Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Perl-Tidy
From: Wen Heping
Date: 2018-11-25 15:51:03
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 20181120

Upstream changes:
## 2018 11 20

    - fix RT#127736 Perl-Tidy-20181119 has the EXE_FILES entry commented out in
      Makefile.PL so it doesn't install the perltidy script or its manpage.

## 2018 11 19

    - Removed test case 'filter_example.t' which was causing a failure on a
      Windows installation for unknown reasons, possibly due to an unexpected
      perltidyrc being read by the test script.  Added VERSION numbers to all
      new modules.

## 2018 11 17

    - Fixed RT #126965, in which a ternary operator was misparsed if immediately
      following a function call without arguments, such as:
        my $restrict_customer = shift ? 1 : 0;

    - Fixed RT #125012: bug in -mangle --delete-all-comments
      A needed blank space before bareword tokens was being removed when comments
      were deleted

    - Fixed RT #81852: Stacked containers and quoting operators. Quoted words
      (qw) delimited by container tokens ('{', '[', '(', '<') are now included in
      the --weld-nested (-wn) flag:

          # perltidy -wn
          use_all_ok( qw{
                } );

    - The cuddled-else (-ce) coding was merged with the new cuddled-block (-cb)
      coding.  The change is backward compatible and simplifies input.
      The --cuddled-block-option=n (-cbo=n) flag now applies to both -ce and -cb
      formatting.  In fact the -cb flag is just an alias for -ce now.

    - Fixed RT #124594, license text desc. changed from 'GPL-2.0+' to 'gpl_2'

    - Fixed bug in which a warning about a possible code bug was issued in a
      script with brace errors.

    - added option --notimestamp or -nts to eliminate any time stamps in output
      files.  This is used to prevent differences in test scripts from causing
      failure at installation. For example, the -cscw option will put a date
      stamp on certain closing side comments. We need to avoid this in order
      to test this feature in an installation test.

    - Fixed bug with the entab option, -et=8, in which the leading space of
      some lines was was not entabbed.  This happened in code which was adjusted
      for vertical alignment and in hanging side comments. Thanks to Glenn.

    - Fixed RT #127633, undesirable line break after return when -baao flag is set

    - Fixed RT #127035, vertical alignment. Vertical alignment has been improved
      in several ways.  Thanks especially to Michael Wardman and Glenn for sending
      helpful snippets.

      - Alignment of the =~ operators has been reactivated.

          $service_profile =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;
          $host_profile =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;

          $service_profile =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;
          $host_profile    =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;

      - Alignment of the // operator has been reactivated.

          is( pop // 7,       7, 'pop // ... works' );
          is( pop() // 7,     0, 'pop() // ... works' );
          is( pop @ARGV // 7, 3, 'pop @array // ... works' );

          is( pop       // 7, 7, 'pop // ... works' );
          is( pop()     // 7, 0, 'pop() // ... works' );
          is( pop @ARGV // 7, 3, 'pop @array // ... works' );

      - The rules for alignment of just two lines have been adjusted,
        hopefully to be a little better overall.  In some cases, two
        lines which were previously unaligned are now aligned, and vice-versa.

          $expect = "1$expect" if $expect =~ /^e/i;
          $p = "1$p" if defined $p and $p =~ /^e/i;

          $expect = "1$expect" if $expect =~ /^e/i;
          $p      = "1$p"      if defined $p and $p =~ /^e/i;

    - RT #106493; source code repository location has been added to docs; it is

    - The packaging for this version has changed. The module is much
      smaller.  Supporting modules have been split out from it and placed below
      it in the path Perl/Tidy/*.

    - A number of new installation test cases have been added. Updates are now
      continuously tested at Travis CI against versions back to Perl 5.08.