Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/SDL2
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2019-07-27 17:29:10
Message id:

Log Message:
SDL2: Update to 2.0.10


* Fixed bug 4347 - Keyboard LEDs don't work on linux console
* Fixed bug 4349 - SDL_CreateWindow fails with KMS/DRM after upgrading Mesa to 18.2.3
* Fix crash when GL_LoadFunctions()/GLES2_LoadFunctions() fails
* fix NetBSD C90 build failure
* joystick: Add Linux mappings for "Xbox One Wireless Controller (Model \ 
* Closing SDL-ryan-batching-renderer branch.
* Merge SDL-ryan-batching-renderer branch to default.
* merge fallout: Patched to compile, fixed some compiler warnings, etc.
* fix build using Watcom :
* metal: remove an obsolete section of a constant buffer.
* metal: avoid an extra buffer allocation and GPU data copy in RunCommandQueue, \ 
it's not needed. Improves overall performance.
* Remove machine-specific IncludePath from SDL.vcxproj
* Fixed bug 4315 - little Warning in Android_JNI_CaptureAudioBuffer
* Fixed bug 4319 - Android remove reflection for PointerIcon
* Fixed bug 4320 - Android remove reflection for HIDDeviceBLESteamController
* Fixed bug 4308 - Prebuilt SDL.dll files not compiled with ASLR support \ 
* mir: Removed mir client support.
* metal: fix the size of the buffer used for constant data.
* metal: fix the SDL_RENDERER_PRESENTVSYNC flag not being set on the renderer \ 
info on macOS, when vsync is used.
* metal: SDL_RenderReadPixels on macOS synchronizes the render target's texture \ 
data if it's managed, before reading from it.
* fix bug #4362 - SDL_syswm.h with SDL_PROTOTYPES_ONLY broken in C++ mode
* close_code.h: #error if included without matching begin_code.h
* close_code.h: #error if included without matching begin_code.h
* wayland: fix resizing and fullscreen toggling
* Added Vulkan headers version 1.1.91
* The Debian maintainers aren't using these rules, so enable dynamic loading of \ 
shared libraries by default for the Steam Linux Runtime
* Used confflags +=, so each option can be enabled individually, if desired
* Add SDL_TouchDeviceType enum and SDL_GetTouchDeviceType(SDL_TouchID id).
* cocoa: fix building with the macOS 10.7 SDK (thanks Riccardo!)
* Fixed bug 4367 - compatibility version decreased between 2.0.8 and 2.0.9
* Fixed bug 4366 - Compile throws a warning on RPI (Raspbian Stretch)
* Fixed bug 4377 - SDL_PIXELFORMAT enum is anonymous, which prevents its use in \ 
a templated function
* revert commit aad2440e3d61 for consistency (c.f. bug #4367.)
* Fixed bug 3193 - Dualshock 3's motion sensors overwrite analog stick
* software: fix blits with color mods that change during a command queue run.
* fix permissions
* The default draw blendmode is SDL_BLENDMODE_NONE
* Fixed a few compiler warnings.
* Back out change initializing renderer blend mode incorrectly.
* opengles: Fixed compiler warnings.
* libm: Watcom defines huge=__huge: undefine it to fix build using Watcom.
* os/2 bits for SDL_malloc.c -- from libffi
* Fixed bug 4391 - hid_enumerate() sometimes causes game to freeze for a few seconds
* Fixed bug 4392 - SDL_cpuinfo.h breaks compilation with C bool type
* Fixed bug 4394 - Crash in SDL_PumpEvents() after SDL_DestroyWindow()
* wayland: ask xdg-decoration protocol extension to use server-side decorations \ 
if possible.
* metal: SDL_RenderFillRects uses one draw call per 16k rectangles (within the \ 
given FillRects call), instead of one draw call per rectangle. Reduces CPU usage \ 
when drawing many rectangles.
* metal: Fix an incorrect division.
* Do a second pass to find libraries without a single version digit after the .so
* Added atomics support for armv8-a (Raspberry Pi 3)
* metal: use a staging texture in SDL_UpdateTexture, to make sure it doesn't \ 
stomp texture data being drawn in a previous frame on the GPU.
* SDL_touch.h (SDL_TouchDeviceType): remove comma at end of enumerator list.
