Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/xdg-utils
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2017-05-09 20:58:29
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Log Message:
Update misc/xdg-utils to 1.1.2

xdg-utils 1.1.2
 * xdg-open: Add "chromium" to fallback browsers (BR99366)
 * xdg-mime: fails on encountering a list for x-scheme-handler (BR44163)
 * xdg-screensaver: Restore previous X11 screensaver timeout (BR#98509)
 * Add gio tool support (BR99063)
 * xdg-open/xdg-email: add flatpack support (BR98824)
 * Add support for LXQt
 * Add enlightenment to xdg-email, xdg-settings
 * xdg-open: prefer open_generic_xdg_x_scheme_handler over open_envvar (BR96472)
 * xdg-mime: ensure check_mimeapps_list returns only primary item (BR44163)
 * xdg-mime: xdg-mime does not write the file it reads in a query (BR95051)
 * xdg-mime: properly handle varied ktraderclient5 output (BR94946)
 * xdg-screensaver: support cinnamon-screensaver (BR92966)
 * xdg-open: improve fallbacks, add open_generic (almost) everywhere (BR93442)
 * Check for $WAYLAND_DISPLAY as well as $DISPLAY. Move display checking
   to a common has_display() function. Thanks to Pasi Sjöholm for reporting.