Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/py-cxfreeze
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2017-02-14 10:54:30
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Log Message:
Update to py-cxfreeze 5.0.1

Version 5.0.1 (January 2017)
* Added support for Python 3.6.
* Corrected hooks for the pythoncom and pywintypes modules.
* Use realpath() to get the absolute path of the executable; this resolves
  symbolic links and ensures that changing the path before all imports are
  complete does not result in the executable being unable to find modules.

Version 5.0 (November 2016)
* Added support for Python 3.5.
* Switched from using C compiled frozen modules which embed part of the
  standard library to using the default named zip file and library file
  locations. This eliminates the need to recompile cx_Freeze for each new
  Python version as no parts of the standard library are included in the
  installation now. This also implies that appending a zip file to the
  executable is no longer supported since the standard name and location
  are used.
* Removed unnecessary options and parameters from cx_Freeze.
* Added support for Win32Service base with Python 3.x.
* Add __version__ as an alias to version.
* Updated hooks for PyQt, h5py.
* Reallow including modules with non-identifier names.
* Fix –add-to-path writing to the per-user instead of system environment
* Do not import excluded submodules.
* Add pyzmq hook
* Add copyright and trademarks to version information
* Fix compilation on Ubuntu
* Set defaults in class directly, rather than as defaults in the function
* Added support for storing packages in the file system instead of in the
  zip file. There are a number of packages that assume that they are found
  in the file system and if found in a zip file instead produce strange
* Significantly simplified startup code.
* Added logging statements for improved debugging.
* Updated samples to handle recent updates to packages.
* Avoid infinite loop for deferred imports which are cycles of one another.

Version 4.3.4 (December 2014)
* Rebuilt for Python 3.4.2. Dropped support for Python versions less than 2.6.
* Correct stale comment.
* Fix processing path specs from config when targets are not explicit.
* Tweaks to improve compiling with MSVC 10 (2010) on Windows.
* Added support for using the –deep and –resource-rules options when code
  signing through cx_Freeze on OS X.
* Catch error if GetDependentFiles() is called on a non-library
* Added FAQ entry on single file executables
* Only look one level deep for implicit relative imports
* Removed statement that was filtering out the ntpath module.

Version 4.3.3 (May 2014)
* Added support for release version of 3.4
* Added support for code signing in bdist_mac
* Added custom Info.plist and Framework suport to bdist_mac
* Added support for resolving dependencies on OS X where paths are relative
* Added hook for QtWebKit module
* Added support for finding packages inside zip files
* Ensure that syntax errors in code do not prevent freezing from taking
  place but simply ignore those modules
* Init scripts now use code that works in both Python 2 and 3
* Simplify service sample
* Fix documentation for bdist_dmg
* All options that accept multiple values are split on commas as documented

Version 4.3.2 (October 2013)
* Added support for Python 3.4.
* Added hooks for PyQt4, PyQt5 and PySide to handle their plugins.
* Added support for creating a shortcut/alias to the Applications directory
  within distributed DMG files for OS X.
* Improve missing modules output.
* Avoid polluting the extension module namespace when using the bootstrap
  module to load the extension.
* Added support for using setuptools and pip if such tools are available.
* Added first tests; nose and mock are required to run them.
* Remove –bundle-iconfile in favor of –iconfile as a more generic method of
  including the icon for bdist_mac.
* Documentation improved and FAQ added.
* Converted samples to follow PEP 8.

Version 4.3.1 (November 2012)
* Added support for the final release of Python 3.3.
* Added support for copying the MSVC runtime DLLs and manifest if desired
  by using the –include-msvcr switch.
* Clarified the documentation on the –replace-paths option.

Version 4.3 (July 2012)
* Added options to build Mac OS X application bundles and DMG packages
  using bdist_mac and bdist_dmg distutils commands.
* The documentation is now using Sphinx, and is available on
* Added support for Python 3.3 which uses a different compiled file format
  than earlier versions of Python.
* Added support for Windows services which start automatically and which are
  capable of monitoring changes in sessions such as lock and unlock.
* New cxfreeze-quickstart wizard to create a basic file. Initially
  written by Thomas Kluyver.
* Included files under their original name can now be passed to include_files
  as a tuple with an empty second element.
* File inclusions/exclusions can now be specified using a full path, or a
  shared library name with a version number suffix.