* Fixed bug changing cursors on Raspberry Pi
* Fixed the hotspot for cursors on Raspberry Pi
* Added support for the Razer Raiju Mobile
* Patched to compile on Linux with --disable-threads.
* Patched to compile on Linux with threads enabled.  (whoops!)
* Added some detail to a Doxygen comment (thanks, Sylvain!).
* android: use cpufeatures to support SDL_HasNEON() (thanks, Sylvain!).
* kmsdrm: uninitialized KMSDRM fixes
* kmsdrm: Check for resources when validating KMSDRM device in check_modesetting.
* directfb: Updated render backend to new internal API.
* cmake: Comment out some debug logging that can upset build environments.
* Patched to compile on C89 compilers.
* render: fix some static analysis warnings.
* android: use __ARM_NEON instead of __ARM_NEON__ to include <arm_neon.h>
* Windows: NEON detection and intrinsic includes on Visual Studio
* Update comment URL of USB document (HID Usage Tables 1.12)
* Fix comment and end of lines
* Fixed the PS4 motion controls showing up as a separate game controller on Linux
* Warnings: fix a documentation warning and missing prototypes
* wayland: Send SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID mouse events for touches.
* linux: Move SDL_LinuxSetThreadPriority() elsewhere to fix build.
* egl: Don't force X11 support when testing for EGL.
* joystick: Added controller config for IMS Passenger Control Unit Devices.
* Fixed the ROCCAT Tyon mouse showing up as a joystick on Windows
* Whoops, forgot to add a new source file.  :/
* joystick: Removed unused variable.
* Fix warnings detected on Android build
* opengles2: fix prototype of glDeleteBuffers
* Fix warnings detected on Android build
* wayland: Do not try to lock on an invalid pointer
* Made it more clear that the values being compared are floats
* Added the hint SDL_HINT_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG_FILE to specify a file to load at \ 
initialization containing SDL game controller mappings
* Fixed bug 4415 - SDL menu bar is nonstandard on Mac
* Fixed bug 4379 - fix parallel build with slibtool
* Linux Haptic: Fix periodic.magnitude value
* Rename _SDL_sensor_h in public header, not to trigger Wreserved-id-macro
* Handle both "Sony Interactive Intertainment" and "Sony Computer \ 
Entertainment" when ignoring motion sensors
* Fixed building with the 10.10 SDK
* Fixed bug 4425 - promote to alpha format, palette surface with alpha values.
* emscripten: SDL_PrivateJoystickAdded() wants an instance id, not device index.
* Fixed bug 4426 - allows re-creation of software renderer
* cocoa: Implement OpenGL swap interval support with CVDisplayLink.
* testgl2: Press 'o' or 'p' to decrease/increase OpenGL swap interval.
* Gesture: remove warnings when ENABLE_DOLLAR is undefined.
* metal: Implement SDL_LockTexture for non-YUV textures.
* metal: Implement SDL_LockTexture for YUV formats.
* render: Prefer the Metal renderer over OpenGL.
* render: Fix internal state getting out of sync when destroying a texture that \ 
was just rendered and then creating a new one, in the GL and GLES2 backends. \ 
Fixes bug #4433.
* opengles 1: use color from 'draw' union in SetDrawState()
* opengles 1: same fix as in bug #4433
* PSP renderer: use colors from 'draw' union (very likely, but un-tested)
* Fixed bug 3511 - documentation to end an Android application
* Fixed bug 3186 - Android SW keyboard not restored when app becomes foreground.
* Android: fixed comments and spaces
* Android: on rare occasion, prevent Android_JNI_GetNativeWindow() from crashing
* Fixed bug 4424 - Android windowed mode is broken (Thanks Jonas Thiem!)
* Android: make sure surfaceChanged try to enter into 'resumed' state.
* Fixed bug 3250 - Wrong backbuffer pixel format on Android, keep getting RGB_565
* Android: preparation bug 4142, reduce usage of global variable Android_Window
* Android: minor preparation for bug 4142 (concurrency issues)
* Fixed bug 4142 - Concurrency issues in Android backend
* Android: prevent the error message from SDL_EGL_CreateSurface() to be masked.
* Android: use Mutex instead of Semphore for bug 4142
* Android: concurrency issue with egl_surface EGL_BAD_SURFACE - (bug 4142)
* Android: make Android_PumpEvents() more readable
* Android: fixed immediate transition to pause and resume.
