Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-04-18 12:10:03
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Log Message:
sqlite3: updated to 3.28.0

SQLite Release 3.28.0:

Enhanced window functions:
Add support the EXCLUDE clause.
Add support for window chaining.
Add support for GROUPS frames.
Add support for "<expr> PRECEDING" and "<expr> \ 
FOLLOWING" boundaries in RANGE frames.
Added the new sqlite3_stmt_isexplain(S) interface for determining whether or not \ 
a prepared statement is an EXPLAIN.
Enhanced VACUUM INTO so that it works for read-only databases.
New query optimizations:
Enable the LIKE optimization for cases when the ESCAPE keyword is present and \ 
PRAGMA case_sensitive_like is on.
In queries that are driven by a partial index, avoid unnecessary tests of the \ 
constraint named in the WHERE clause of the partial index, since we know that \ 
constraint must always be true.
Enhancements to the TCL Interface:
Added the -returntype option to the function method.
Added the new bind_fallback method.
Enhancements to the CLI:
Added support for bound parameters and the .parameter command.
Fix the readfile() function so that it returns an empty BLOB rather than \ 
throwing an out-of-memory error when reading an empty file.
Fix the writefile() function so that when it creates new directories along the \ 
path of a new file, it gives them umask permissions rather than the same \ 
permissions as the file.
Change --update option in the .archive command so that it skips files that are \ 
already in the archive and are unchanged. Add the new --insert option that works \ 
like --update used to work.
Added the fossildelta.c extension that can create, apply, and deconstruct the \ 
Fossil DVCS file delta format that is used by the RBU extension.
Added the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_WRITABLE_SCHEMA verb for the sqlite3_db_config() \ 
interface, that does the same work as PRAGMA writable_schema without using the \ 
SQL parser.
Added the sqlite3_value_frombind() API for determining if the argument to an SQL \ 
function is from a bound parameter.
Security and compatibilities enhancements to fts3_tokenizer():
The fts3_tokenizer() function always returns NULL unless either the legacy \ 
application-defined FTS3 tokenizers interface are enabled using the \ 
sqlite3_db_config(SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER) setting, or unless the \ 
first argument to fts3_tokenizer() is a bound parameter.
The two-argument version of fts3_tokenizer() accepts a pointer to the tokenizer \ 
method object even without the \ 
sqlite3_db_config(SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER) setting if the second \ 
argument is a bound parameter
Improved robustness against corrupt database files.
Miscellaneous performance enhancements