Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/db6
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2017-01-26 12:03:17
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Changes 6.2.23:

New Features/Improvements
Added support for global message prefixes.

Added Replication Manager write forwarding, which enables a client to perform \ 
simple put and delete operations by forwarding them to the master.

Improved the way we mark a password as consumed.

Added support for IPv6.

Added support for Java 8.

Added support for ARMv7 and above, and for ARM64. ARMv6 and below are no longer \ 

Add a new SMP-optimized data model that is especially valuable for highly \ 
multithreaded applications. A sliced Berkeley DB instance contains a collection \ 
of related Berkeley DB environments, known as slices, each containing a disjoint \ 
subset of records. Transactional consistency is individually maintained within \ 
each slice, rather than across multiple slices.

DB now supports the client-server architecture by providing a stand-alone server \ 
program and Java client driver APIs. The server program offers remote access to \ 
DB features. The client driver APIs provide building blocks for applications \ 
that communicate with a database server. Multiple client applications can \ 
communicate with a single server simultaneously.

Enabled support of the SQLite user authentication extension.

Added Visual Studio 2012 projects.

Encryption and checksum can now be enabled with external files (formerly known \ 
as BLOBs). Note that only the data stored in the database will be encrypted and \ 
checksum protected. The data in the external files will not be encrypted or \ 
checksum protected.

The BLOB files feature has been renamed external files to reduce confusion with \ 
the SQL BLOB datatype. The BLOB related functions have been deprecated, and \ 
replaced with new function names; for example, ext_file_threshold has replaced \ 
blob_threshold, and blob_threshold is deprecated. See the Upgrading section of \ 
the documentation for more details.