Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/xapian-omega
From: Amitai Schleier
Date: 2019-08-02 23:29:11
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 1.4.12. From the changelog:


* Improve docs for OmegaScript $hitlist{}.

* Fix RST formatting errors in omega docs.

* Clarify use of Q prefix for unique ID terms - it was described as \ 
  but the use of "Q" is really just a convention (and in fact omindex \ 
uses "U"
  not "Q").

* Clarify scriptindex's weight action takes parameter >= 0.

* Correct typo in OmegaScript $add parameter documentation.


* omindex:

  + Fix typo in mimetypes used for Apple iWork documents ("apply" \ 
instead of
    "apple") which meant that these documents weren't actually being \ 
    Patch from Bruno Baruffaldi.

  + Pipe input to ps2pdf as this accepts input on stdin.  Possibility pointed
    out by Gaurav Arora.

* scriptindex:

  + If parsedate action's format includes %z adjust for the timezone if
    possible (this requires the non-POSIX tm_gmtoff member of struct tm)
    and flag an error for other platforms.

  + If parsedate action's format include %Z flag an error as that doesn't
    seem to be usefully supported by strptime() anywhere.

  + Fix parsedate action to treat formats without a timezone as being UTC
    instead of localtime.

  + Add date=unixutc.  The existing date=unix works in localtime which is
    unhelpful if you want to use it on the output of parsedate since that's in
    UTC; date=unixutc is just like date=unix except it always works in UTC.

  + The date action now emits a warning for invalid values.  The documentation
    used to say "invalid values are ignored at present", but it's more \ 
    to flag bad data than quietly ignore it.

  + We now check the date action's parameter at script parse time and unknown
    values result in an error and nothing being indexed.  Previously an unknown
    format uselessly resulted in the terms D, M and Y literally being added to
    every document.

  + The split action now supports a new "prefixes" split style.  This \ 
gives all
    the prefixes from the split, so split=/,prefixes on a file path gives all
    parent directories.


* Remove documented limitation of $subdb and $subid - the implementation
  assumed that each omega database name corresponded to a single Xapian
  database, and if a database name referred to a stub database file expanding
  to multiple Xapian databases then they would misbehave.  Such cases are now
  handled properly as well.

* Extend $addfilter to support adding negated filters via a new optional second
  argument which specifies the type of filter to add.

* Stop $sort from needlessly ensuring the match has run.

* Handle corner case of nested $hitlist gracefully instead of potentially
  entering an infinite loop.


* omegatest: Avoid setting TZ globally during tests as that hides bugs where
  behaviour depends on the local timezone when it shouldn't.

* omegatest: Support testing when built using LeakSanitizer by suppressing
  leak reports for cached compiled pcre regular expressions.  These aren't
  released when the program exits but aren't memory leaks.

build system:

* Remove outdated deprecation warning suppression which was there to support
  building from git in the run up to 1.3.2 - a development version which is
  nearly 5 years ago now.


* Fix problems with fallback strptime() implementation which was being included
  in the wrong binary, and was lacking a required const_cast on the return

* Rework setenv() compatibility handling.  Now that Solaris 9 is dead we can
  assume setenv() is provided by Unix-like platforms (POSIX requires it).  For
  other platforms, provide a compatibility implementation of setenv() so the
  compatibility code is encapsulated in one place rather than replicated at
  every use.