Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-stomp
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2016-10-09 17:10:43
Message id:

Log Message:
Update ruby-stomp to 1.4.3.

## 1.4.3 20160821

* Quick fix of install failures.  Do not try to use install 1.4.2.

## 1.4.2 20160820

* Refine SSL examples.
* Address issue #124 with additional RDOC.
* spec for Stomp::Client - check that headers passed to connection contain
  required values as well as given custom and that given hash is not modified.
* Stomp::Client now does not modify given headers hash
* spec description enhancement.
* fix build_subscription_id - symbol and string were mixed up.
* STOMP_TESTSSL flag should enable all SSL tests.
* Add a basic Gemfile.
* Fix a memory leak in receipt implementation.
* Add unit test helper script.

## 1.4.1 20160623

* Add call to #post_connection_check to normal SSL processing.  This change
  further validates the name of the broker connected to.  This change adds to
  the current SSL connection processing logic, and is **highly recommended**.  In the
  case a client cannot tolerate this logic, it can be disabled by adding
  :ssl_post_conn_check => false to the connection hash.
* Fix typo in SSL failure recovery processing.

## 1.4.0 20160608

* Connection parameter :parse_timeout now means IO:select wait time for socket
    reads.  Consumer clients should see a significantly reduced memory
    footprint.  If the default (5 seconds) is not used by your client,
    we suggest you test carefully.
* Add example programs for sending / receiving large messages.
* Changelog format is changed from .rdoc to .md.
* README format is changed from .rdoc to .md.
* README format change of contributor's list.
* Add example utilities for generating the contributor's list.
* Eliminate many warnings when using 'rake test', mostly from the 2.x Ruby series.
* Get rakefile up to date.
* Add the 'adhoc' subdirectory, an area for experiments and issue recreation code.