* Updated copyright for 2019
* Fixed bug 4255 - SDL_GetGlobalMouseState() returns incorrect Y on secondary display
* Android: fix wrong state after immediate sequence pause() / resume() / pause()
* Android: un-needed check of "isPausing" and minor typos
* Android: remove SURFACE_TYPE_GPU, deprecated in API level 5.
* Android: allow multiple calls to nativeResume()
* Android: better fix for bug 3186. Run those commands from SDL thread.
* Android: some robustness when quitting application from onDestroy()
* Android: don't allow multiple instance of SDLActivity
* Android: concurrency issue for Android_SetWindowFullscreen()
* Android: native_window validity is guaranteed between surfaceCreated and Destroyed
* Android: add some SetError for Android_SetWindowFullscreen
* Android: prevent a dummy error message sending SDL_DISPLAYEVENT_ORIENTATION
* Android: un-needed transition to Pause state.
* Android: only send Quit event to SDLThread if it's not already terminated
* Android: nativeQuit for SDLActivity thread
* Android: some simplification, don't need mExitCalledFromJava
* Android: remove deprecated PixelFormat in surfaceChanged()
* Fixed bug 3930 - Android, set thread priorities and names
* Android: add name for Touch devices and simplification, from bug 3958
* Android: fix prototype of Android_JNI_InitTouch
* Android: fix bad merge from previous commit
* Android: don't call Android_JNI_ThreadDestroyed() for Java SDLThread
* Android: use pthread_once for creating thread key 'mThreadKey'
* Android: Audio thread is already setup for the JVM
* Android: use the same naming for JNI env local variables
* Android: change the way JNIEnv is retrieved
* Android: move and group JNIEnv helper functions
* Fixed bug 4453 - GLES / GLES2: first white renderer clear cmd is drawn as black
* Updated minimum supported Android version to API 16, to match latest NDK toolchain
* Fixed compiler warning
* Initial Android OpenSL ES implementation, contributed by ANTA
* Android/openslES: some space and indentation to match SDL conventions
* Android/openslES: register and use CloseDevice function.
* Android/openslES: move a few static variables to SDL_PrivateAudioData structure
* Android/openslES: set audio in paused/resumed state for Android event loop
* Android/openslES: start playing, after creating ressources
* Android/openslES: check for non NULL variable, some intialization.
* Android: minor, remove static attributes, move mIsSurfaceReady to SDLSurface
* Android/openslES: fix Pause/ResumeDevices when openslES is not used
* Android: create Pause/ResumeSem semaphore at higher level than CreateWindow()
* evdev: Add touchscreen mouse emulation and pressure support (thanks, Zach!).
* evdev: don't debug log on a BTN_TOUCH from a non-touch device.
* Android: remove old code after Android-16 has been set as minimum requirement
* Android: remove trailing spaces
* Android: merge SDLJoystickHandler_API12 and SDLJoystickHandler_API16
* Android: move static variable isPaused/isPausing to SDL_VideoData structure
* Android: add mutex protection to onNativeOrientationChanged
* Fixed bug 4024 - remove trailing comma of Controller mappings
* Android: also update APP_PLATFORM to android-16 in
* Android: prevent concurrency in Android_SetScreenResolution() when exiting
* Android: remove hard-coded constant for Samsung DeX (no op!)
* Android: minor change in the evaluation of SOURCE_CLASS_JOYSTICK (no op!)
* Android: remove another hard-coded constant for Samsung DeX (no op!)
* Android: remove duplicate code in SDLGenericMotionListener_API24
* Fixed bug 3657 - Color-key doesn't work when an alpha channel is present
* Fixed compiler warning on Android
* Android: automatically attach to the JVM non-SDL threads
* Android: some typos
* Fixed compiler warning
* Fixed bug 3827 - issue with MapRGB, palette and colorkey
* Fixed bug 3827 - issue with MapRGB, palette and colorkey
* Revert SDL_gamecontrollerdb.h and from bug 4024
* Fixed bug 4024 - GameController error "Unexpected controller element"
* Fixed bug 4290 - add fastpaths for format conversion in BlitNtoN
* Add explicit unsigned int and char types in (for bug 4290)
* Fixed failing SDL_ConvertSurface() when blit has failed.
