Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/get_iplayer
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2019-07-19 10:32:42
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Log Message:
get_iplayer: Update to 3.21

- Added --release-check option to check for new releases
-   If used on the command line (get_iplayer --release-check) an immediate check \ 
is made.
-   If added to preferences (get_iplayer --prefs-add --release-check) a weekly \ 
check is made. The modification time on the "release_check" file in \ 
your profile directory is used to determine when a check is due.
-   Accesses release feeds from GitHub repositories.
-   get_iplayer is NOT automatically updated with --release-check . It only \ 
prints a message notifying you that a new release is available.
- Added --cuesheet and --cuesheet-only options to download track information in \ 
the form of a cue sheet (.cue file).
-   Applies to radio programmes only. Only useful with radio programmes that \ 
publish track lists on BBC site.
-   You cannot assume cue sheets to be accurate since track data is often wrong. \ 
You must correct cue sheets as needed if you use them to play back or edit \ 
downloaded programmes.
-   get_iplayer makes no attempt to identify air breaks between tracks. You must \ 
set track end times manually if you use cue sheets to edit downloaded \ 
-   You will need to add a UTF-8 BOM (byte order mark) to cue sheets so that \ 
non-ASCII characters are displayed properly in some applications, e.g., \ 
foobar2000. This can be done with any capable text editor, or in the Notepad \ 
"Save" dialog with Encoding = "UTF-8 with BOM" (Windows 10) \ 
or Encoding = "UTF-8" (Windows 7).
- --subs-embed now implies --subs-mono. If you use --subs-embed, you no longer \ 
need to use --subs-mono.
-   Embedded subtitles are rendered in a single colour, so this change ensures \ 
that embedded subtitles have leading hyphens to denote changes of speaker.
-   This change also ensures that the external SRT file is formatted the same as \ 
the embedded subtitles. If you wish to create an external SRT file with colour \ 
subtitles along with embedded subtitles, use --subtitles-only --no-subs-embed \ 
--no-subs-mono --overwrite to re-download colour subtitles and replace the SRT \ 
- Added --metadata=json option to create metadata file in JSON format (.json \ 
file). Content is the same as default XML-format metadata files (produced by \ 
--metadata without format value specified).
- Added --pid-recursive-type option to limit recursive downloads to programmes \ 
of specified type (radio or tv) when series includes both radio and TV \ 
programmes. Option value is not reflected in listings from --pid-recursive-list, \ 
nor is it applied when only downloading auxiliary resources (e.g., \ 
--metadata-only). Requires --pid-recursive.
- Added <sesortx> substitution parameter. See definition in Substitution \ 
Parameters. This parameter provides an additional option for constructing \ 
sortable file names with --file-prefix.
- The --pid option can no longer be saved in the default options file, where it \ 
could break subsequent downloads. It can still be saved in presets and used with \ 
- The installer-supplied wrapper script that launches a standalone Web PVR \ 
Manager server has been renamed from get_iplayer.cgi to get_iplayer_cgi (macOS) \ 
and from get_iplayer.cgi.cmd to get_iplayer_cgi.cmd (Windows).
- Implemented a workaround for a deficiency in Windows Perl that caused \ 
"Wide character in print" warnings.
- Implemented a workaround to avoid Can't locate object method \ 
"subtitles_available" error when using --pid-recursive with \ 
--subtitles or --subtitles-only with mixed TV/radio series.
- Fixed a bug that caused the channel name to be tagged as "BBC \ 
iPlayer" when downloading individual programmes with --pid.
- Fixed a bug that caused downloads to fail when using default settings if the \ 
only available version of a radio programme was "podcastX" (where X = \