Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-click
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-10-03 12:30:37
Message id:

Log Message:
py-click: updated to 7.0

Version 7.0:

Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.3.
Wrap click.Choice's missing message.
Add native ZSH autocompletion support.
Document that ANSI color info isn't parsed from bytearrays in Python 2.
Document byte-stripping behavior of CliRunner.
Usage errors now hint at the --help option.
Implement streaming pager.
Extract bar formatting to its own method.
Add DateTime type for converting input in given date time formats.
secho's first argument can now be None, like in echo.
Fixes a ZeroDivisionError in ProgressBar.make_step, when the arg passed to the \ 
first call of ProgressBar.update is 0.
Show progressbar only if total execution time is visible.
Added the ability to hide commands and options from help.
Document that options can be required=True.
Non-standalone calls to Context.exit return the exit code, rather than calling \ 
click.getchar() returns Unicode in Python 3 on Windows, consistent with other \ 
Added FloatRange type.
Added support for bash completion of type=click.Choice for Options and Arguments.
Only allow one positional arg for Argument parameter declaration.
Add case_sensitive=False as an option to Choice.
click.getchar() correctly raises KeyboardInterrupt on "^C" and \ 
EOFError on "^D" on Linux.
Fix encoding issue with click.getchar(echo=True) on Linux.
param_hint in errors now derived from param itself.
Add a test that ensures that when an argument is formatted into a usage error, \ 
its metavar is used, not its name.
Allow setting prog_name as extra in CliRunner.invoke.
Help text taken from docstrings truncates at the \f form feed character, useful \ 
for hiding Sphinx-style parameter documentation.
launch now works properly under Cygwin.
Update progress after iteration.
CliRunner.invoke now may receive args as a string representing a Unix shell command.
Make Argument.make_metavar() default to type metavar.
Add documentation for ignore_unknown_options.
Add bright colors support for and fix the reset option for \ 
parameters fg and bg.
Add show_envvar for showing environment variables in help.
Avoid BrokenPipeError during interpreter shutdown when stdout or stderr is a \ 
closed pipe.
Document customizing option names.
Disable sys._getframes() on Python interpreters that don't support it.
Fix bug in test runner when calling sys.exit with None.
Clarify documentation on command line options.
Fix crash on Windows console.
Fix bug that caused bash completion to give improper completions on chained commands.
Added support for dynamic bash completion from a user-supplied callback.
Added support for bash completions containing spaces.
Allow autocompletion function to determine whether or not to return completions \ 
that start with the incomplete argument.
Fix option naming routine to match documentation and be deterministic.
Fix path validation bug.
Add test and documentation for Option naming: functionality.
Update doc to match arg name for path_type.
Raw strings added so correct escaping occurs.
Fix 16k character limit of click.echo on Windows.
Overcome 64k character limit when writing to binary stream on Windows 7.
Add bool conversion for "t" and "f".
NoSuchOption errors take ctx so that --help hint gets printed in error output.
Fixed the behavior of Click error messages with regards to Unicode on 2.x and \ 
3.x. Message is now always Unicode and the str and Unicode special methods work \ 
as you expect on that platform.
Progress bar now uses stderr by default.
Add support for auto-completion documentation.
Allow CliRunner to separate stdout and stderr.
Fix variable precedence.
Fix invalid escape sequences.
Fix ResourceWarning that occurs during some tests.
When detecting a misconfigured locale, don't fail if the locale command fails.
Add case_sensitive=False as an option to Choice types.
Force stdout/stderr writable. This works around issues with badly patched \ 
standard streams like those from Jupyter.
Fix completion of subcommand options after last argument
_AtomicFile now uses the realpath of the original filename so that changing the \ 
working directory does not affect it.
Fix incorrect completions when defaults are present
Add copy option attrs so that custom classes can be re-used.
"x" and "a" file modes now use stdout when file is "-".
Fix missing comma in __all__ list.
Clarify how parameters are named.
Stdout is now automatically set to non blocking.
Do not set options twice.
Move fcntl import.
Fix Google App Engine ImportError.
Better handling of help text for dynamic default option values.
Fix get_winter_size() so it correctly returns (0,0).
Add test case checking for custom param type.
Allow short width to address cmd formatting.
Add details about Python version support.
Added deprecation flag to commands.
Fixed issues where fd was undefined.
Fix formatting for short help.
Document how auto_envvar_prefix works with command groups.
Don't add newlines by default for progress bars.
Use Python sorting order for ZSH completions.
Document that parameter names are converted to lowercase by default.
Subcommands that are named by the function now automatically have the underscore \ 
replaced with a dash. If you register a function named my_command it becomes \ 
my-command in the command line interface.
Hide hidden commands and options from completion.
Fix absolute import blocking Click from being vendored into a project on Windows.
Fix issue where a lowercase auto_envvar_prefix would not be converted to uppercase.