* Fix blit with blending (Blit_A) to RGB332 which has no palette
* Add fast paths in BlitNtoNKey
* Add SDL_MEMALIGNED flag for SDL_Surface using aligned memory.
* iOS/tvOS: fix support for SDL_GameControllerGetButton(controller, GUIDE) with \ 
MFi controllers (thanks Caleb!)
* Rename surface aligned memory flag to SDL_SIMD_ALIGNED
* Fix include path compilation
* Fixed bug 4484 - use SIMD aligned memory for SDL_Surface
* render: Fix OpenGL draw state cache for various points of texture binding.
* opengles1: keep cached texturing state correct.
* opengles2: keep cached texturing state correct.
* opengles2: patched to compile.
* Android/openslES: prevent to run out of buffers if Enqueue() fails.
* Android/openslES: set number of buffers of DATALOCATOR to internal NUM_BUFFER
* Android/openslES: fix warnings, comment out un-used interface
* Faster blit when using CopyAlpha + ColorKey
* Fix pointer warnings
* Faster blit when using No Alpha or Set Alpha, + ColorKey
* Faster blit with no ColorKey
* Fix wrong comment
* Code factorization of the pixel format permutation
* Faster blit with CopyAlpha, no ColorKey
* Some simplification of previous commit
* Fix wrong access and simplify
* Faster blit colorkey or not, applied to bpp: 3->4 and 4->3
* Better naming for the blit permutation variables
* Fix invalid memory access and optimise Blit_3or4_to_3or4__*
* Fixed bug 4500 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Map1toN pertaining to SDL_pixels.c
* Fixed bug 4500 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Map1toN pertaining to SDL_pixels.c
* Fix bug 4053: Blit issues on Big Endian CPU
* Fix windows build
* raspberry: expose second display.
* BlitNtoN BlitNtoNKey: remove non-aligned word read/store (bpp 3<->4) \ 
(Bug 4503)
* Un-activate some routine on mips because they are slowers (Bug 4503)
* KMSDRM: change calls free() to SDL_free() (Bug 4529)
* KMSDRM: missing return value in VideoInit() (Bug 4530)
* SDL_MouseQuit(): clear mouse->cur_cursor (Bug 4530)
* Fixed bug 4542 - Image flipped vertically when rendering on texture
* SDL_EVDEV_kbd_init: uninitialized data for ioctl (Bug 4530)
* Fixed bug 4513 - Wayland, fix crash when remove event is sent (from Sebastian \ 
* HIDAPI: fix bug that caused non-HID class parts of composite devices to have \ 
windows HID functions called on them.
* Fixed initial display orientation at Android app start
* [iOS DAC] Fix touch events getting from SDL2 to source2.
* Android: check SDL is initialized before sending the event
* Android: minor comment update
* KMSDRM: valid file descriptors could positive or 0. -1 is invalid. (Bug 4530)
* events: Make debug logging of the event queue a hint instead of an #ifdef.
* events: Let arbitrary signals to simulate iOS/Android backgrounding events.
* events: Disable all the signal-handling code on platforms without support.
* test: Moved testgesture.c over to the common SDLtest framework.
* testgesture: minor cleanups.
* testgesture: cleaned up code formatting, etc.
* testgesture: Add dependency to SDLtest to Visual Studio project.
* Fix compiler warnings.
* Use host system pkg-config when (cross-)compiling and convert to PKG_CHECK_MODULES
* Added missing PKG_CONFIG macros
* Fixed bug 4452 - Please replace AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING
* Fix DirectInput error codes being lost
* Fix polling left trigger reporting right trigger's values.
* Fixed CVE-2019-7635 and bug 4498 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Blit1to4 pertaining \ 
to SDL_blit_1.c
* @@ -, +, @@
* Reject 2, 3, 5, 6, 7-bpp BMP images
* Fixed bug 4544 - SDL2.m4 SDL2.framework patch made it impossible to fail detection
* Fixed bug 4525 - Fix crash in ALSA_HotplugThread caused by bad return value check
* Fixed DualShock 3 mapping
* Fixed bug 4511 - SDL_gamecontrollerdb Mapping for Sony Playstation USB controller
* Fixed bug 4450 - SDL_mouse.c fails to compile with CMake generated Visual \ 
Studio files if SDL_VIDEO_VULKAN 0/undefined
* emscripten: force resize event when pixel ratio changes
* CVE-2019-7637: Fix in integer overflow in SDL_CalculatePitch
* Fixed configure error if pkg modules aren't available
* Fixed Mac OS X build
* Fixed iOS build
* Fixed Visual Studio build
* testgesture: Make the background gray.
