Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/clojure
From: Sevan Janiyan
Date: 2019-07-23 22:33:51
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Log Message:
Update to Clojure 1.8.0

1 New and Improved Features

1.1 Direct Linking

Direct linking can be enabled with

Direct linking allows functions compiled with direct linking on to make direct \ 
static method calls to most other functions, instead of going through the var \ 
and the Fn object. This can enable further optimization by the jit, at a cost in \ 
dynamism. In particular, directly-linked calls will not see redefinitions.

With this change, clojure.core itself is compiled with direct linking and \ 
therefore other namespaces cannot redefine core fns and have those redefinitions \ 
seen by core code.

A new metadata key ^:redef is provided. A function declared with this key can be \ 
redefined and will never be direct linked. Also, functions declared as ^:dynamic \ 
will never be direct linked.

1.2 String Functions

Several new string functions were added to clojure.string to increase \ 
portability and reduce the need for Java interop calls:

index-of - search for the index of a char or string in a string

last-index-of - search for the index of a char or string backwards in a string

starts-with? - true if string starts with a substring

ends-with? - true if string ends with a substring

includes? - true if string includes a substring


1.3 Socket Server and REPL

The Clojure runtime now has the ability to start a socket server at \ 
initialization based on system properties. One expected use for this is serving \ 
a socket-based REPL, but it also has many other potential uses for dynamically \ 
adding server capability to existing programs without code changes.

A socket server will be started for each JVM system property like \ 
clojure.server.<server-name>. The value for this property is an edn map \ 
representing the configuration of the socket server with the following \ 

address - host or address, defaults to loopback
port - positive integer, required
accept - namespaced symbol of function to invoke on socket accept, required
args - sequential collection of args to pass to accept
bind-err - defaults to true, binds *err* to socket out stream
server-daemon - defaults to true, socket server thread doesn't block exit
client-daemon - defaults to true, socket client thread doesn't block exit
Additionally, there is a repl function provided that is slightly customized for \ 
use with the socket server in clojure.core.server/repl.

Following is an example of starting a socket server with a repl listener. This \ 
can be added to any existing Clojure program to allow it to accept external REPL \ 

-Dclojure.server.repl="{:port 5555 :accept clojure.core.server/repl}"
An example client you can use to connect to this socket repl is telnet:

$ telnet 5555
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
user=> (println "hello")

Socket REPL design page
2 Enhancements

2.1 Error handling

CLJ-1778 let-bound namespace-qualified bindings should throw (if not map \ 
CLJ-1456 Compiler now errors if too few or too many arguments to throw
CLJ-1282 quote now throws if passed more or less than one arg
CLJ-1210 Improved error message for ( nil)
2.2 Documentation strings

CLJ-1060 'list*' returns not a list
CLJ-1722 Typo in the docstring of 'with-bindings'
CLJ-1769 Docstrings for *' and +' refer to * and +
CLJ-1414 sort and sort-by now indicate sort is stable in docstring
2.3 Performance

CLJ-703 Improve writeClassFile performance
CLJ-1765 areduce performance improvements
CLJ-1724 Remove unnecessary call to seq() in LazySeq.hashCode()
CLJ-1295 Improved array-map dissoc performance
CLJ-1277 Speed up printing of time instants with type hints
CLJ-1259 Speed up pprint and cl-format with type hints
CLJ-668 Improve slurp performance by using StringWriter and jio/copy
2.4 Other enhancements

CLJ-1208 Optionally require namespace on defrecord class init
CLJ-1823 Document new :load-ns option to defrecord/deftype
CLJ-1810 ATransientMap now marked public
CLJ-1653 str of an empty list should be "()"
CLJ-1567 Removed unused local in condp implementation
CLJ-1351 Unused swapThunk method was being emitted for fns with keyword callsites
CLJ-1329 Removed unused local in PersistentVector.cons()
CLJ-1831 Add clojure.core/map-entry? predicate
CLJ-1845 Make clojure.core/load dynamic so it can be redef'ed even with direct \ 
3 Bug Fixes

CLJ-130 Namespace metadata lost in AOT compile
CLJ-1134 star-directive in clojure.pprint/cl-format with at-prefix \ 
("~n@*") does not obey its specification
CLJ-1137 Metadata on a def gets evaluated twice
CLJ-1157 Classes generated by gen-class aren't loadable from remote codebase
CLJ-1225 quot overflow issues around Long/MIN_VALUE for BigInt
CLJ-1313 Correct a few unit tests
CLJ-1319 array-map fails lazily if passed an odd number of arguments
CLJ-1361 pprint with code-dispatch incorrectly prints a simple ns macro call
CLJ-1390 pprint a GregorianCalendar results in Arity exception
CLJ-1399 field name unmunged when recreating deftypes serialized into bytecode
CLJ-1485 clojure.test.junit/with-junit-output doesn't handle multiple expressions
CLJ-1528 clojure.test/inc-report-counter is not thread-safe
CLJ-1533 invokePrim path does not take into account var or form meta
CLJ-1562 some->,some->>,cond->,cond->> and as-> doesn't \ 
work with (recur)
CLJ-1565 pprint produces infinite output for a protocol
CLJ-1588 StackOverflow in clojure.test macroexpand with are and anon fn
CLJ-1644 into-array fails for sequences starting with nil
CLJ-1645 protocol class does not set the source file
CLJ-1657 proxy bytecode calls super methods of abstract classes
CLJ-1659 compile leaks files
CLJ-1761 clojure.core/run! does not always return nil per docstring
CLJ-1782 Spelling mistake in clojure.test/use-fixtures
CLJ-1785 Reader conditionals throw when returning nil
CLJ-1766 Serializing+deserializing lists breaks their hash
CLJ-1609 Edge case in Reflector's search for a public method declaration
CLJ-1586 Compiler doesn't preserve metadata for LazySeq literals
CLJ-1232 Functions with non-qualified return type hints will now work without \ 
import from other namespace
CLJ-1812 Fix test failure on windows due to line endings
CLJ-1380 3-arg ExceptionInfo constructor permitted nil data
CLJ-1226 set! of a deftype field using field-access syntax caused ClassCastException
Records and types without fields eval to empty map
CLJ-1827 Fix reflection warning introduced in CLJ-1259
CLJ-1453 Ensure that all Iterator implementations throw NoSuchElementException \ 
on next() when exhausted
CLJ-1868 Avoid compiler NPE when checking class return type