Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/OmegaT
Date: 2015-08-09 19:39:33
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Log Message:
Update to 3.5.01

 OmegaT 3.5 update 1 (2015-06-11)
   3 Enhancements
   2 Bug fixes
   3 Localisation updates
3.5 update 1 vs 3.5

  Implemented requests:

  - Drag and drop within the segment

  - Auto-completion option: Show relevant suggestions automatically

  - Glossary view auto-completion improvements

  Bug fixes:

  - The writeable glossary was not working propertly if it was not
at the root of the glossary folder

  - It was not possible to have two glossaries with the same name
in different sub-folders

  Localisation updates:
  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, documentation, scripts, readme)
  - Interlingua localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, scripts, readme)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, scripts)

 OmegaT 3.5 (2015-06-05)
  18 Enhancements
   4 Bug fixes
   5 Localisation updates
3.5 vs 3.4

  Implemented requests:

  - Progress bar L10N improvement

  - Glossary input from Search window

  - Highlighting search word in target segment

  - Drag and drop to open project

  - Drag and drop to add files to project

  - Add confirmation for the button Reset all colours

  - Option to remove "fuzziness" from glossary

  - Better Mac OS X integration

  - Remove automatically mnemonics for CJK bundles under Mac

  Other changes:

  - There's an explanation message at the bottom of the Editor when
Ctrl+Shift+O is pressed

  - New script to clear SVN authentication data

  - New OmegaT icon on the Mac

  - Go to next/previous segment with key shortcuts work
in the Search result window just like in the Editor

  - Alternatively to specifiy a project folder on the command line,
it is now also possible to specify the path of an omegat.project file

  - In the QA - Check rules script (check_rules.groovy), it is now
possible to check linguistic (LangageTool) issues

  - There's now a "Save as" button in Help > Log

  - Read parameters from config file on startup, specified with

  - There are two new search options at the bottom of the Search window.
"Auto-sync with Editor". If checked, the Editor will go automatically \ 
to the
segment where the cursor is located in the search window.
"Back to the initial segment on close". If checked, the Editor will go back
to the segment being current before the Search window was opened.

  Bug fixes:

  - Panel header title was white under Windows 7 with a classic theme

  - Script files could be locked

  - In statistics, scrollbars could cover table content

  - Auto-completer popup size was often too small for its contents

  Localisation updates:

  - Dutch localisation updated to 3.4 update 1 (UI, documentation, readme)
  - Russian localisation updated to 3.4 update 1 (UI, readme, scripts)
  - Belarusian localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, readme, scripts)
  - Japanese localisation updated to 3.5 (UI, documentation, scripts)
  - Italian localisation updated to 3.4 update 1 (UI)