Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/py-pyperclip
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2015-12-30 16:03:45
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Log Message:
Update x11/py-pyperclip to 1.5.25.

v1.5.25, 2015/12/13 -- Fix #53, PEP8 changes, STRING_FUNCTION rename
v1.5.24, 2015/11/14 -- Fix for Import ctypes.wintypes on Linux issue.
v1.5.23, 2015/11/14 -- <no change, mistaken version bump>
v1.5.22, 2015/11/08 -- Fix segfault for PyQt4 copy/paste functions
v1.5.21, 2015/11/04 -- Import fixes.
v1.5.20, 2015/10/30 -- Big refactoring and testing additions from mhils. Thanks!
v1.5.19, 2015/10/29 -- Updating to pull version info from
v1.5.18, 2015/10/29 -- Added _noCopy/_noPaste functions to raise
                       NotImplementedError exceptions when called, instead of
		       raising exceptions when Pyperclip is imported.
v1.5.17, 2015/10/28 -- Refactoring to add determineFunctionSet() and
                       setFunctions() functions.
v1.5.16, 2015/10/28 -- Fix issue 31, Klipper adds newline to the end of the
                       pasted text.
v1.5.15, 2015/10/12 -- Removing file which accidentally got
                       included in the PyPI package.
v1.5.14, 2015/10/09 -- Fixed major Windows problems.
v1.5.13, 2015/09/23 -- Added other python versions to to the file.
v1.5.12, 2015/09/18 -- Added _pasteKlipper() & _copyKlipper(). Thanks contrixed!