Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/gnucobol
From: Wen Heping
Date: 2016-10-15 15:40:40
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 2.0rc1

Upstream changes:
* 20160813 GnuCOBOL 2.0rc1

** User Defined Functions

** New cobc options:
*** -t listing, -T wide listing, --tlines=lines, lines per page of listing
*** -K <entry>, entry point compile static
*** -i -info, display build/environment
*** -j -job=args, run job after compile
*** -P, generate preprocessor listing
*** -Xref, generate cross reference (requires cobxref)
*** -A, add options to C compile phase
*** -Q, add options to C link phase
*** -D define symbol for Compiler Directive Facility
*** -f<tag>=value override .conf configuration setting
*** -list-reserved, -list-intrinsics, -list-mnemonics, -list-system
*** -W enable ALL warnings (more than -Wall, which excludes some)
*** -Wunreachable report on unreachable statements
*** -Wprototypes warn missing FUNCTION prototypes/definitions
*** -fmfcomment * or / in column 1 as comment
*** -facucomment $ in idicator area treated as *, | treated as *>
*** Many compiler messaging changes, refactored for translation
*** input filename of '-' reads source from standard in
*** New -std=cobol2014
*** new configuration settings
**** call-overflow, literal-length, numeric-literal-length
**** specify-reserved-words

** New cobcrun options:
*** -i -info, display build/environment
*** -r -runtime-env, display runtime configuration
*** -c -config, set runtime config from file
*** -M -module, set path/module name when looking for entry

** New build features
*** coloured textsuite output
*** Windows(tm) Visual Studio build support files added to source tree

** New GnuCOBOL features
*** User Defined Functions, FUNCTION-ID.
*** Most of the COBOL 2014 spec Compiler Directive Facility is in
*** Spanish and Dutch messages along with English and Japanese
*** More C/C++ reserved words tested to avoid conflicts
*** screen IO, many extended ACCEPT DISPLAY screen section changes
*** stricter ordering of CONFIGURATION SECTION paragraphs
*** PICTURE clause, more to COBOL 2014 spec
*** ACCEPT OMITTED, waits for return/enter
*** More Intrinsic Functions, including ISO 8601 FORMATTED-DATE and TIME
*** Changes to INITIAL and RECURSIVE program handling, needs to improve more
*** More IEEE numeric types added, FLOAT-DECIMAL-16, FLOAT-DECIMAL-34, etc
*** More SWITCHes, from SWITCH-01 to SWITCH-36
*** TALLY special register predefined
*** More literal types added, numeric boolean etc.
*** Nested OCCURS DEPENDING ON (when proper config settings
*** comment keywords in IDENTIFICATION DIVISION treated as end-of-line comments
*** PROCEDURE DIVISION RETURNING OMITTED support matching void C functions
*** New system functions
**** CBL_OC_HOSTED - provides access to C extern variables, like stdin, errno
*** More support for EC-exception codes

* All files created by GnuCOBOL runtime use the same file permission settings
  now: COB_FILE_MODE which was changed to 0666