behavior of Project Files dialog

  - Make segment numbers visible for all segments

  Other enhancements:

  - ILIAS Language File filter. Those files can have the .lang or
.lang.local extensions. As .lang files are also loaded by the Lang
Mozilla filter, it has to be unabled to load them with the ILIAS filter.

  - Machine translation requests are now cached. That means that a
source segment already translated will not be requested again during
the same session (i.e., until OmegaT is closed).

  - The initial location and the layout when resized of various dialogs
were improved. The OK button was set as the default button for all dialogs.

  - The Custom Colours dialog was improved. It can be closed with Escape,
changes are remembered immediately and all colours can be reset at once.
There's also a new tab for colour selection.

  - The Project Files dialog can be hidden on project load via hidden preference

  - It is possible to define the text and background colour of modification
information and the active segment's source and target

  - Dialogs are now centered against the main window instead of the screen

  - The Visio filter was updated to remove unneeded tags in Visio 2010 documents

  - For versions including Java, the JRE is now 1.8.0_31 instead of 1.7

  - The appearance of the Project Files dialog has been improved on OS X.
The new styling has been applied to all platforms.

  Bug fixes:

  - There's now a 3-second retry when OmegaT attempts to rename files

  - Error rename new file to glossary in team projects

  - In some specific cases, the content of Mozilla DTD files was not

  - License information was missing from the lib folder of binary

  - Wrong Swedish segmentation exception corrected

  - Newline characters are lost in Japanese target documents

  - Filtering after a search with no live segments freezes OmegaT

  - Ellipses missing in several menu items

  - Both menu items for alternative translation are enabled

  - Incorrect handling of typographic apostrophe (U+2019)

  - The project-specific filter configuration was not saved when creating a
new project

  - Mac OS X: A workaround was added for the full-screen window sizing
bug on OS X + Java 1.8. See
for the bug description.

  - The font set in Options > Font was only used after the change when
Apply this font to the Project Files dialog was used

  Localisation updates:

  - Belarusian localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, tutorial, scripts, readme)
  - Basque localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, tutorial, scripts, readme)
  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, documentation, readme)
  - Russian localisation updated to 3.1.9 (UI, tutorial, scripts, readme)

 OmegaT 3.1.8 (2014-12-04)
   6 Enhancements
  10 Bug fixes
   5 Localisation updates
3.1.8 vs. 3.1.7

  Implemented requests:

  - Allow custom background/foreground colors for different elements in the editor

  - Show dialog for unsupported SVN errors

  - Allow configurable diff-style colours in fuzzy matching

  Other enhancements:

  - It is now possible to customise colours used in the Fuzzy Matches pane

  - All OmegaT windows (Search and Scripting windows) now use the OmegaT icon
instead of the standard Java ones

  - Revised user manual

  Bug fixes:

  - Project specific segmentation rules cannot be disabled

  - Colours were not working in the Fuzzy Matches pane

  - The text colour was not applied in the Editor

  - If there was a double click in the search result entries pane in the
Search window before the first searching execution, the cursor (i.e.,
mouse pointer) changed to the Wait icon and could not be restored

  - Strange glossary behavior - removing of newly added terms

  - OmegaT keeps temporary files

  - Git team project saving failure with 3.1.6

  - Fuzzy match segment not shown entirely when Ctrl+Arrow/Num is typed

  - PO comments also included as source text

  - In team projects, OmegaT was sometimes failing to rename files (perhaps
blocked by antivirus or cache software). There's now a 3-second retry.

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI)
  - Interlingua localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI, documentation)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.1.7 (UI)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.1.8 (UI, documentation)
  - French localisation updated to 3.1.8 (UI, readme, documentation)