* Added support for building SDL as a dynamic library on iOS
* Added support for building SDL as a dynamic library on tvOS
* Fixed declaration of SDL_main_func for C++
* Fixed building with C++
* Fixed building with C++
* Fixed archiving the SDL dynamic library on iOS and tvOS
* Fixed Windows RT build
* Didn't need to add SDL_windows.h include, that was already included
* Fixed Visual Studio build
* Hopefully fixed the mingw32 build
* opengles2: Fix static analysis warning.
* Backed out changeset ffd52bb02bcc
* coreaudio: Set audio callback thread priority.
* Handle potentially calling SDL_JoystickUpdate() and SDL_JoystickQuit() at the \ 
same time.
* Rename to to fix an 'aclocal' warning
* docs: Replace references to with
* Rename to fix an 'aclocal' warning
* Bug 4576: handle mapping of TouchEvents to MouseEvents at higher level
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for Windows
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for linux/EVDEV
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for Wayland
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for Android
* Bug 4576: fix warning and compile
* Bug 4576: one more warning
* Bug 4576: fix wrong scaling
* Bug 4576: track both FingerId and TrackId
* Add hint SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS for mouse events to generate touch events
* Update WhatsNew.txt
* Update WhatsNew.txt
* Android: default SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS to 1 as previous behaviour
* Set SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS for iPhone and iPad as well
* Fixed bug 4579 - SDL_android.c s_active not being atomic
* Bug 4581: move tracking appart so it doesn't require the window to have focus
* SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS: move tracking appart in case of 'window' is null
* Fixed bug 4582 - Maximize/Resize not working on Windows 10
* Fixed bug 4581 - mouse events with SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID make window lost focus
* Fixed bug 4581 - generate synthetic mouse events at window boundaries
* Fix disabling OpenGL vsync on macOS 10.14.4+ (bug #4575).
* Android: when event loop is not blocking in pause, backup EGL context (Bug 4578)
* hidapi: Add GCN L/R buttons, just in case someone wants them...
* Explicitly load hidapi as a dependency of the SDL library
* macOS: Fix compilation when using the 10.9 SDK or older.
* iOS: Remove code trying to support compilation on the iOS 7 SDK, the \ 
deployment target has been set to iOS 8 for years and there's other \ 
unconditionally compiled code that depends on newer SDKs so that code is \ 
* configure: Cleaned up audio/video summaries when building for Windows.
* Fixed bug 4580 - Android 8: immersive fullscreen notification causes \ 
flickering between fullscreen and non-fullscreen and app is unresponsive
* Only leave fullscreen mode if we're actually going to minimize
* Added a helper function to tell whether or not a window can be minimized
* Android: add static variable initialization in non blocking event loop
* Add a configure option allowing users to choose whether to install sdl2-config
* Use _Exit() when available
* Fix compile errors I hit when building org.libsdl in source2 (part 1 of 2)
* Fix compile errors I hit when building org.libsdl in source2 (part 2 of 2) @saml
* Created Xcode schemes for building on iOS and tvOS
* Change my previous fix based on feedback from dev @saml
* Don't redefine __SSE__ and related macros if they're already defined
* Fixed bug 4566 - Hot-plugging Bluetooth controller causes force-quit on Android
* Remove initial declaration from for loop
* Remove duplicate case value
* Fixed bug 4608 - Android: not getting SDL_WINDOWEVENT_FOCUS_GAINED on start of \ 
our app
* Patched to compile.
* [SDL] ios Touch Fix.
* [SDL] iOS fix bug with audio interrupted by a phone call not restoring.
* Windows are not in a minimized state when they are shown
* test: configure/make shouldn't build GL/GLES1/GLES2 programs if unsupported.
* test: added SDLTest_CommonDefaultArgs()
* video: Add Vulkan support for vivante fb
* Fixed bug 3911 - SYSWM generic X11 events missing event data
* Fixed bug 4025 - SDL_Renderer OpenGL : add support for textures ABGR, RGB, BGR
* Fixed bug 4401 - SDL_GetWindowPosition() wrong after SDL_SetWindowPosition() \ 
until window is moved on macOS
* Fix WORKING_DIR parameter
* Fixed bug 4436 - [OpenBSD] fix D-pad
* Fixed bug 4469 - make SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface pick a more appropriate format
* Fixed bug 4474 - Add support for an ASUS Gamepad variation
* Patched to compile in C89 mode.
