Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/sord
From: Benny Siegert
Date: 2019-01-02 20:46:10
Message id:

Log Message:
Update sord to 0.16.2.

Sord 0.16.2

  * sord_validate: Fix restriction count reporting
  * sord_validate: Use consistent error format
  * sord_validate: Add support for maximum cardinality
  * sord_validate: Only report functional / inverse functional property errors
    if the subjects / objects are not blank

Sord 0.16.0

  * Fix construction and comparison of URIs with UTF-8 characters
  * Fix documentation generation
  * Return error from sord_inserter_write_statement() if a node can not be
    written (e.g. undefined prefix)
  * Make sord_node_get_counted return byte count, and clarify documentation
  * Safely return NULL from sord_iter_get() for end iterators
  * Add sord_node_get_string_measured() to get both byte and character counts
  * sord_validate: Do proper numeric comparison for propery bounds checking
  * sord_validate: Tolerate xsd:decimal literals for double and float
    properties if literals match pattern

Sord 0.14.0

  * Reduce memory usage and increase performance with a better data structure
  * Add sord_erase() for erasing statements via an iterator
  * Fix bugs with stores that contain both graphs and default graph statements
  * Fix crash caused by multiple deletion of datatype nodes
  * Fix compilation on compilers that do not support -pthread flag
  * Fix minor memory leak in sordi
  * Fix using sordi with stdin
  * Show sordi errors in standard format
  * sord_validate: More extensive validation, including cardinality,
    PlainLiteral, and someValuesFrom restrictions.
  * This release does not break the ABI, but the semantics of iterators has
    changed: any modification to a model invalidates iterators on that model
  * Improve test coverage
  * Upgrade to waf 1.8.14