Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/gauche
Date: 2018-07-24 16:52:18
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Log Message:
Update to 0.9.6

* Use gmake for pattern rules

Release 0.9.6

Major feature upgrade

  * Notable feature enhancement:
  * New modules and procedures
      + R7RS-Large Red Edition support (WiLiKi:Gauche:R7RS-RedEdition)
      + New srfi support:
      + Other new modules and procedures:
  * Incompatible changes
  * Other bug fixes

Notable feature enhancement:

  * Static linking and standalone executable support: Now you can create a
    standalone executable from Gauche program. See blog entry and "Building
    standalone executables" section.
  * Single shell-script installer (blog entry).
  * REPL enhancement: Pretty printing (blog entry), online document display (
    blog entry) and search (blog entry).
  * Method dispatch optimizations (1, 2).
  * Procedure inlining optimizations (1, 2)
  * Windows console Japanese handling: Thanks to @hamayama, numerous fixes to
    use Japanese on Windows command prompt is incorporated.
  * Bump to Boehm gc 7.6.6, thanks to @qykth-git.
  * Support mbedTLS as an additional TLS support, thanks to @qykth-git. See
    rfc.tls for the details.
  * format finally supports floating number formatting ~f. It also supports a
    subtle rounding mode switch regarding binary to decimal conversion (blog
  * Support of using multiple versions of Gauche in parallel---from 0.9.6 and
    after, you can invoke a different version of Gauche by gosh -vVERSION, as
    far as VERSION of Gauche is also installed. This isn't much useful now
    (VERSION must be 0.9.6 or later), but will be handy with future releases.
  * Sampling profiler now works on Windows, thanks to Saito Atsushi and
    @hamayama (although it can only sample the attached thread).

New modules and procedures

R7RS-Large Red Edition support (WiLiKi:Gauche:R7RS-RedEdition)

12 libraries (out of 17) are supported:

  * scheme.list List library (formerly srfi-1)
  * scheme.vector Vector library (formerly srfi-133)
  * scheme.sort Sort libraries (formerly srfi-132)
  * scheme.set Sets and bags (formerly srfi-113)
  * scheme.charset Character-set library (formerly srfi-14)
  * scheme.hash-table Intermediate hash tables (formerly srfi-125)
  * scheme.ideque Immutable deques (formerly srfi-134
  * scheme.generator Generators (formerly srfi-121)
  * scheme.lseq Lazy sequences (formerly srfi-127)
  * Boxes (formerly srfi-111)
  * scheme.list-queue Mutable queues (formerly srfi-117)
  * scheme.comparator Comparators (formerly srfi-128)

Those are still accessible as srfi-* names, but new code is recommended to use
the scheme.* names.

New srfi support:

  * srfi-64 A Scheme API for test suites
  * srfi-66 Octet vectors
  * srfi-74 Octet-addressed binary blocks
  * srfi-96 SLIB prerequisites
  * srfi-129 Titlecase procedures
  * srfi-141 Integer division
  * srfi-143 Fixnums
  * srfi-145 Assumptions (built-in)
  * srfi-146 Mappings
      + srfi-146.hash Hashmaps
  * srfi-149 Basic Syntax-rules template extensions (built-in)
  * srfi-151 Bitwise operations
  * srfi-152 String library (reduced)
  * srfi-158 Generators and accumulators

Other new modules and procedures:

  * pprint - pretty printer.
  * assume-type macro and type-error procedure.
  * define-inline is now official.
  * hash-table-compare-as-sets, tree-map-compare-as-sets - compare those
    mappings as sets
  * let-values, let*-values: now built-in.
  * In gauche.process: do-process!, do-pipeline, run-pipeline!.
  * In gauche.unicode: char-east-asian-width
  * In gauche.uvector: uvector-binary-search, u8vector=? ..., u8vector-compare
  * In gauche.charconv: Conversion routines accepts u8vector as well as
  * In gauche.sequence: delete-neighbor-dups, delete-neighbor-dups!,
    delete-neighbor-dups-squeeze!, group-contiguous-sequence
  * In gauche.threads: atomic and atomic-update! allows more than one timeout
  * text.template: Simple template expander, based on built-in string
    interpolation feature.
  * Char-set can be immutable. char-set-freeze and char-set-freeze! are used to
    make a char set immutable. Literal char-sets are immutable, as other
    literal objects.
  * rfc.http: You can now use stunnel process to do https connection instead of
    Gauche's rfc.tls module. Note that it only works with command mode of
    stunnel---which isn't available on Windows.
  * rfc.tls: Now that we support mbedTLS and server certificate authentication,
    a minimal document is added.
  * get-uint, get-sint, put-uint!, put-sint!.
  * gauche.generator: generator->uvector, generator->uvector!, generator->
    bytevector, generator->bytevector!.
  * data.random: regular-string$ - creates a generator that generates random
    strings that match the given regexp.
  * string-incomplete->complete: Add :escape mode to escape illegal bytes in
    lossless way.

Incompatible changes

Some change undocumented behaviors; others change because of bug fix.

  * Literal character sets (#[chars]) are now immutable, as other literal
    objects; it will raise an error if you try to mutate it.
  * getter-with-setter now associates the setter to the getter in immutable way
    ('locked'); it will raise an error if you try to change it. It is the way
    specified in srfi-17. It also allows Gauche to inline setters. (NB: Many
    predefined setters are now locked. If your existing code alters them it
    will cause an error.)
  * list*, cons* - Requires at least one arg, as specified in srfi-1. Zero
    argument doesn't make sense, although previous versions of Gauche allowed
  * append, append! - Now it is an error if the arguments except the last one
    is a dotted list. We've tolerated it before, but it's rather error prone.
  * util.match: The way to match record instance with positional variables are
    changed for more reasonable way. We hope no code depends on the previous
    way, which was broken anyway. See the blog entry for the details.
  * twos-complement-factor: We fix the behavior when 0 is passed; it used to
    return 0, now it returns -1. The latter is consistent with srfi-60.
    Unfortunately we documented the former behavior, so it breaks
  * string-split: Splitting an empty string now yields an empty list instead of
    (""), as srfi-152 specifies

Other bug fixes

There are too many; we list up some notable ones.

  * The behavior of guard when no clauses are satisfied and the exception is
    reraised is now R7RS-compatible (
    ). When using R7RS, with-exception-handler is R7RS compatible (which is
    slightly different from built-in with-exception-handler, compatible to
  * unwind-protect: Fix bug with interaction of call/cc.
  * rfc.tls: axTLS interface had MT-hazard.
  * er-macro-transformer: Fix hygienity issue (
    Gauche/issues/250 )