* vulkan: Patched to compile on Visual Studio.
* vulkan: Swapped out a free() that should have been an SDL_free().
* Fixed mouse focus for touch events on iOS
* Added support for Bluetooth keyboards on iOS
* Fix use-after-free when pumping the event loop after SDL_DestroyWindow()
* Fixed bug 4639 - CMake build does not generate for Android
* Use Supexec() to query EdDI version. Fixes for Coldfire CPU build.
* Fix SHIFT + Fx reporting in GEM. Contributed by Miro Kropacek
* Improved iOS Bluetooth keyboard support
* Android: minimum size for IME, so that it takes focus
* Fixed hiding the Android virtual keyboard when the return key is pressed
* Return an error if both mouse relative mode and mouse warping are unavailable, \ 
instead of asserting.
* Fixed static and buzzing when trying to use floating point audio on the OpenSL \ 
ES audio driver.
* Use the OpenSL ES audio driver by default on Android, as it has the lowest latency.
* Added a function to get the current Android SDK version at runtime
* iOS: return SDL_GetWindowSize from SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize if there's no GLES \ 
view in the window (matches the behaviour of SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize on other \ 
platforms). Addresses bug #4629.
* test: unify all the command line usage logging.
* Fixed bug 4171 - SDL_GetQueuedAudioSize is broken with WASAPI
* Fixed bug 4656 - SDL_evdev.c uses Linux specific integer types
* Use SDL sized types
* Fixed bug 4655 - evdev is available on FreeBSD, check in 'configure' limited \ 
to Linux
* Added support for the Rotor Riot gamepad, and upcoming Xbox and PS4 controller \ 
support on iOS and tvOS
* Potential fix for a crash we're seeing on Android that should in theory never \ 
* Protect against NULL device in the Android hidapi implementation
* Fixed surround sound channel setup for Android OpenSL ES audio driver
* OpenSL ES audio cleanup and added a note with low latency audio discussion
* Fixed Android build warning
* Ignore Xbox One S gamepads with older firmware in HIDAPI
* Fixed bug 4443 - Incorrect scan code reported for numpad 5
* Fixed bug 4642 - Rework SDL_netbsdaudio to improve performance
* Fixed bug 4605 - WASAPI_WaitDevice hang
* Fixed bug 4603 - The iOS Test Xcode project file needs to add the metal framework
* Fixed bug 4600 - Dualshock 4 touchpad press is not detectable with \ 
* Fixed bug 4594 - Fix install location of CMake targets on Apple platforms
* Fixed bug 4593 - Respect CMake's BUILD_SHARED_LIBS default behavior
* Fixed bug 4583 - PollAllValues appears to use an incorrect index for all axes \ 
above 0x18
* Fixed bug 4557 - SDL_SIMDAlloc and *Free should be in the public interface
* Add mapping for Chinese-made Xbox Controller
* Backed out Ben's chinese Xbox controller patch, as the generic catch-all for \ 
Xbox controllers should handle it.
* cocoa: Fix assert to use SDL_assert
* Fixed bug 4533 - Update ANGLE to load d3dcompiler_47.dll instead of \ 
* Fixed bug 4526 - replace SDL_RW* macros with functions for using in bindings
* CVE-2019-7572: Fix a buffer overread in IMA_ADPCM_nibble
* CVE-2019-7578: Fix a buffer overread in InitIMA_ADPCM
* CVE-2019-7578: Fix a buffer overread in InitIMA_ADPCM
* Fixed bug 4294 - Audio: perform more validation on conversion request
* Temporary fix for bug 4254 - a _lot_ of strict aliasing warnings
* Fixed bug 4041 - Android, SDL_Renderer OpenGLES 1 is loading GLESv2 library
* Fixed bug 3894 - Fuzzing crashes for SDL_LoadWAV
* Fixed build
* Fixed compiler warning
* Cleanup on bug 3894 - Fuzzing crashes for SDL_LoadWAV
* Add notes for SDL_WinRTRunApp and SDL2-WinRTResources for non-C++ projects
* Fixed bug 4658 - iOS 12 fullscreen flag and SDL_HINT_IOS_HIDE_HOME_INDICATOR \ 
not working
* cocoa: report proper input IDs for mouse/touch events.
