Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/OmegaT
Date: 2019-07-24 16:01:09
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Log Message:
Update to 4.3.0

OmegaT 4.3.0 is the new standard version of OmegaT.

Compared with 4.2.0, it has 6 enhancements and 8 bug fixes. Highlights include:

The Insert key toggles a new Overwrite mode in the editor.

There were several critical bug fixes related to team projects.

Problems upgrading existing installations on Windows via the installer have been \ 

Compared with 3.6.0 update 11, it has 129 enhancements and 65 bug fixes. \ 
Highlights include:

Team projects were redesigned. Synchronisation is no more restricted to one \ 
repository location. This allows, for instance, to create multilingual team \ 
projects without duplicating the source documents, or to get files to translate \ 
directly online, not only from Subversion and Git, but also from HTTP(S). \ 
Complex mappings can be written.

Panes have now action menus, and there is a new Segment Properties pane (use \ 
Restore Main Window to make it appear if necessary). There is now a notification \ 
system, to alert the user when a given pane has content (e.g., Comments).

OmegaT now has a visual aligner. It aligns files in all formats recognized by \ 
OmegaT, thus allowing keeping formatting. After a first automatic step \ 
(parameters can be fine-tuned) , it is possible to adjust the alignment with \ 
split, merge and edit.

The auto-completer now includes history prediction and completion, which means \ 
auto-completion is now available even without glossary entries or user-entered \ 
abbreviations. It is possible to disable individually auto-completer views.

A new Issues window replaces the old Tag validation window. In it, it is \ 
possible to check tags as before, but also spell checking and LanguageTool \ 
issues. It is extensible, with the possible of adding issue \ 
"providers" to the Issues window, for instance with a script.

Preferences are now unified in a new dialog under Options > Preferences.

It is now possible to define credentials for machine translation and the TaaS \ 
services in the preferences and to store them securely.

The ExternalFinder plugin \ 
( is now integrated in \ 
OmegaT with a full user interface.

Any bilingual files (in a format supported by OmegaT) can now be used as a \ 
translation memory in the /tm folder. This applies to OmegaT bilingual formats \ 
(PO and Mozilla .lang files) but also to the Okapi Filters plugin bilingual \ 
formats such as XLIFF (it requires version 1.3-m32 and above of the plugin).

OmegaT can now check automatically for updates. If a new version is detected, \ 
the user will be directed to the download page.

OmegaT can now run on Java 11. Note that Java 8 remains the recommended version, \ 
and all "with JRE" distributions continue to bundle the Java 8 JRE.

OmegaT 4.2.0 brings 5 enhancements and 1 bug fix.

There is now a separate color for "enforced" TM matches in the Editor.

Apache Ivy is now included with OmegaT to allow Groovy scripts to fetch external \ 

OmegaT can now run on Java 11. Note that Java 8 remains the recommended version, \ 
and all "with JRE" distributions continue to bundle the Java 8 JRE.

Spelling dictionaries without a region ("fr", not "fr-FR") \ 
now show up as available when installing.

Basic autocompletion is now available in the Scripting window (Ctrl+Enter).

Signed installers for Windows are now available. Signing indicates that the \ 
author of the software is a known entity, and that the software has not been \ 
modified. Note that the developer will be shown as "Aaron Madlon-Kay", \ 
the OmegaT project manager, rather than "OmegaT" because OmegaT is not \ 
a legal entity.

Plugin classes are now only loaded once, even if multiple copies are installed.

The Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Simplified \ 
Chinese, and Turkish localisations were updated.

The OmegaT Project always welcomes developers, localisers and users to \ 
contribute their experience, knowledge and insights to the software we release.