Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2015-12-05 18:12:14
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What’s New In Python 3.5

New syntax features:
* PEP 492, coroutines with async and await syntax.
* PEP 465, a new matrix multiplication operator: a @ b.
* PEP 448, additional unpacking generalizations.

New library modules:
* typing: PEP 484 – Type Hints.
* zipapp: PEP 441 Improving Python ZIP Application Support.

New built-in features:
* bytes % args, bytearray % args: PEP 461 – Adding % formatting to bytes \ 
and bytearray.
* New bytes.hex(), bytearray.hex() and memoryview.hex() methods. (Contributed by \ 
Arnon Yaari in issue 9951.)
* memoryview now supports tuple indexing (including multi-dimensional). \ 
(Contributed by Antoine Pitrou in issue 23632.)
* Generators have a new gi_yieldfrom attribute, which returns the object being \ 
iterated by yield from expressions. (Contributed by Benno Leslie and Yury \ 
Selivanov in issue 24450.)
* A new RecursionError exception is now raised when maximum recursion depth is \ 
reached. (Contributed by Georg Brandl in issue 19235.)

CPython implementation improvements:
* When the LC_TYPE locale is the POSIX locale (C locale), sys.stdin and \ 
sys.stdout now use the surrogateescape error handler, instead of the strict \ 
error handler. (Contributed by Victor Stinner in issue 19977.)
* .pyo files are no longer used and have been replaced by a more flexible scheme \ 
that includes the optimization level explicitly in .pyc name. (See PEP 488 \ 
* Builtin and extension modules are now initialized in a multi-phase process, \ 
which is similar to how Python modules are loaded. (See PEP 489 overview.)

Significant improvements in the standard library:
* collections.OrderedDict is now implemented in C, which makes it 4 to 100 times \ 
* The ssl module gained support for Memory BIO, which decouples SSL protocol \ 
handling from network IO.
* The new os.scandir() function provides a better and significantly faster way \ 
of directory traversal.
* functools.lru_cache() has been mostly reimplemented in C, yielding much better \ 
* The new function provides a streamlined way to run subprocesses.
* The traceback module has been significantly enhanced for improved performance \ 
and developer convenience.

Security improvements:
* SSLv3 is now disabled throughout the standard library. It can still be enabled \ 
by instantiating a ssl.SSLContext manually. (See issue 22638 for more details; \ 
this change was backported to CPython 3.4 and 2.7.)
* HTTP cookie parsing is now stricter, in order to protect against potential \ 
injection attacks. (Contributed by Antoine Pitrou in issue 22796.)

Windows improvements:
* A new installer for Windows has replaced the old MSI. See Using Python on \ 
Windows for more information.
* Windows builds now use Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0, and extension modules should \ 
use the same.