Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/bftpd
From: Niclas Rosenvik
Date: 2016-03-06 14:29:34
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Log Message:
Updated bftpd to version 4.4.
Build with "on the fly" gzip compression since it's mentioned in DESCR.


	- Fixed potential buffer overflow when
	  expanding symbolic link file names.

	- Clarified license (COPYING file)
        - Fixed compiler warning with regards to
          pointer-to-integer cast.

	- Improved user checking code to avoid locking out
	  valid users from the system.
	  (Thanks to Lauri Kasanen for reporting this bug
           and supplying a patch.)

	- Added checks to crypt() calls to prevent
	  operating on NULL pointer.
	  (Thanks to Lauri Kasanen for reporting this bug.)

	- Added patch from Thomas Cort to make Bftpd
	  compile on NetBSD.

	- Adjusted Makefile to allow for easy access to
	  non-default compiler options. Alternative compiler
	  can be used by running "make CC=compilername".
	- Zhenbo Xu reported several potential memory
	  bugs which could cause Bftpd if the operating
	  system is out of memory. Also reported a memory
          leak. Checks are now in place to prevent crashes
	  and the memory leak has been plugged.
	- Added MINIX-specific configuration file which
          should allow Bftpd to run smoothly and without
	  additional configuration on MINIX.
	- Merged MINIX porting code into mainline Bftpd
	  so we can work with one, unified code base.

	- Fixed bug in user tracking which could result
          in corrupted times on 64-bit systems.
	- When Bftpd is compiled with a "prefix" (which
          is the default behaviour) the Bftpd will
	  check both /etc/bftpd.conf AND PREFIX/etc/bftpd.conf
          when trying to find its configuration file.
          This should avoid requiring the admin to pass
	  the location of the config file on the command line.