* Fixed bug 4641 - clang and clang-cl builds on windows create -Wpragma-pack warnings
* Fixed bug 4662 - SDL failed to build due to error LNK2019: unresolved external \ 
symbol _memset referenced in function _IMA_ADPCM_Decode with MSVC on Windows
* CVE-2019-7574: Fix a buffer overread in IMA_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7577: Fix a buffer overread in MS_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7577: Fix a buffer overread in MS_ADPCM_nibble and MS_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7572: Fix a buffer overwrite in IMA_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7573, CVE-2019-7576: Fix buffer overreads in InitMS_ADPCM
* Add mapping for Chinese-made Xbox Controller
* CVE-2019-7575: Fix a buffer overwrite in MS_ADPCM_decode
* Android: fix typo calling onBackPressed() (Bug 4657)
* Android: add MinimizeWindow function (Bug 4580, 4657)
* windows: Drop WM_ACTIVATE when window is hidden, but only if being activated.
* windows: Don't let Visual Studio insert an implicit dependency on memset().
* video: fixed compiler warning on Visual Studio.
* testoverlay2: Changed some C runtime calls to be SDL equivalents.
* Android: revert wrong fix typo calling onBackPressed() (Bug 4657)
* Android: fix coordinates for Surface.ROTATION_180
* CVE-2019-7635: Reject BMP images with pixel colors out the palette
* Fix build with the 10.10 SDK
* software: Correctly track viewport and cliprect.
* Fixed bug 4570 - Support Vulkan Portability rather than MoltenVK specifically
* Fixed bug 4615 - RPM Build fails due to unpackaged files
* cocoa: Backed out CVDisplayLink code for macOS vsync.
* assert: mark SDL_ExitProcess as SDL_NORETURN again.
* SDL_Wave: missing field 'length' initializer
* fix permissions
* wayland: HiDPI support
* Fixed bug 4665 - Add support for single touch evdev devices
* Fixed bug 4486 - Segfault when pressing a trigger on the Steam Controller (Linux)
* The hat index passed to the application should be zero-based with no holes
* Better patch to make it more clear what's going on
* assert: Fixed some compiler warnings.
* vulkan: Fixed use-after-free bug.
* wave: Fixed static analysis warning about dead assignment.
* macOS: Fix the coordinate space of SDL_GetDisplayUsableBounds (thanks Tim!)
* cocoa: Revised synthesized mouse/touch event strategy.
* cocoa: Another attempt at synthesized mouse/touch events.
* Check src alignment for S32_to_F32 conversions
* audio: patched to compile.
* audio: Fix ARM NEON audio converter bugs.
* audio: Attempt to fix build on ARM versions of Visual Studio.
* Worked around "Undefined symbol: ___isPlatformVersionAtLeast()" link \ 
error on Xcode 11 beta
* Added support for Xbox and PS4 wireless controllers on iOS and tvOS
* A few minor changes to placate static analysis.
* cocoa: ignore compiler warnings about OpenGL being deprecated.
* assert: Possibly fixing compiler warning on Android.
* assert: Another attempt to quiet compiler warnings.
* iOS: remove some code which could affect the state of UIViews that aren't \ 
owned by SDL.
* Fix synthetically generated mouse events getting lost forever after the device \ 
orientation changes (or the window is otherwise resized) while a finger is \ 
touching the screen.
* Fixed bug 4667 - Build errors on Linux when building without Threads support
* Updated version to 2.0.10
* Removed extraneous fprintf() call
* Fixed bug 4669: Android software renderer, black screen when window resizes
* Android: revert previous commit (Bug 4669)
* Android: prevent using SW_GetOutputSize with software renderer (Bug 4669)
* Android: prevent ignoring surfaceChanged() in MultiWindow
* Make sure we haven't changed the size of the SDL_Event structure and broken \ 
binary compatibility.
* Added patch notes for 2.0.10
* Added a patch note about batched rendering
* Android: revert commit SW_GetOutputSize, again (Bug 4669)
* Android: try to fix resize with software rendering (bug 4669)
* Android: resize with software rendering, reverted again (Bug 4669)
* Fixed 4669 - Using the software SDL_Renderer on Android leads to GL errors \ 
& black screen when window resizes
* Fixed potential double-free in mouse cleanup code
* cocoa: Patched to compile and also handle possible malloc failure.
