Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/pgpool2
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2017-08-17 09:46:05
Message id:

Log Message:
Update databases/pgpool2 to 3.6.5, based on patches by Mustafa Dogan.
Fixes pkg/52488.

Release 3.6.5
- Fix for [pgpool-hackers: 2400] Garbage output
- Importing the latest changes in the MemoryManager API from PostgreSQL
- Fixing 0000306: Pgpool steals back MASTER status.
- Fixing [pgpool-hackers: 2390]Problems with the relative paths in
  daemon mode
- Adjust function name change in PostgreSQL 10 dev head.
- Fix a posible hang with streaming replication and extended protocol.
- Fix Pgpool-II hang when used by erlang applications.
- Fix bug with sending bind message to wrong target node.
- Fix query cache hang when used by node.js.
- Deal with PostgreSQL 10 in streaming replication delay checking.
- Fix query cache memory leak.
- Fix extended query hang in certain case.
- Fix for [pgpool-hackers: 2354] segfault with pg_md5.
- Fix descriptions of white/black_memcache_table_list.
- Fix corner case bug in Pgpool-II starting up.

Release 3.6.4
- Fixing a few corner cases in the failover request handling of the
- Tightening up the watchdog cluster membership criteria.
- Enhance document for load balancing.
- Add node 0 failover test.
- Fix Pgpool-II child process segfault reported in [pgpool-hackers:

Release 3.6.3
- Fix "show pool_cache" segfault when memcached is used.
- Fix for some more code warnings.
- Fixing some annoying compiler warnings.
- Removing the function defined but not used warnings from
- Removing the references of obsolete debug_level configuration
- Fixing a mistake in the watchdog code.
- Fix for 0000299: Errors on the reloading of configuration.
- Add pgpool_adm English and Japanese docs.
- Fix document indentation.
- Fix for 0000289: Inconsistent backend state.
- Enhancing the handling of split-brain scenario by the watchdog.
- Enhancing the watchdog internal command mechanism to handle multiple
  concurrent commands.
- Fix compiler warnings.
- Comment out unsupported Java method in new JDBC drivers to prevent
  regression failure.
- Downgrade parse before bind log message to debug1.
- Fix coverity warnings.
- Fix for [pgpool-general: 5396] pam ldap failure.
- Mention that SQL type commands cannot be used in extended query mode.
- Consider SHOW command as kind of a read query.
- Fix memory leak problem caused by commit adcb636.
- Mega patch to fix "kind mismatch" (or derived) errors in streaming
  replication mode.
- Fix for 0000296: PGPool v3.6.2 terminated by systemd because the
  service Type has been set to 'forking'.

Release 3.6.2
- Add "" to pgpool.service file.
- Fix pcp_promote_node bug that fails promoting node 0.
- Fix document error.
- Pgpool-IIshould not perform ping test after bringing down the VIP.
- Fix to release shared memory segments when Pgpool-IIexits.
- Fix for [pgpool-general: 5315] pg_terminate_backend
- Adding the missing ExecStop and ExecReload commands to the systemd
  service configuration file.
- Fix for 281: "segmentation fault" when execute pcp_attach_node.
- Fix load balancing bug in streaming replication mode.
- Fix yet another kind mismatch error in streaming replication mode.
- Fix do_query()hangs after close message.
- Fixing stack smashing detected.
- Fixing the issue with the watchdog process restart.
- Fix query cache bug reported in pgpool-general-jp:1441.
- Remove elog/ereport calls from signal handlers.
- Fix bug failed to create INET domain socket in FreeBSD if
  listen_addresses = '*'.
- Fix for 0000249: watchdog sometimes fails de-escalation.
- Fix connection_life_time broken by authentication_timeout.
- Fix authentication timeout that can occur right after client

Release 3.6.1
- Tightening up the watchdog security.
- Add pgpool_adm extension in Pgpool-II RPM.
- Fix occasional segfault when query cache is enabled.
- Fix packet kind does not match error in extended protocol.
- Fix a race condition in a signal handler.
- Fix wrong minimum configuration value for
- Allow to execute "make xslthtml" under doc.ja.