* Fixed bug 4624 - KMS/DRM fails on FreeBSD because /dev/dri/card* nodes are symlinks
* Fixed compiler warning
* Only warp the mouse to set focus if we're definitely going into relative mode
* opengl: Be more robust in failing cases.
* Fixed building DMG archive on Mac OS X
* wayland: Fixed C99-style variable declaration inside for-loop.
* KMSDRM: fix compilation on linux, no d_namlen (Bug 4624)
* KMSDRM: fix inverted strcmp, remove useless if test (Bug 4624)
* Use SDL C runtime functions
* Fixed bug 4672 - Warnings in SDL_LogEvent()
* Enable Raspberry Pi video by default
* Fixed bug 4684 - GLES1 variables missing under Android with CMake
* Android: export Lock/Unlock activity API
* fix permissions
* update version in os/2 makefile
* define __ARM_NEON for Windows only if _M_ARM or _M_ARM64 is defined.  fixes \ 
Visual Studio builds.
* windows: Call GetWindowText() with the correct parameters (thanks, Zebediah!)
* cocoa: Check for capslock in -[NSResponder flagsChanged], not with IOKit.
* Android: explicitly expand Android_GLES_MakeCurrent/Android_GLES_CreateContext
* Add an "error" label in SDL_CreateRenderer (no op)
* Android: concurrency issues, make sure Activity is in running State when calling
* Fixed bug 4436 - [OpenBSD] fix D-pad
* Fixed bug 4683 - SDL_atomic infinite recursion on armv6/armv5 w/ thumb
* Limit the compile error to the case where we actually define the memory \ 
barrier macro as the function
* Fixed memory barrier macro check so it isn't quite so fragile
* Documented that the SDL_RW* macros no longer exist, and you can't use an older \ 
SDL library if you build with SDL 2.0.10.
* Made it more explicit that 2.0.10 and newer are required for the SDL_RW* functions
* iOS: Fix the window size not being set properly when Split View is used on an \ 
iPad (bug #4586).
* dbus: Add org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.SimulateUserActivity support.
* dbus: Don't SimulateUserActivity if we're already inhibiting the screensaver.
* raspberry: Fixed missing mouse cursor (thanks, Joe!)
* cocoa: Don't report trackpad mouse events as synthesized touches.
* raspberry: Actually commit the whole patch.  :)   (Thanks, Joe!)
* Fixed bug 4708 - testdropfile: double-free
* Fixed bug 4702 - Android back button does not send SDL_KEYDOWN event
* Fixed bug 4707 - SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode fails on Vivante
* Fixed bug 4710 - audio/alsa: avoid configuring hardware parameters with only a \ 
single period
* cocoa: Another attempt at mouse vs touch support.
* Ignore synthetic mouse events generated for touchscreens
* configure: Windows and macOS now respect --enable-hidapi.
* cmake: Added HIDAPI support.
* fix permissions
* SDL_Mouse/Touch: discard synthetic events when hints are not set.
* x11: set some modality things on message boxes with parent windows.
* x11: prevent a synthetic mouse event when using a touchscreen
* cocoa: Set keyboard mod state correctly when turning off capslock.
* cmake: Add setupapi library to Windows build dependencies (hidapi needs it).
* ios: Fixed MFi guide button not being detected (thanks, Caleb!).
* macOS: Fix SDL_GL_CreateContext/MakeCurrent on non-main threads causing a Main \ 
Thread Checker warning when built with Xcode 11 / the macOS 10.15 SDK.
* Blacklist Corsair device causing hang
* Fixed bug 4723 - Generic Xbox pad controller bindings seem odd/broken
* Allow hotplugging joysticks without udev
* Added support for the Victrix Pro Fight Stick for PS4
* Add linked list of opened HID devices to prevent accessing already freed \ 
devices in device removal callback that is sometimes called even after being \ 
* Merged latest changes from Steam into controller_type.h
* Fixed build error
* Fixed bug 4726 - Fix for tvOS GetPrefPath
* Copypaste SDL_NSLog to UIKit backend, document it as such
* hidapi: Zero out new hid_device_info structs